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Corporate masters and their servants in blue at James Price Point

This video is longer than usual because it is a story. Since Woodside came into Country on the 21st of May they have had their feet flat, on the pedal of destruction. And they seem to be spurred on with Richard Hunter’s Supreme Court action against the Shire for allowing the State Development Assessment Panel to make decisions on their behalf.  Woodside and Wayne Bergmann (ex KLC CEO who now heads up KRED and is one of 5 shareholders in the Roadline company have wasted no time in clearing the regrowth on the grid they carved out last year in Country and have started on their massive clearing program to clear additional vast areas of native vegetation for their 3 drilling Sites and the proposed 2 massive dams.

All the Walmadan Protectors have been able to do is to go into these cleared areas, take GPS readings measure the cleared areas and gathering photographic evidence for pending Court challenges. However, the Western Australian Police Force seem to now have a permanent presence in the Woodside Compound (which is now referred to as the LIA- by the Hostile Security force) and are at the beck and call of their Corporate masters.

Walmadan Protectors are also entitled to go about their lawful business, and have the right to undertake monitoring, recording and reporting of Woodside illegal actions. However, Woodside corporate mercenary services (all ex SAS returned soldiers with serious mental health issues) just have to call the police, tell them anything they like to make up, and the boys and girls in blue come running, charge book in hand with accompanying exclusion maps.

These two Walmadan protectors had been doing just that last Sunday morning. See what happens next.  Then you tell me who the real criminals are and who is assisting them and protecting them in these outrageous crimes. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
How massive mining  developments are killing communities in regional Australia.
Something the Broome Community No Gas Campaign and the Families of Broome have been saying "Protection of Community as opposed to Profits for a Few".

Woodside Destruction of the Pindan Woodlands of James Price Point

Pipelines and songlines cause beautiful Broome to turn ugly - Bush Telegraph - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Pipelines and songlines cause beautiful Broome to turn ugly - Bush Telegraph - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):
During the past 40 years, up to nine state and federal organisations, including the Australian Academy of Science and Ministry of Premier and Cabinet in WA, have recognised the importance of James Price Point to the cultural history of the Kimberley.

The History of Land Use in the area of James Price Point

ABC Rural | Bush Telegraph will be covering this aspect of the James Price Point Story today.  We're going to Broome where the WA government thinks it's a great idea to build a natural gas plant. Not everyone agrees. What do you think about the James Price Point development?

The History of  Land Use in the area of James Price Point, from its recommendation as a National Park fifty years ago, to the current listed land use as a Reserve for Conservation and Aboriginal Heritage, as endorsed by the Broome Shire and WA State Cabinet.
• 1962 Australian Academy of Science and National Parks Board of WA proposal for a National Park on Dampier Peninsula
• 1971-1980 EPA review of conservation areas on the Dampier Peninsula
• 1991 Dept of Conservation & Land Managementrecommendation for National Park on Dampier Peninsula
• 1993 EPA endorsement of National Park on Dampier Peninsula
• 2000 Waterbank Structure Plan: Broome Shire, Dept of Land Administration & WA State Cabinet endorsement of Regional Strategic Plan including Reserve for Conservationand Aboriginal Heritage on Dampier Peninsula\
• 2000 Broome Planning Steering Committee recommends implementation of coastal reserves on Lurujarri Trail

JPP Protected Area Draft May -4

Monday, May 28, 2012

Woodside LNG works may be illegal

Woodside LNG works may be illegal:

Phillip Roe and Richard Hunter serving the paper on the Shire of Broome this morning
EDO principal solicitor Josie Walker said Monday's action hinged on a decision by the Kimberley Joint Development Assessment Panel (KJDAP) to grant retrospective and new approvals to Woodside in February without the shire's consent.

"That approval is invalid (because) the KJDAP hadn't received a responsible authority report from the Shire of Broome," she said.

"We're suing Broome for somebody else making a decision on their behalf," Ms Walker said.

"What we've suggested to the Shire of Broome is that they may not want to actively participate in the proceedings and let Woodside defend it in court."

A Supreme Court ruling in the EDO's favour would mean Woodside had committed an offence under the Planning Act, and the EDO would urge the state's planning minister to prosecute it for doing unauthorised works, Ms Walker said.

Woodside in court over James Price Point works - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Woodside in court over James Price Point works - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation:
Aerial shot taken this morning of Woodside's continued illegal destruction of Country
Traditional land owners have taken Woodside to the Supreme Court to stop work at the site of the proposed Kimberley Gas Hub.

Woodside maintains it has the necessary approvals to access James Price Point north of Broome, where ground works began last week.

But Goolarabaloo man Richard Hunter launched a case today claiming the approval process was not followed correctly by Woodside or the Shire of Broome.

Mr Hunter's lawyer, Josie Walker, says if this can be proved, the entire approval process could be deemed invalid.

PLoS ONE: Impact of Sauropod Dinosaurs on Lagoonal Substrates in the Broome Sandstone (Lower Cretaceous), Western Australia

James Price Point world's only landscape to be shaped by dinosaur traffic

Peer-reviewed scientific research says that the intertidal area near the planned controversial gas processing precinct at James Price Point is the world's only preserved landscape that was shaped by dinosaur traffic.

PLoS ONE: Impact of Sauropod Dinosaurs on Lagoonal Substrates in the Broome Sandstone (Lower Cretaceous), Western Australia:

Existing knowledge of the tracks left by sauropod dinosaurs (loosely ‘brontosaurs’) is essentially two-dimensional, derived mainly from footprints exposed on bedding planes, but examples in the Broome Sandstone (Early Cretaceous) of Western Australia provide a complementary three-dimensional picture showing the extent to which walking sauropods could deform the ground beneath their feet. The patterns of deformation created by sauropods traversing thinly-stratified lagoonal deposits of the Broome Sandstone are unprecedented in their extent and structural complexity. The stacks of transmitted reliefs (underprints or ghost prints) beneath individual footfalls are nested into a hierarchy of deeper and more inclusive basins and troughs which eventually attain the size of minor tectonic features. Ultimately the sauropod track-makers deformed the substrate to such an extent that they remodelled the topography of the landscape they inhabited. Such patterns of substrate deformation are revealed by investigating fragmentary and eroded footprints, not by the conventional search for pristine footprints on intact bedding planes. For that reason it is not known whether similar patterns of substrate deformation might occur at sauropod track-sites elsewhere in the world.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

JAMES PRICE POINT – too Priceless to lose

JAMES PRICE POINT – too Priceless to lose

Woodside planning to drill in the Songline at James Price Point

Woodside has applied to access Aboriginal heritage listed Songline and have applied to the Department of Indigenous Affairs for clearance under Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act. (Proving that they never had one)

In relation to the plan to drill sacred sites : Please write and express your concern about Woodside's application for permission to drill on Aboriginal sacred sites.

WA Minister for Indigenous Affairs
Mr Peter Collier
10th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock St,

Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs
Mr Ben Wyatt MLA
PO Box 4373
Victoria Park 6979

Last year Woodside and their contractors carved out tracks throughout the sacred Songline, walked over ancient Midddens, destroyed ceremonial grounds, driven buggies over the graves of the old people and  stole items of great Cultural significance. Complaints were made the the Department of Indigenous Affaris and the Department of Environment Conservation read what happen to these complaints from Hansard:

 2012-05-02 QON Investigations DIA

2012-05-02 QON DEC Vehicle Tracks JPP-1

with Woodside applying for a Section 18 under the Aboriginal Heritage Act there are grave concerns that Woodside will return to these dune bit this time they are planning to bring in their drills.

(The following is a message to the wider community from the Goolarabooloo people:

'To our Friends,

Apart from the obvious environmental impact of this proposed industrialisation, which has been well documented, the significant issue of the preservation of our aboriginal cultural and spiritual heritage, has not been given due consideration.

The Law and Song Cycles of Walmadan are not ancient history, but present-day fact. This Law has been kept alive through my grandfather Paddy Roe and now through me.

If this threatened development goes ahead, our country is gone forever.

Our country holds our Heritage, including our burial sites, and most importantly the Song Cycle that runs through this country from the north of the Dampier Peninsula, south to Bidyadanga, the area below Roebuck Bay.

Your voice can draw attention to this great plight and help protect our ancient and sacred Song Cycles -- Bugarigaara (Dreamtime). Thank you.'

Joseph Roe,
Senior Law Boss and Law Keeper

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lateline - 23/05/2012: Nothing suspicious over meeting payments: Barnett

Broome Families want love not gas - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Broome Families want love not gas - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Dr Anne Poelina and Alan Pigram are two prominent Aboriginal members of the Broome community. Dr Poelina is the Deputy President of the Shire of Broome. Alan Pigram is a musician well-known in the Kimberley. Together they represent a community group called Families of Broome who are opposed to the plans for a gas processing precinct at James Price Point, 60km north of Broome.

Gas hub protesters slam critics (video) Prime7 - Yahoo!7

Gas hub protesters slam critics (video) Prime7 - Yahoo!7

Battle for the Kimberley

Battle for the Kimberley:
ONCE it was paradise, an enchanted land of wild beauty, with endless beaches of dazzling white sand beneath magnificent red cliffs along the Kimberley coast. For more than a century people from all over the world were drawn there by the pearl-rich sea. In the old port of Broome, they settled and intermarried, creating a place of racial harmony unique in Australia, with its own language, cuisine and music. In more recent times tourists have flocked there to enjoy its idyllic charm.

Woodside has lodged a Section 18 notice with WA's Registrar of Aboriginal Sites

From left, Goolarabooloo law men Phillip Roe, Joseph Roe and Richard Hunter at James Price Point near Broome. Picture: Mike Gray Source: The Australian

WOODSIDE Energy has sought permission to drill on Aboriginal sacred sites at its proposed $40 billion James Price Point gas hub near Broome, setting the company and West Australian government on a collision course with traditional owners who remain camped at the site.

The company lodged a Section 18 notice with WA's Registrar of Aboriginal Sites on May 18 for permission to damage sites and indigenous groups have been given until next Friday to respond.

The issue threatens to further inflame relations between indigenous groups over the James Price Point development.

The Kimberley Land Council, which has negotiated a $1.5bn compensation package for the gas hub development, is understood to have helped Woodside draft its Section 18 application for ministerial consent to work in the area.

But the work program is bitterly opposed by the Goolarabooloo, who have been at odds with the KLC and who claim native title and cultural heritage rights over the area.

Goolarabooloo law boss Joseph Roe said Woodside's drilling program to test the feasibility of the James Price Point liquefied natural gas project would damage areas that had been recognised for their heritage values since 1991.

A Woodside spokesman said if approved, all activities in the area would be monitored by representatives of the traditional owners and be conducted under a cultural heritage management plan.

He said the company planned to undertake a limited range of engineering and environmental studies in areas south of James Price Point that are known to contain indigenous heritage sites. "In executing this work Woodside will avoid sites where possible, or minimise any disturbance to them," the spokesman said.

The drilling program is understood to include the area where pipes come ashore from the Browse Basin gas field and surrounding sand dunes, which contain extensive heritage areas.

"There are some old ceremonial grounds in there," Mr Roe said yesterday. "It is part of the song cycle and inside the song cycle there are old ceremonial grounds used for the initiation of boys."

Mr Roe said his family would contest the Section 18 application. "The whole family, including children, will go to the camp to stop the work," he said.

About 150 police reinforcements were sent to Broome last week to oversee the closure of one protest camp and ensure the company could get its earthmoving machinery to the James Price Point site.

A Goolarabooloo camp located closer to the worksite remains in place.

Mr Roe's lawyer, Andrew Chalk, said the matter was further complicated by the failure of the state government's compulsory acquisition of the James Price Point land, which he said threw the validity of the whole KLC agreement into question.

Mr Roe said Woodside's Section 18 application proved the company did not have all the approvals it needed to conduct its feasibility work, as it had claimed.

Mr Chalk has previously written to Woodside and its joint venture partners warning directors it would be a criminal offence to damage sites at James Price Point without approval under the Aboriginal Heritage Act. Mr Chalk has also provided Woodside with maps with the location of the sites.

He said Woodside's lack of approval called into question the WA government's decision last week to spend $1 million on police resources to help Woodside get its machinery past protesters.

Mr Chalk said it was possible Woodside might receive ministerial consent for its Section 18 application despite objections.

"The idea of the act affording protection is a bit of a mirage," he said.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'Gas hub police' leave Broome - The West Australian

'Gas hub police' leave Broome - The West Australian 

This was reported in the Western Australian newspaper, but the reality on the ground is a very different story.

The quite town of Broome has been overrun by around 200 extra police officers over the last 10 days. Reports in the news say the extra police have returned to Perth; however evidence at Woodside's compound on Manari Road today proves otherwise. Woodside brought into Country their 4th convoy of machinery today. At least 60 police officers stood around looking bored for a couple of hours then marched in lines down the road, blocked the road and stood militantly on the sides while Woodside's convoy entered the compound, as a police plane circled the sky.

All this palaver, for a grand total of seven community members filming from the side of the road, clearly another unnecessary waste of tax-payers money. These millions of dollars could have been used for education, health, disability, or countless other social justice services.

The state government continues to abuse state services by putting the Police in this position where they are no longer protecting the community, but rather the needs of private corporations. If the Broome residents don’t stand up on mass now against this wrongful bulling and this ridiculously unnecessary use of police energy, the state government will inevitably continue to use the Police in this way against anyone they please.

This police presence has effectively locked out the Indigenous face of the campaign. Many Indigenous people have an ingrained fear of the police due to generations of police abuse, the stolen generation, racism and deaths in custody; so for many Indigenous people being on their own land is too traumatic an experience while the masses of police are monitoring Manari Road 24 hours a day, and they are forced to stay closer to town.

Senior Police officers Bill Munnee and Neville Ripp used this opportunity to vehemently barge their way into Walmadan camp this afternoon, on the pretense that they wanted to see the dunes. These men coming into this camp behaving in this belligerent manner is a worrying indication that Woodside and their police mates plan to penetrate the dunes and the Songline sooner than any of us suspect.

For a long time the police/government/media strategy has been to portray the protesters as outsider extremists, to alienate them and turn the community against them. But in fact, the truth is that the protesters ARE the community. The Western Australian Labour Party found that 79% of the Broome community are opposed to this development at James Price Point.

The Broome community are deeply traumatised and annoyed by the inundation of Police officers in their town and you can hear conversations expressing this all over the streets and in the shops. Much to the dismay of Woodside, their private enforcement gang, the state police force and the state government there has been a large number of new 'No Gas Campaign' supporters since the heavy police presence in our community and the support base has grown overnight.

Woodside & Barnett private army

Miners hiding behind Barnett's police army
    by: Lyndon Schneiders
    From: The Australian
    May 19, 2012 12:00AM

THIS week the government of Western Australia dispatched about 200 police officers to the sleepy tourist town of Broome to do the dirty work for several of the world's largest oil and gas companies.

This mini army has been assembled on the doorstep of the Kimberley wilderness for one purpose -- to suppress the widespread opposition of the Broome community to the construction of the proposed $40 billion James Price Point industrial precinct.

 For the past four years, community opposition in Broome has grown steadily, uniting the community in a way that has led to Premier Colin Barnett taking this extreme action. Black and white, the overwhelming majority of Broome people have said "no".

Opinion polling reported in The Australian this week shows 79 per cent of Broome residents oppose the development. Thousands have attended rallies, public meetings and community events over the past year.

At the most recent council elections, two high-profile anti-gas candidates were elected, and one, Anne Polina, is now deputy mayor. On every street corner, there are signs of opposition to the gas plant.

So is this the new Australia, produced by the longest mining boom in our history? One in which the views of residents and traditional owners are meaningless and where the state provides armies of foot soldiers, free of charge, to the big end of town? All this while the companies behind the project remain stony silent about actions taken in their name to divide and destroy Broome.

Not a word when last year Aboriginal women and their grandchildren were dragged away by tactical response police to allow the safe passage of Woodside's contractors down the access road to James Price Point.

Not a word when the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of WA ruled as invalid a clumsy attempt by the Barnett government to compulsorily seize the land for the gas hub from traditional owners.

Not a word when 7000 people gathered on the famous Cable Beach to say no to the gas hub.

And now not a word as Broome is converted into a war zone. All in their name, for their project, for their bottom line.

Their silence makes a mockery of their fine statements, their policies and their expensive advertising campaigns that pronounce their credentials as fine corporate citizens who care about communities.

The prime mover of this consortium, Woodside, has a "Sustainable Communities Policy" which states that as a company it "wishes to establish long-term relationships based on trust and respect that deliver mutual benefit". It says it will achieve this by "listening to the community and delivering on its commitments" and it will contribute "to the building of thriving communities".

They must be joking. The Broome community and a growing movement of people across Australia have said no, and have said it again and again.

How does Woodside plan to establish long-term relationships and trust and respect while an army of police is sent in to smash local opposition on its behalf, and when, precisely, will it start listening to the community that does not want this development?

Meanwhile, over at the Chevron Australia website, more fine words and sentiments about its deep commitment to the local community. Here managing director Roy Krzywosinski tells us that, "at Chevron Australia, we think like a community member because we are a community member" and "our focus is on building productive, collaborative, trusting and beneficial relationships".

Really? Well, as a member of the "community", perhaps Ray could let Premier Barnett know that he's not that keen on having his neighbours thrown in prison for standing in the way of bulldozers, or he could object when traditional owners are told they can either accept a deal to have the development forced on them or have their land compulsorily seized. Because that is what community means: standing up for one another, caring for one another.

Premier Barnett and his head cheerleader in the federal government, Martin Ferguson, long ago gave up looking like credible representatives of the public interest, and the latest outrage by the WA government is hardly a surprise, given their past form.

In this environment, only the corporations can make sanity prevail and end this conflict.

It is time Woodside and friends re-read their policies and statements. It is time they listened to Broome. It is time that they said no to Barnett and Ferguson, and it is time they announced they will pipe the gas south and leave Broome, its people and its beautiful environment alone.

Lyndon Schneiders is national director of The Wilderness Society.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Protesters line gas hub road - The West Australian

Protesters line gas hub road - The West Australian

"From 9am, a steady stream of about 25 police vehicles arrived, each carrying four or five uniformed officers.

Twenty six police from the public order response team formed a line along the road to hold back protesters, while others continued to James Price Point. They were escorted by more police cars with flashing lights.

Protesters lined the road as Woodside vehicles, earth moving equipment and personnel proceeded to the site."

This photo is of Bill Munnee, the WA police PR person.

We love Broome! - The Wilderness Society

We love Broome! - The Wilderness Society: We love Broome!

Wednesday's National Day of Action for the Kimberley saw hundreds of people join rallies all over Australia to protest the use of police force to crush community opposition to the proposed James Price Point industrial complex.

Police to escort large convoy past protest camp - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Police to escort large convoy past protest camp - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

Protesters opposed to the proposed gas hub in WA's Kimberley have avoided a confrontation with more than 100 police who escorted a convoy, north of Broome.

This morning 25 four wheel drives loaded with officers travelled to the site earmarked for a $35 billion gas plant.

About 25 officers lined the road but the 30 or so protesters stood back silently holding placards while the Woodside trucks passed.
More images: 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Miner's 'poor' maps imperil dinosaur prints | The Australian

Miner's 'poor' maps imperil dinosaur prints | The Australian:

"I think a lot of people don't realise that in a lot of those areas where there is exposure of the Broome sandstone it's not just the odd footprint here or there, you're actually looking at a 130-million-year-old land surface as it was when dinosaurs walked over it. The whole surface provides a snapshot of that environment."

Broome grandmothers handcuffed before court appearance |

Broome grandmothers handcuffed before court appearance |

Police Presence Causes Deep Community Distress

The influx of police into the Broome community has reverberated far deeper than just for the protection of Woodside workers onto country. Yes, we all got a good chuckle watching the police jog alongside the convoy and when two senior members of our community out-smarted them and stopped Woodside movements for the day, the reality of their presence is far more serious.

The people of Broome have been endlessly harassed for the past week by the fly in police force that has served every outstanding warrant or summons that they could dig up, license checked, yellow stickered, and preformed “random” breath tests all who dare take to the streets. Creating unnecessary economic stress and it is the most vulnerable in our community that are currently suffering the most under this state induced regime. It is our youth that are now being targeted at night, it is our homeless and community of transient people that are being pulled aside and questioned. This huge police presence is effectively locking indigenous people out of country, taking them away from undertaking their cultural pursuits, like fishing and getting out into country. Many cars have been targeted to be yellow stickered and now many of us have to shoulder the expense of getting them back on the road, creating additional financial hardships and restricting movement.
Police gathering at the local PCYC Oval Sunday morning in Broome
Our community is being punished by the state because we have the nerve and the fortitude to say no to corporate bullying and to government compliance.

You watch as services reliant on state funds like our youth center, the women’s refuge and other social justice organizations we be starved of funding and will be forced into accepting the hand of the corporate bribe. The community has been held to ransom, submit to being subservient and compliant to their wishes to pollute the air and poison our water, otherwise the state will use the full force of violent authority.

The show of force by the police last Monday was an orchestrated and tactical maneuver to insight the community into another confrontation with the police, as experienced last year on Black Tuesday. The police wanted us, as a community to react, and they were going to use this reaction as a justification to dismantle the Walmadan Tent Embassy. That was why the smaller police convoy, consisting of 76 plain clothed officers moved through Black Tank prior to the actual Woodside convoy and stationed themselves over the hill and out of sight in wait for the presumed violence, that did not occur and the presence of these other police was not reported by the media.

 What happened to our community on Black Tuesday last year caused untold trauma and sadness within our community, and those wounds have scarred and have not been forgotten. This community is not willing to subject themselves to that type of injustice again, but that does not imply that we have given up. This police presence is only feeding the community resentment towards Woodside. Most people are now coming to realize that if this is what Woodside is bringing to our community, then they wish to have nothing to do with it. Still there is no federal or state approval and this community has made it quite clear that they will never issue the social license for Woodside to operate.

What is happening to our community is unprecedented in Australia’s history and the socio-economic ramifications and the racist undertones of these actions have not been reported by the mainstream media. Why was this massive police army called to action when in all reality there has been no blocking of Manari Road in seven months?. The reality of what was happening in country is that a small number of people have continued scientific investigations in the harshest conditions throughout the wet into turtle nesting, dinosaur track ways, the fringing reef, bilbies, bats and frogs.The Goolarabooloo people have maintained a continuous presence in country whilst monitoring and reporting issues of non-compliance by Woodside.  

There is no hidden army, or masses of professional protesters in country, it is all a fabrication by Woodside, fuelled by media and manipulated by the state to justify the mass community intimidation.

This increased presence by a force meant to serve the community, has instead alienated and targeted the many members of this small town. The handing out yellow sticker to cars with minor insufficiencies, can be financially crippling and has restricted the movements of many members of the community. While we believe ourselves to be a reconciled nation, this increased police presence has targeted the people who dare to stand up for their country, community and cultural heritage and say no to industrialisation of their heartlands.

Woodside rejects risk to dinosaur prints |

Woodside rejects risk to dinosaur prints | 

Woodside inacurate map of the intertidal zone
The above article is yet another attempt by Woodside to mislead the general public and like their map of the intertidal zone is a self serving interpretation of the truth.

Woodside Petroleum surveying at James Price Point in Western Australia poses real risks to internationally significant dinosaur trackways. The largest creature that ever walked the face of the planet walked at James Prices Point and left massive prints there. This creature was larger than Argentinasaurus, previously thought to be the largest dinosaur that ever lived. This dinosaur was more than 30m long and weighed 80 tons.

The National Heritage Council is fully aware that Woodsides assessment and map of the intertidal zone is inadequate and misleading. The W.A. Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) have also been informed of the encroachment of Woodside drilling into the intertidal zone, however they are choosing to believe Woodside’s incorrect calculations.

If we, as a nation we do not stand up now and raise concerns we will lose these national treasures. If this proposal is to go ahead all this coastline will be blasted for their pipelines and massive port facilities effectively destroying the many dinosaur footprints and tracksites.

Last year Woodside took it upon themselves to carve up the sand dune system between Quondong and James Price Point, they created a network of destructive tracks throughout the highly culturally significant and ecologically sensitive dune system. Now Woodside are claiming that they can again return to these dunes because they are only using the existing tracks they themselves created. This is the same tactical hypocrisy they seek to implement with their current drilling into the reefs, our National Heritage and the Cultural Songline that encompasses the entire intertidal zone .

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gas hub protesters hold up works - The West Australian

Gas hub protesters hold up works - The West Australian: “This is very well organised and very well planned … don’t forget they have a communication system,” he said.

“You criticise us when we send police in to do the job and now you criticising when we lay off and let people go about their lawful business.

“I am confident they did not do this themselves – they would have had a team of people helping them. It’s not two little old ladies in a car that just locked themselves in … it just shows the lengths people will go to.”

James Price Point protests the product of Barnett’s wilful myopia | Scott Ludlam

James Price Point protests the product of Barnett’s wilful myopia | Scott Ludlam: "The protests are a direct result of a failure of policy on the part of the Western Australian Government. This is a pristine site, and should never have been considered for this project."

"The State Government has made an absolute hash of this, from approving the site to the ridiculously heavy-handed deployment of 250 WA police officers to act as private security guards for the Browse LNG joint venture."

"It's time for the Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to step in and clean up this mess."

Police say removing protest van will be 'tricky' - Yahoo!7

Police say removing protest van will be 'tricky' - Yahoo!7:
Police are working to remove two women from a vehicle which is blocking the entrance to Western Australia's proposed Kimberley gas hub.

The local Broome women, aged in their sixties, are protesting against the State Government's 30-billion dollar project proposed for James Price Point, north of Broome.

Police have been trying to convince the women to leave their mini-bus, which has been cemented to the dirt road.

Phillip Roe Tradition Goolarabooloo Law Man inspects Lock ons Manari Road James Price Point

Ali Batten, one of the lock-on currently holding up Woodside convoy on Manari Road Media Statement.

I am forced to take this stand as a way to oppose and draw national attention to the actions of Woodside and the WA government.

What they're doing here in the Kimberley is unethical, unnecessary and invasive in the extreme. Our community is distressed and already damaged by their presence and campaigners have been traumatised and bullied. We had been shown no respect and have often met with open contempt.

We are defending Country. It has been cared for and revered for tens of thousands of years. It holds ancestral sites and sites of cultural significance to local people. It is also part of the Lurujarri song line. It is the habitat of endangered species of flora and fauna and part of the last remaining wilderness areas on the planet.

In the 1950s I saw the dunes and coastal bushland of North NSW destroyed by a mining company. The minerals they extracted from this devastation were used in weaponry. Sixty years later, I won't remain passive and allow corporate interests to destroy the dunes and bushland of Walmadany and turn it into a massive industrial site.

I'm 65 and I might have a few decades left. I'll spend every day of that time defending the planet against political parties and corporations which have no respect for the beauty and fragility of our environment.

Two women are lock in and locked on Manari Road, No work for Woodside at James Price Point

Julie Weguelin:  STATEMENT

I am 62yrs of age, mother of 2 grandmother of 4.

I am a Broome resident with an association with Broome for over 25 years and a permanent resident for the past 10years. I am a small business owner and a supporter of the Broome Community No Gas Campaign. There has been a great cost and loss to many but if we stand back and do nothing it will be a much greater loss. I am here as I believe this pristine area of the Kimberley is too precious to loose to Industrialisation.

Dinosaur track ways are proving to be unique in the world and should be preserved in their natural state for future generation. Song line and Indigenous heritage of the area has to be preserved. This unique area is host to many sea creatures turtles, whales etc which rely on this area for their breeding and feeding ground.

Only 4% of the world today is pristine wilderness. If this project should go ahead it will destroy even more of this last remaining pristine area for a short term gain by a few. This area has to be protected for everyone. As it is visited by peoples from all over the world for it’s uniqueness and easy access.

Broome will loose its amazing fresh water supply and have to rely on desalinated and recycled water due to the construction of the processing plant taking all the underground water supply,
 also creating a 50km dead zone around the proposed port area. 

Australia has the ability to be sustained by 100% renewable energy sorces within the next ten years. All it takes is a commitment by the government.
The law is currently being broken by Drilling in the National Heritage listed intertidal zones.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paddy Roe of Walmadan

"The Country now comes from Bugarri-Garri (dreamtime). It was made by all the dreamtime ancestors, who left their tracks and statues behind and gave us our law, which tells us how to look after this country and how to keep it alive"

"The true people followed this law from generation to generation until today that is why this country is still good and gives us plenty, we never take more than we need and respect each others areas"

"Today everybody, all kind of people walk through this country, now all of us together have to respect and look after this land, when we look after it in a proper way, this land stays happy and it will make all of us happy".

Paddy Roe, Law-Keeper, Custodian, Broome Region
7 February 1991
Forwarded to the Committee Injured Coastline during its visit to Broome in February 1991
by Mr Paddy Roe, OAM, Goolarabooloo Elder.

Autistic centre shutting its doors in Fremantle - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Autistic centre shutting its doors in Fremantle - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

Parents approached the Minister, Helen Morton, on the steps of Parliament, calling on the Government to step in.
"This centre doesn't need to close, why does it need to close?," they asked.

"Your Government will spend a million dollars sending police to the north of the state to protect Woodside, but what about protecting us?"

Ms Morton says she only heard about the closure this morning.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Browse gas hub threatens dinosaur tracks

Browse gas hub threatens dinosaur tracks:

Dr Salisbury said the stretch of coast was "immensely important" in national and global terms.

"I don't know for sure yet whether they have commenced drilling in that area, but their maps indicate that they intend to," he said.

Broome-based dinosaur footprint tracker Louise Middleton, who with late partner Paul Foulkes brought the James Price Point tracks to scientific attention in the mid-80s, said she was "horrified" by the prospect.

"This site is recognised as having one of the most significant concentrations of preserved dinosaur tracks in the world," Ms Middleton said.

"What makes it special is not only the number of track, but that there are so many different species of dinosaur converging on the one spot."

Woodside was being sought for comment.
In the last two days, I have taken 366 photos at the Manari Road Community camp on the road to James Price Point. When I got home after again sleepng there for the night and staying for the morning, I read an article in which "Woodside asks that people respect the wishes of the Traditional Owners who have entered into a Native Title Agreement to facilitate the establishment of the Browse LNG Precinct on their land."

Well I shall only post one picture today. It is of Eddy Roe on the road to JPP just after another group of Police cars went past in a cloud of dust to make sure that Woodside could once again bulldose his country in the name of 'Investigation'.

Yes, Eddy is a Traditional Owner of James Point. He is one of the majority of T/Os in the Goolarabooloo/Jabirr Jabirr group that does NOT put money above Culture, Country and Tradition. HE is one of the Traditional Owners that I, and a majority of the Broome Community respect Mr Woodside.
© Rod Hartvigsen - Murranji Photography

2GB Media Player - Alan Jones Comments 15/05/2012

2GB Media Player - Alan Jones Comments 15/05/2012The people of Broome and local Aborigines don't want the project which, they say, will wreck the area and turn Broome into a mining town rather than a tourism town.

The WA Supreme Court has even overturned the State Government's compulsory acquisition of the site for Woodside.

But is this deterring miners and the Governments which do their bidding?

Not at all.

150 extra WA police are being accommodated at 5 star resorts to ensure "Woodside can go about its lawful activity".

It is enough to make you sick

Protesters vow to continue James Price Point campaign - Bush Telegraph - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Protesters vow to continue James Price Point campaign - Bush Telegraph - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

This week WA government sent at least 100 police to Broome to prevent a protest flare up over Woodside's planned $40 billion gas hub at James Price Point.

Police were used to escort heavy machinery to the construction site.

But the arrival of Woodside workers has also brought out protesters who claim Woodside is jeopardising, among other things, prehistoric dinosaur footprints. They're demanding the work be stopped.

Police have given the protesters until today to leave the area.

Protesters follow footprints of dinosaurs | The Australian

Protesters follow footprints of dinosaurs | The Australian: Protesters follow footprints of dinosaurs

by: Graham Lloyd, Environment editor
From: The Australian
May 16, 2012 12:00AM

DINOSAURS and mosquitoes were the only certainties yesterday in an escalating face-off between police, protesters and politicians over Woodside Petroleum's planned $40 billion gas hub development near Broome.

Businessman Geoffrey Cousins took a swipe at federal Environment Minister Tony Burke for failing to act to protect prehistoric footprints from Woodside's near-shore drilling.

Dr Steven Salisbury, Queensland University showing Brain Price from National Heritage Council one of the Dinosaur track-sites found at James Price Point

Extra officers cost ,000 a day for gas protest - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Extra officers cost ,000 a day for gas protest - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Police break up Brisbane tent embassy protest - Seven News Queensland

Police break up Brisbane tent embassy protest - Seven News Queensland

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Woodside protester chained to metal detector | Perth Now

Woodside protester chained to metal detector | Perth Now:

Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan today revealed the operation was costing taxpayers $1 million over 10 days.

Activist Dale Jones, who spent four months at the blockade in Broome, said they were protesting in a show of solidarity with the Broome community.

"It's inappropriate use of police resources for the benefit of private and multinational corporations against our people," she said.

Police amassing at James Price Point (Monday May 14) - after yesterday's 600 people power peaceful protest at Broome Police Station | Indymedia Australia

Police amassing at James Price Point (Monday May 14) - after yesterday's 600 people power peaceful protest at Broome Police Station | Indymedia Australia:

“If I was a copper and I was told to shut down the right of people to dissent, to smash the public interest to know, to arrest civil protestors I would turn to my Officer-in-Charge and politely say ‘NO’.”

Monday, May 14, 2012

Community anger over misuse of State resources


More than 150 police escorted a convoy of Woodside vehicles and equipment to the Woodside compound in the James Price Point LNG Precinct area this morning past a small group of peaceful community protesters.

Police have been flown to Broome from around the state to provide increased protection to Woodside, due to the Premier’s fear of strengthened opposition to the project.

Around 30 Broome residents took part in a lawful protest at Manari Road camp, the site of last year’s Blockade. Police lined Manari Road, to prevent people walking on the road, 60 more officers walked the Woodside convoy through and another 62 police officers waited in 4WD police vehicles.

Community members stood aside as the police escorted the convoy of Woodside vehicles through, there was no attempt to block the road and no arrests were made.

Nik Wevers, of the Broome Community No Gas campaign, said “We are appalled at the enormous waste of State Government funds used to escort and protect a private corporation Woodside, and the Joint Venture partners BP, BHP, Shell, Chevron and Mitsubishi Mitsui, to undertake investigation works at James Price Point, for a project that does not have Federal Government approval to go ahead.”

For further comment from the Broome Community No Gas campaign,
please contact Nik Wevers on             0417 998 598     

For media enquiries and photos,
please contact Frances Myles on             0450 498 344      

(5) Police Escort Woodside Destructors to James Price Point 14/05/201

(5) Police Escort Woodside Destructors to James Price Point 14/05/201


Barnett's police state brought to you by Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BP, BHP-Billiton, Mitsubishi and Matsui.
Photo taken Monday, 14 May 2012 on the road to James Price Point. Photo by Damian Kelly



More than 150 police were deployed at James Price Point this morning to escort Woodside equipment to the site of investigations for a gas hub.

The WA Police public order response group were flown into Broome over the weekend under orders from the Premier, such is the massive opposition to the project.

About 30 community members silently watched the police and Woodside contractors as they drove past an information bay on the corner of Manari Road about 25km from Broome.

“The Premier obviously has huge concerns about the strength of opposition to this proposal in Broome. He’s obviously extremely desperate to avoid any protests and will go to any lengths including spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money on sending riot police to Broome,” said Environs Kimberley Director Martin Pritchard.

“This project’s viability has sunk to new lows and the companies involved like BHP, Shell, Chevron and Mitsubushi-Mitsui need to state if they condone this type of anti-community sentiment coming from the Premier,” Mr Pritchard.

“It’s also time for Woodside to make a decision on the viability of a gas hub in the Kimberley instead of leaving the Broome community hanging. Industry experts have stated its $10 billion cheaper to pipe to the Pilbara, why ruin the Kimberley coast if that is the case?”.

Photos of public order response group at Manari Road available on request

Media contact:

Martin Pritchard
Mob 0427 548 075

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"We are the families of Broome residents, we are not professional protesters, and we are concerned about what is coming,"

Broome group deliver letter - The West Australian:

"It's a bit weird actually – I was at the markets yesterday and there was heaps of police around – it's a bit hostile, a bit over the top," she said.

"We're about peacefulness here – we're no enemy and we don't pose any threat, so it's kind of irrational. We're not violent people, we haven’t been storming the buildings and hurting people."

Organiser Mitch Torres told participants to remember that the protest was a silent vigil: "We're not shouting, we come with love," she said. "This is a message from the mothers of Broome – we are concerned about the environment that our children are being forced to live under."

Just before noon, the group crossed the road to the Broome Police Station to present the gifts to police.

Residents fear Broome is in 'lock-down' as protest mounts | Perth Now:

WA Premier Colin Barnett claimed on Friday some of those now picketing the site were "professional protesters", but another Broome resident, Anne Poelina, said most were locals who did not want the project to destroy their pristine environment or disrupt the town's unique way of life.

"We are the families of Broome residents, we are not professional protesters, and we are concerned about what is coming," Ms Poelina told AAP.

Woodside Jack Up rigs were drilling in National Heritage listed Intertidal Zone

Woodside Jack Up rigs were drilling in National Heritage listed Intertidal Zone and into Indigenous Cultural Heritage, Dinosaur Trackways and sensitive fragile reef.

In the early hours of this morning, one of the rigs returned to Broome and is currently birthed around the Broome jetty. There are wild rumors that the feds are pulling strings and seeking and explanation as to why Woodside had not refereed this to Burke's office or NHC.

Woodside are a force onto themselves and are showing complete and total disregard and arrogance to our National and Indigenous heritage to the point where they have changed the boundaries of the National Heritage listing for themselves.

You can see from the post below Woodsides bulletin 4 that the intertidal zone according to Woodside are in the sand dunes. How can the intertidal zone be this small when we are in an location that experiences one of the largest tides in the world?

Woodside is lying to you, to the government, to the National Heritage Council, and to the nation.
Enough is enough.  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Woodside threaten National Heritage listed dinosaur footprints in Kimberley


May 11, 2012

Woodside jack-up barges could be on the verge of destroying National Heritage listed dinosaur footprints on the Kimberley coast today, according to information provided to conservation group Environs Kimberley. Woodside have not referred their proposal to Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke for approval.

The Australian Heritage Council describes the dinosaur footprints as follows:

“The Broome Sandstone tracks along the Dampier Coast are the best record of dinosaurs from the western half of the continent and the large number and variety of tracks in a range of depositional settings provides an otherwise unobtainable census of dinosaur populations and communities.

 “The Broome Sandstone tracks are therefore one of the most taxonomically diverse dinosaur track sites known anywhere in the world and certainly the most diverse in Australia.”

A report provided by the company shows that the drilling, which starts today, is to take place right up against the boundary of the National Heritage Listed area in which dinosaur footprints are known to occur. Broome based conservation group Environs Kimberley is concerned that Woodside is drilling too close to the National Heritage boundary, in an area where no surveys have taken place.

 "We are shocked that Woodside has not referred this project to the Federal Government, given that they are proposing to drill in such a sensitive site and as far as we know could be right on top of dinosaur footprints,” Environs Kimberley Director Martin Pritchard said.

“The National Heritage boundary consists of the Intertidal Areas between Highest and Lowest Astronomical Tide, according to the government’s maps, and Woodside’s maps show they will be working very close to this area, and possibly within it, which is outrageous,” said Peter Robertson of the Wilderness Society.

 “Woodside should stop work and refer this project to the Federal Minister for the Environment, Tony Burke, before any damage is done to a National Heritage listed area,” said Mr Pritchard.

 Media Contact

Martin Pritchard Environs Kimberley –             0427 548 075     

Peter Robertson The Wilderness Society –             0409 089 020 

The National Heritage boundary consists of the Intertidal Areas between Highest and Lowest Astronomical Tide, according to their maps. However, Woodside have redefined the Heritage Boundaries to suit themselves.

 Bulletin 4

 National Heritage List Boundary West Kimberley

Friday, May 11, 2012

Woodside Are Invading Country under Police Escort and with Community Intimidation

Woodside’s 2012 invasion is imminent with several signs indicating just that:

If you are having trouble open the attached video please follow the You Tude

  • ·         The shire grader clearing Manari road
  • ·         A constant steam of police travelling up and down of Manari road, 
  • ·          A booze bus set up on Manari Road at Willie creek targeting civilians and tourists but not Woodside vehicles, 
  •  Two jack up rigs are making their way to James Price Point and can be seen on the horizon, 
  •  Communication specialists in surveillance, Pacific Communications have fitted out the police with the latest in spyware, 
  •  A mobile police camera and communications vehicle has been established
  • Broome Community No Gas Information Bay at Black Tank have been told to move by the Shire by Wednesday,
  • Reports of over a hundred police being moved to Broome and reported to be staying at the Cable Beach Club
  • Police officers undertaking surprise visit with a campaign spokespeople to advise them of the current police strategies and their intention this year to arrest without warning anyone blocking roads.
      Interesting that the police have make it quite clear that they will continue, like last year to be complicit in their support of Woodside and will continue to aid them in their illegal activities.

However, Woodside has not fulfilled its obligations and conditions placed on them by Development Assessment Panels Approval of these works on 9th February 2012.

To date the Shire of Broome has not endorsed Woodside and a Department of Environment and Conservation approved new Environmental Management Plan for proposed new works associated with the Approval. According to the DAP Approval the EMP must be in place prior to any works being undertaken. 

Shire of Broome with the Department of Environment and Conservation’s must approve Woodside’s Weed Management Plan and a Dust Suppression Plan. A Waste Management Plan and a Road Maintenance Plan also need to be submitted before any works are undertaken. 

No clearing permits have been issued or applied for by Woodside to undertake activities on the west side of Manari Road.

According to the Development Assessment Panel Approval, Woodside is required to implement an approved sewerage system for all fixtures including toilets, ablutions, offices and kitchen within one month of the date of the approval. To date this has not been established and again Woodside proves they are totally incapable of addressing the simplest of conditions placed on them.

Given, Woodside’s appalling record in noncompliance and their duplicity towards permits and approvals, the Broome community is entitled to be suspicious of Woodside’s capacity to do anything right. All these Management Plans need to be tabled at a Shire Council Meeting and ratified by them before Woodside can continue to destroy Country.  

The Broome Shire has the responsibility to guarantee some conformity and transparency in order to reassure the community that these Management Plans have actually been produced, endorsed by the appropriate authorities and implemented accordingly.

The last thing the Police need is a situation like last year where they were assisting illegal activities right up to the point of clearing the way for Woodside’s bulldozers to smash heritage sites and Country illegally. They might find that it’s not just Woodside and the WA state government that will be dragged through the courts; they too will eventually be held accountable for their actions under the Law. 
Justice will be served eventually and all behind the scene immoral corporate/gov puppeteers co conspirators will be exposed for all their scandalous law-breaking and gluttonous behavior that continues to be subservient to multinational Corporations at the expense of our Culture, community and country. 

Now, Woodside have redefined the National Heritage Council boundaries of the intertidal zone and are planning to drill within this boundary of the National Heritage Listed area in which dinosaur track sites occur.

Meanwhile, a temporary 19 km trace line to the proposed Browse LNG Precinct site was cleared by the Main Roads WA in order for them to further identify any sensitive environmental or heritage areas to be avoided during the planning phase of the access road. It is not a thoroughfare for Woodside cronies to travel up and down at will, spreading invasive weeds and flattering all the new growth that regenerated itself in the last wet. 

According to their Section 91 Woodside are to remain in the proposed precinct area and not travel outside this area but like it was mentioned before Woodside cannot implement even the minimum of stipulations placed on them. 

Meanwhile everybody knows that the gas will eventually be piped to the Pilbara because the only sense this type of corporation listen to are the cents found in the dollars. However, this will not stop Woodside, the state and federal governments and the silent joint venture partners from dragging us as a community through the façade. 

The Broome community again will be subjected to corporate bulling as concerned citizens standing up for their community, Country and their Culture get herded down the corridors of a police state.

'Professional protesters' fear police move - The West Australian

'Professional protesters' fear police move - The West Australian: She said police had visited her at her Broome flower shop on Wednesday afternoon to warn her off engaging in any activities.

“They said to me, if there are people are obstructing the road, it wouldn’t take as long as it did last year – they would just be automatically arresting people for breaking the law,” she said.

Lachlan Douglas, the son of late Kimberley naturalist Malcolm Douglas, said he had been hassled by police several times on Manari Road in the past couple of days and it “felt like living in East Germany”

“It’s just hideous when you can come up to a place like Broome and effectively walk into a police State … they said that they’re out protecting tourists but I can tell you that tourists aren’t going to happy being intimidated by squads of police driving around

Police permanently at Woodside Petroleum Browse gas hub | The Australian

Police permanently at Woodside Petroleum Browse gas hub | The Australian: Many local protesters, including elderly indigenous people, were last year hauled away by police and locked up, Mr Klatovsky said.

Opposition Leader Mark McGowan last week accused Premier Colin Barnett of "Soviet-style interventionism" because the Liberal leader insisted on James Price Point being the site for the project.

Those against the project being situated at James Price Point, including the Greens, had repeatedly called for Browse Basin gas to be piped to the south to Woodside's existing North West Shelf facilities in the Pilbara region.

Mr Klatovsky appealed to the project's joint venture partners Shell, Chevron, BHP Billiton, BP, Mitsubishi and Mitsui to speak out against "any rash and anti-democratic actions" taken against protesters.

"Do these companies want to be forever remembered by images of police dragging local community members into paddy wagons?" he said.

The ABC Radio report also said the local council was under pressure to tear down illegal structures at the protest camp

(3) Forum on intelligence gathering and surveillance of public protest

(3) Forum on intelligence gathering and surveillance of public protest

Police move in as gas hub protest ramps up - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Police move in as gas hub protest ramps up - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation: While police won't comment on operational details, the ABC understands that by mid-week, more than 100 police officers will have been relocated to Broome indefinitely to handle the inevitable confrontations.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Black Tuesday trailer - YouTube

Black Tuesday trailer - YouTube

 Published on May 9, 2012 by activism0001

"Because it is worth more to us than any dollar, it means more to us than any mineral , anything that you can rip out of this earth. It belongs in the earth. It belongs in this ground , and it is our duty as human beings, to make sure everything stays intact. To make sure everything is preserved for everybody , not just indigenous people , but everybody around the world."

Monday, May 7, 2012

Protesters return to gas hub site - The West Australian

Protesters return to gas hub site - The West Australian:

The protest season is under way again in Broome, with dry weather conditions signalling a return to work for Woodside and a call to arms for people determined that the proposed gas precinct at James Price Point must not go ahead.

Woodside has resumed its last engineering and environmental investigations as well as offshore surveys along the pipeline route and production facilities.

Protesters, including a camel drawing a "chariot" and a convoy of vehicles, embarked on a two-hour walk yesterday to reopen the Manari Road camp that is the base for their activities.

Goolarabooloo man Philip Roe met protesters in front of a "Welcome to country" sign warning of fines of up to $100,000 and two years jail for disturbing or damaging Aboriginal sites.
Premier Colin Barnett reiterated his commitment to developing the site. "You can have a major new industry without compromising the environment and living conditions," he said.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Barnett should butt out of Browse deal: McGowan - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Barnett should butt out of Browse deal: McGowan - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Mark McGowan says Mr Barnett should not be threatening the commercial partners and the Premier's comments send a very poor message. "We don't need interventionism, soviet style interventionism, by the Premier of Western Australia," he said.

Mr McGowan says he is concerned about how the project is developing and believes it sends a clouded message to future overseas investors. He says if he were elected Premier he would allow the commercial partners to pipe gas to Karratha instead of James Price Point which is Premier Barnett's preferred location for the gas hub.


Barnett warning on gas hub site - The West Australian

Barnett warning on gas hub site - The West Australian:

Premier Colin Barnett has fired a shot over the bow of the Browse joint venture partners, suggesting that he is prepared to use State Agreement Acts to ensure gas from the $30 billion-plus project is processed at his preferred greenfields site at James Price Point.

News this week that operator and major equity holder Woodside sold down a 15 per cent share of its 45 per cent stake in the 12-million-tonne-a-year Browse project to Japanese giants Mitsui and Mitsubishi sparked speculation from market analysts that gas was less likely to be processed at James Price Point and more likely to be piped 900km south to existing North West Shelf processing trains at Karratha.

While Woodside remains publicly committed to James Price Point, Browse's other joint venture partners BP, Shell, BHP Billiton and Chevron have advocated sending the gas to Karratha in a bid to further underpin that project. The entry of Mitsui and Mitsubishi means the make-up of the Browse partnership mirrors that of the 23-year-old North West Shelf venture.

James Price Point, 60km north of Broome, is preferred by the Premier, despite the noisy objections of environmentalists and some in the local indigenous community.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thumbs up for Woodside after Browse sale

Thumbs up for Woodside after Browse sale:
Some analysts speculated it was now more likely the Browse gas would not be processed at a new $30 billion-plus hub at the controversial James Price Point north of Broome on the Kimberley Coast, but would be piped 900 kilometres south to the existing North West Shelf plant at Karratha, which is split equally by the same six partners and which could run out of gas around the end of this decade.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Andrew Williams said the Browse joint venture looked ''exactly like the North West Shelf'' and the MIMI deal would shift the weighting away from a greenfields and towards a brownfields development option, which was ''always going to be cheaper''.

The West Australian Premier, Colin Barnett, said the deal was a ''vote of confidence in James Price Point, and progress of the Browse LNG project''.

A Woodside spokeswoman said James Price Point remained the base case for the Browse development, which was well into a front-end engineering process to which partners had committed $1.25 billion.

Thumbs up for Woodside after Browse sale

Thumbs up for Woodside after Browse sale:
Some analysts speculated it was now more likely the Browse gas would not be processed at a new $30 billion-plus hub at the controversial James Price Point north of Broome on the Kimberley Coast, but would be piped 900 kilometres south to the existing North West Shelf plant at Karratha, which is split equally by the same six partners and which could run out of gas around the end of this decade.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Andrew Williams said the Browse joint venture looked ''exactly like the North West Shelf'' and the MIMI deal would shift the weighting away from a greenfields and towards a brownfields development option, which was ''always going to be cheaper''.

The West Australian Premier, Colin Barnett, said the deal was a ''vote of confidence in James Price Point, and progress of the Browse LNG project''.

A Woodside spokeswoman said James Price Point remained the base case for the Browse development, which was well into a front-end engineering process to which partners had committed $1.25 billion.

Strike ban on Woodside gas projects

Strike ban on Woodside gas projects:
The Federal Court has allowed wildcat strikers on Woodside Petroleum's huge North-West Shelf expansion projects to go on a good behaviour bond and avoid $9 million in fines after they agreed not to repeat their behaviour for up to seven years.

Port dredging underestimated - The West Australian

Port dredging underestimated - The West Australian:
A confidential Federal Government review of the dredging which was unearthed about the same time had detailed serious concerns about the potential impact on the marine environment from toxins, including arsenic and zinc.

The review also found basic modelling had not been tested widely and was based on dredging over 12 months when it was likely to take longer.

Other details that would normally be addressed in a dredging assessment had either not been included or not discussed in sufficient detail, the review said.

Metocean data expert Piers Larcombe, who carried out research for the Department and Woodside, also criticised the modelling for its lack of data.

Woodside still backs James Price Point | Latest Business & Australian Stock market News | Perth Now

Woodside still backs James Price Point | Latest Business & Australian Stock market News | Perth Now:
Mr Coleman said today Woodside had made a commitment to “take James Price Point to a certain decision point” and that it was not looking to sell any more equity in Browse in the short-term.

“We’ve said that decision point will be reached sometime around the end of his year or early next year,” he said.

“We really won’t be pursuing other options in earnest until we reach that decision point and see how that plays out.

“We’re very hopeful we’ll have a project to move forward with at that time, but we’ll just have to wait until then.”

The commitment to James Price Point comes as the WA’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) announced its report on the proposed gas hub will be pushed back to the middle of this year.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Browse LNG report expected mid-year - Media statements - Public notices

Browse LNG report expected mid-year

Summary: New, detailed information on the environmental impact of dredging at the proposed Browse Liquefied Natural Gas processing precinct at James Price Point has now been provided to the Environmental Protection Authority for assessment.
Release Date: 2 May 2012

Browse LNG report expected mid-year - Media statements - Public notices:

The proponent, the Department of State Development, requested additional time to provide the updated information on dredging and spoil disposal.

Goodbye Cable Beach, Goodbye
EPA Chairman Paul Vogel said the revised modelling of impacts was provided on April 30.
“It is vital the information is adequate and robust prior to being subject to the EPA’s usual rigour and scrutiny expected by the public and the Minister for Environment,” Dr Vogel said.

Dr Vogel said the proponent had remodelled the impacts of dredging incorporating improved geotechnical, bathymetric and metocean data.

He said the dredge volume had also been revised from 21 million cubic metres to 34 million cubic metres of material, with the duration of foundation dredging activities estimated to     
                                                                                           increase from 18 to 21 months.

Dr Vogel said the assessment would determine if there were significant different or additional environmental impacts predicted from modelling the effects of dredging using the revised information.

“The Browse LNG proposal is the most significant environmental impact assessment of a strategic proposal ever undertaken under the Environmental Protection Act,” Dr Vogel said.

“The public deserves nothing less than for the EPA to make a fully informed decision and for this reason, the EPA’s report to the Minister for Environment is now expected mid-year.”

Woodside Protesters - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Woodside Protesters - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

Activists set up a 'Deal or No Deal' themed protest outside Woodside's AGM in Perth; they are opposing a proposed gas hub at James Price Point where the company will eventually process gas from the Browse Basin.

During an address by Woodside's chief executive officer, Peter Coleman, at the Perth Convention Centre, one of about two dozen protesters demonstrating outside the meeting breached security and yelled out "James Price Point; no deal".

The protesters are demonstrating against a decision to set up an LNG processing hub at James Price Point, on the Kimberley coast.


Photo from Woodside AGM today.  Action organized by the Wilderness Society.

A long pointed question was posed to Coleman in the AGM
Australian Financial Review:

“While investors cheered the deal for reducing Woodside’s risk in the expensive Browse project, the ramifications for building a natural gas processing hub on the Kimberley coast now hang in the balance.

Mitsubishi, Japan’s largest trading company, said it was open to processing gas from Browse at the North-West Shelf LNG venture, where it already holds a stake.

“Processing this gas at the existing NWS location is something we would be interested in,” a Mitsubishi spokesman said on Tuesday. “It is not just our decision but we would look at this as an option.”