Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In the last two days, I have taken 366 photos at the Manari Road Community camp on the road to James Price Point. When I got home after again sleepng there for the night and staying for the morning, I read an article in which "Woodside asks that people respect the wishes of the Traditional Owners who have entered into a Native Title Agreement to facilitate the establishment of the Browse LNG Precinct on their land."

Well I shall only post one picture today. It is of Eddy Roe on the road to JPP just after another group of Police cars went past in a cloud of dust to make sure that Woodside could once again bulldose his country in the name of 'Investigation'.

Yes, Eddy is a Traditional Owner of James Point. He is one of the majority of T/Os in the Goolarabooloo/Jabirr Jabirr group that does NOT put money above Culture, Country and Tradition. HE is one of the Traditional Owners that I, and a majority of the Broome Community respect Mr Woodside.
© Rod Hartvigsen - Murranji Photography

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