Friday, May 11, 2012

'Professional protesters' fear police move - The West Australian

'Professional protesters' fear police move - The West Australian: She said police had visited her at her Broome flower shop on Wednesday afternoon to warn her off engaging in any activities.

“They said to me, if there are people are obstructing the road, it wouldn’t take as long as it did last year – they would just be automatically arresting people for breaking the law,” she said.

Lachlan Douglas, the son of late Kimberley naturalist Malcolm Douglas, said he had been hassled by police several times on Manari Road in the past couple of days and it “felt like living in East Germany”

“It’s just hideous when you can come up to a place like Broome and effectively walk into a police State … they said that they’re out protecting tourists but I can tell you that tourists aren’t going to happy being intimidated by squads of police driving around

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