Monday, May 14, 2012

Community anger over misuse of State resources


More than 150 police escorted a convoy of Woodside vehicles and equipment to the Woodside compound in the James Price Point LNG Precinct area this morning past a small group of peaceful community protesters.

Police have been flown to Broome from around the state to provide increased protection to Woodside, due to the Premier’s fear of strengthened opposition to the project.

Around 30 Broome residents took part in a lawful protest at Manari Road camp, the site of last year’s Blockade. Police lined Manari Road, to prevent people walking on the road, 60 more officers walked the Woodside convoy through and another 62 police officers waited in 4WD police vehicles.

Community members stood aside as the police escorted the convoy of Woodside vehicles through, there was no attempt to block the road and no arrests were made.

Nik Wevers, of the Broome Community No Gas campaign, said “We are appalled at the enormous waste of State Government funds used to escort and protect a private corporation Woodside, and the Joint Venture partners BP, BHP, Shell, Chevron and Mitsubishi Mitsui, to undertake investigation works at James Price Point, for a project that does not have Federal Government approval to go ahead.”

For further comment from the Broome Community No Gas campaign,
please contact Nik Wevers on             0417 998 598     

For media enquiries and photos,
please contact Frances Myles on             0450 498 344      

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  1. just saw on W.A.TODAY website 15/5/2012 story by Anne-Louise Brown that cost to taxpayers of deploying police to Broome over 10 days will be
    $$$ 1 million!!!!!! Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan has justified it to stop "illegal" activities by opponents of Woodside's continuing works.