Thursday, May 3, 2012

Strike ban on Woodside gas projects

Strike ban on Woodside gas projects:
The Federal Court has allowed wildcat strikers on Woodside Petroleum's huge North-West Shelf expansion projects to go on a good behaviour bond and avoid $9 million in fines after they agreed not to repeat their behaviour for up to seven years.


  1. After being stopped by your bunch in Bridgetown on your silly blockade a few years back, I have no sympathy for ANY of you.
    YOU are the terrorists here people !
    Do us all a favour and move into the desert and eat lizards and spinifex. By the way get of the vegie pensions and the dole you leeches.
    Flannery, Gore and your paid friend Blanchett have no idea of this planet. It naturally warms and cools itself as it has for years.Fresh water ice melts and then freezes back on cooling but your brains arent sharp enough to grasp such a concept because half of you have lived on the bongs too long.

  2. Is it true that computers are made from mining minerals and oil ?
    If so why do you act in such a way.
    Do you drive cars and use toilet paper.