Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paddy Roe of Walmadan

"The Country now comes from Bugarri-Garri (dreamtime). It was made by all the dreamtime ancestors, who left their tracks and statues behind and gave us our law, which tells us how to look after this country and how to keep it alive"

"The true people followed this law from generation to generation until today that is why this country is still good and gives us plenty, we never take more than we need and respect each others areas"

"Today everybody, all kind of people walk through this country, now all of us together have to respect and look after this land, when we look after it in a proper way, this land stays happy and it will make all of us happy".

Paddy Roe, Law-Keeper, Custodian, Broome Region
7 February 1991
Forwarded to the Committee Injured Coastline during its visit to Broome in February 1991
by Mr Paddy Roe, OAM, Goolarabooloo Elder.

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