Thursday, May 31, 2012

Corporate masters and their servants in blue at James Price Point

This video is longer than usual because it is a story. Since Woodside came into Country on the 21st of May they have had their feet flat, on the pedal of destruction. And they seem to be spurred on with Richard Hunter’s Supreme Court action against the Shire for allowing the State Development Assessment Panel to make decisions on their behalf.  Woodside and Wayne Bergmann (ex KLC CEO who now heads up KRED and is one of 5 shareholders in the Roadline company have wasted no time in clearing the regrowth on the grid they carved out last year in Country and have started on their massive clearing program to clear additional vast areas of native vegetation for their 3 drilling Sites and the proposed 2 massive dams.

All the Walmadan Protectors have been able to do is to go into these cleared areas, take GPS readings measure the cleared areas and gathering photographic evidence for pending Court challenges. However, the Western Australian Police Force seem to now have a permanent presence in the Woodside Compound (which is now referred to as the LIA- by the Hostile Security force) and are at the beck and call of their Corporate masters.

Walmadan Protectors are also entitled to go about their lawful business, and have the right to undertake monitoring, recording and reporting of Woodside illegal actions. However, Woodside corporate mercenary services (all ex SAS returned soldiers with serious mental health issues) just have to call the police, tell them anything they like to make up, and the boys and girls in blue come running, charge book in hand with accompanying exclusion maps.

These two Walmadan protectors had been doing just that last Sunday morning. See what happens next.  Then you tell me who the real criminals are and who is assisting them and protecting them in these outrageous crimes. 

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  1. Who or what is Land Rights Administration?
    What happened to natural justice?
    Surely the opportunity for both sides of the dispute should be heard before Police take action?
    As reported in the Broome Advertiser this week, a former SAS soldier working for Lockforce which provides security services for Woodside and now based in Broome said '...they had been instructed to so do (filming of activists and everyone else up country)under a directive from the police: "that's the only thing stopping us from getting prosecuted,"....'
    The tight relationship between Woodside, its security services and the Police is an extremely serious concern and worthy of objections to the Public Sector Standards Commissioner, Police Complaints, the State Ombudsman and any other legal entity interested in fair play. And where are our political representatives, Carol Martin MLA Kimberley, MLCs, Senators, the member for Durack Barry Haase and Shire of Broome Councillors who might reasonably be asked about their interest in a fair process for their constituents and use of taxpayer funds. Move-on the lot of you.
    When you're up against the Police, ex SAS and an international energy corporation you haven't got a hope in hell of fair treatment under the law.It's a big worry.