Friday, February 13, 2009

The interests we are up against are MASSIVE

The following email was send to Redhand from John John
The interests you are up against are MASSIVE. You need to make sure that you know who you are going up against and get SMART with your campaigning.

Research is important, so is developing a strategy to win support from people not just in WA, but the world over.

Here are some things to look at VERY CLOSELY and consider carefully how you are going to respond.

1. Major Companies behind Gas Project

2. Key People you should look at behind the Project - Research their histories

3. Key Office Locations

4. Other Research Resources

Book: Indigenous Peoples: Resource Management & Global Rights

Book Description
Rapid industrial development and urban growth increasingly threaten indigenous peoples and their ways of life. As a result, a grassroots movement is spreading among indigenous cultures, and the 1992 Rio Earth Summit catalyzed a UN legal investigation. Indigenous Peoples challenges the assumption that these processes are empowering indigenous peoples in tangible ways by examining the ongoing work, and offers a detailed analysis of the legal, political and institutional implications. This volume is an engaging study of the issues involved in indigenous peoples' rights.

Book: Rethinking Resource Management: Justice, Sustainability and Indigenous People

Book Description
This book offers students and practitioners a sophisticated and convincing framework for rethinking the usual approaches to resource management. It uses case studies to argue that professional resource managers do not take responsibility for the social and environmental consequences of their decisions on the often vulnerable indigenous communities they affect. It also discusses the invisibility of indigenous people' values and knowledge within traditional resource management. It offers a new approach to social impact assessment methods which are more participatory and empowering. The book employs a range of case studies from Australia, North America and Norway.

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