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Browse Basin gas deal 'pivotal' in indigenous history, says Colin Barnett | The Australian

Browse Basin gas deal 'pivotal' in indigenous history, says Colin Barnett | The Australian

Its important to understand that any Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) would involve all persons who asserted a Native Title interests in that area, not just registered claimants. People need to appreciate the fact that 80% of the Traditional Owners did not even vote or were involved in any decision making.

When the Compulsory Acquisition notices are proven to be invalid in the up and coming Supreme Court Action being taken by Neil McKenzie and Phillip Roe against the Minister Land, Brendan Grylls so too will this also nullify this cooked Section 31 Agreement, being signed today.

The Agreements being signed today are invalid because are they based on an invalid notice.

If these Agreements are signed today, the legal viability of the notice will be broaden to including to the viability to the Agreements

Given the fact that Compulsory Acquisition is being challenged currently in the Supreme Court, this theatrical managed signing today is totally erroneous. None of the processes employed in this sager have either been decent, correct or sincere because one way or other the Government has always been standing there with the threat of Compulsory Acquisition.

Another deal behind closed doors and away from Country and People

Two gas hub agreements are going to be signed tomorrow between State government and KLC (and possibly Woodside): A Native Title Act agreement (S31: Right to negotiate) and a 'State agreement'.

It is happening in
Perth around 9am. Barnett is trying to make it look like a deal designed to lock in the hub before the Environment Minister's decisions and it’s also no doubt intended to demoralise and marginalise the Broome community and the blockade.

This may be used as a pretext for moving against the Broome Community NO GAS Blockade.

LNG Flyer No Deal v3

LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL 491 QUESTION WITHOUT NOTICE (Of which some notice has been given) Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hon Robin Chapple to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs.

With regard to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (AHA) and the registered
Aboriginal site Walmadan (site ID 13076), I ask, ~

(1) Is a Section 18 permit required for disturbance such as vegetation and
surface soils clearing with a bulldozer in a registered Aboriginal heritage

(2) When did the Minister and/or his department become aware of Woodside's
proposal to clear vegetation and surface soils within the registered
Aboriginal Heritage site 13076 Walmadan?

(3) Has anyone applied for a Section 18 permit to disturb registered Aboriginal
Heritage site 13076 Walmadan?

(4) Was a Section 16 permit applied for or granted to Woodside or its
contractors in respect of Aboriginal Heritage site 13076 Walmadan andif
yes what does the section 16 allow for under the AHA?

(5) Does the Minister or his Department have the ability to issue a stop work
notice if correct procedures have not been adhered to under section 16, 17 or
18 of the AHA?

(6) Has the Department of Indigenous Mfairs been notified of an Aboriginal
Heritage site in Woodside's proposed clearing area that is unregistered? If
yes, what action is the Department taking to ensure the site is protected?

I thank the Hon. Member for some notice of this question.

(1) Yes
(2) I am not aware of any proposal to clear vegetation within the boundaries ofDIA
13076 (Walmadan).
(3) No
(4) No
(5) No
(6) No

Minister for Indigenous Affairs

The Walmadan Camp mob have tried to draw people's attention to the destruction of the Holocene sand dunes, the ancient Middens and burial sites between James Price Point and Quondong, by Woodside buggies, for the last three weeks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Analyst downplays gas protest impact - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Analyst downplays gas protest impact - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Behind The Scenes Of A 3 Week Protest (video) - iGWN7 Broome

Behind The Scenes Of A 3 Week Protest (video) - iGWN7 Broome

It's the third week of an environmental protest North of Broome. Some protestors come and go each day, but most camp overnight. Our Kimberley reporter Emma Anderson's gone behind the scenes to find out the logistics that go behind staging such a long lasting rally.


In 1988 the Goolarabooloo people- under the leadership of Paddy Roe (OAM)- established the Lurujarri Heritage Trail. Assisted by Lord Alister McAlpine-a local eccentric entrepeneur- RMIT University lecturers and the WA Heritage Council, they sought to bring people of all cultures and colours to come together to share cultural time in country. The trail follows the ancient living Songcycle, from Broome town up the coast 90 km to Bindiyangun, stopping at camp sites that have been used by Aborigines for millennia.

The Goolorabooloo Senior Law Bosses, Phillip, Joe, and Richard (Paddy Roe's grandsons), along with Teresa Roe (Paddy's daughter) and the extended Goolarabooloo family have requests from numerous to participate in walking the Lurujarri Heritage Trail with them. It will begin on Saturday the 2nd of July at 3pm, at the old Goolarabooloo hostel in Broome on Dora St, and will finish on the 9th of July.

The trail is an opportunity for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to walk together through this spiritually important country, telling stories, fishing, collecting bush foods, carving tapping sticks and most importantly connecting to each other and the country. Underlying all of this is the opportunity for reconciliation, which is evidenced by the strong ties the Goolarabooloo community has with non-indigenous people both locally and internationally.

This year is going to be extra special and significant for walkers and their cultural guides because the trail of the Songline like always will pass through Country (Walmadan) - or as it is known in English- James Price Point - the site where Woodside and the WA Premier Colin Barnett are planning to build Australia's largest LNG processing hub. Ancient ceremonial sites and burial grounds are located all along the Songcycle and at Walmadan, and some of these sites have already been desecrated by Woodside contractors. The Department of Indigenous Affairs are currently investigating serious breaches of the Aboriginal Heritage Act by Woodside and their contractors within the vicinity of Walmadan. It’s still not a done deal and still no Federal or State approval for the development.

On its 33rd anniversary, the Lurujarri Heritage Trail will continue despite the proposed destruction that Colin Barnett, Woodside and its partners are seeking to wreak on the this Sacred Songline. Once again people from all over the nation and the world will come together to witness first hand the deep cultural connection that the Goolarabooloo have with their country, and their willingness to share these connections, as they walk the Songline together.

For more information contact:!/pages/Goolarabooloo-and-Lurujarri-Heritage-Trail/116735645006633

Monday, June 27, 2011

21 Today, Woodside Go Away

The Broome Community NO GAS Campaign in support of the Goolarabooloo Traditional Owners have reached their 21st day of peaceful blockading Manari Road and have so far successfully prevented Woodside's further illegal activities at James Price Point.

It seems like weeks ago when some Broome residents locked on to bulldozers, after the Goolarabooloo watched in horror at the desecration of their ancient ceremonial sites and burial grounds, and theft of sacred cultural objects located within the Songline. There is no State or Federal approval for Woodside to carry out their work, and since 2009, Goolarabooloo Traditional Owners and the wider Broome community have fought to stop the clearing and drilling of sacred land at James Price Point. After establishing a protest camp at James Price Point, they then established a strategic blockade 45 km up the road to prevent any Woodside contractors from using the equipment now parked at the site.

The Manari Rd blockade has around 50 permanent people camping, Aboriginal elders, grey nomads, french backpackers, and film makers from around the world, drink endless cups of tea around the fire (no drugs or alcohol are permitted at the camp). There are waves of people support flowing through and mountains of donations - fresh produce, dried food, baked goods, chocolate and freshly caught fish-pours into the well stocked kitchen every day, as the Broome community show their support for the blockade. The media tent, kitted out with internet and solar power thrums with campaigning activities and at night people gather round the campfires, sharing meals and conversion.

The bulldozer ('Billy the Bilby Basher') lies dormant and the drilling equipment remains idle along the road. Traditional Owners in collaboration with their community of Broome are adamant in their resolve to stop the building of the proposed LNG refineries within their Heritage sites or within our heartlands. All assistance will be gratefully received and welcomed.

In a formal complaint lodged to DIA on 9 June 2011, the principal Aboriginal custodian of James Price Point and Elder for the Goolarabooloo Jabbir-Jabbir people- Mr Joseph Roe-provided detailed photographic and video evidence of significant damage by archaeologists and seismic testers working for Woodside. They have been recklessly damaging burial sites, middens and ancient remnant rain forests and have stolen items of Cultural significance. Over the past week, three DIA Officers guided by traditional custodians spent more than nine hours meticulously taking evidence of significant damage done by Woodside contractors undertaking preliminary work for the doomed gas plant.

“The damage started in early May 2011 and continues to this day”, says Mr Roe. “My most important cultural responsibility as handed down to me from my Lulu (late grandfather) is to look after these sacred sites. They’ve never had vehicles driven over them. The actions of these contractors are a painful reality, disrespectful to our culture and our ancestors.”

Kimberley gas plant threatens Aboriginal culture: Join the discussion

Kimberley gas plant threatens Aboriginal culture: Join the discussion

6.30 with George Negus | Channel Ten - Watch Full Episodes and Video

6.30 with George Negus | Channel Ten - Watch Full Episodes and Video

Dinosaur's of James Price Point.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lets get our heads out of the toilet issue and see through all the $%#@.

While Wayne Bergmann stoops to new levels by accusing the Broome Community No Gas Campaigners of untruthful acts of vandalism in his effort to desperately try to cover the eyes of the reality, on the ground.

The facts of the issue are:

Woodside were granted a Licence (1606-2008-01 to Occupy Crown Land, in Accordance with Section 91 of the Land Administration Act 1997 by the Department of Lands Administration. However, one of the conditions of this licence was that the Licensee (Woodside) must comply with Laws and Orders

2.3 (a) The Licensee shall punctually comply with and observe, at the expense of the Licensee, all laws and all lawful orders and requirements of any statutory, public or other government Agency which relates to the Licence Area or any part of it, or the use or occupancy of the Licence Area, and with all lawful notices received either by the Licensor or the Licensee from any such Government Agency.

In addition to this Section 91 Licence.

Permit 483 was issued by the Department of Indigenous Affairs, under Section 16 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 to Eureka Archaeological Search and Consulting to under take site investigations, effective from dated 8th April – 7 April 2014.

However, the Aboriginal Heritage Act- Section 16

Excavation of Aboriginal sites clearly states:

(1) Subject to section 18, the right to excavate or to remove any thing from an Aboriginal site is reserved to the Registrar.

(2) The Registrar, on the advice of the Committee, may authorise the entry upon and excavation of an Aboriginal site and the examination or removal of any thing on or under the site in such manner and subject to such conditions as the Committee may advise.

The conditions of the Permit Holder was to adhere to the provisions of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 and its Regulations and one of the Particular Conditions wa:

  1. That Mr Joseph Roe is consulted regarding the proposed activities authorised under this Permit and afforded opportunity to participate in the conduct of these activities.

On Monday, DIA admitted that Woodside and its contractors do not have a Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act Permits. The fact that the particular conditions placed on the permit 483 was not implemented or upheld in regards to Joseph Roe being consulted, constituted a very serious breach of the Permit.

The Permit states:

A breach of these conditions will result in forfeiture of the permit and may jeopardize considerations of future applications. Therefore, the Goolarabooloo are seeking that this Permit 483 be immediately forfeiture.

Because of these serious breaches of the Aboriginal Heritage Act, the Section 91 Permit should be withdrawn by the Minster for Lands Brendan Grylls instantaneously.

Joseph Roe is the registered Principle Informant with the Department of Indigenous Affairs Registrar and is completely in his rights to seek a cease to work order from DIA.

Meanwhile, all the other Contractors employed by Woodside and individuals involved in the desecration and damage to registered Heritage Sites in Country for the last 2 months will all be investigated and prosecution will be likely.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


DIA Representatives with Goolarabooloo Jabbir-Jabbir representatives surveying desecration to numerous registered Aboriginal Heritage sites by Woodside and their contractors within the James Price Point area

Principal Aboriginal Custodian for James Price Point

Mr Joseph Roe


Wednesday 22 June 2011


The principal Aboriginal custodian of James Price Point and Elder for the Goolarabooloo Jabbir-Jabbir people Mr Joseph Roe has thanked the Department of Indigenous Affairs’ (DIA) Compliance Officers for the thoroughness and manner in which they have conducted their investigations on traditional country over the past two days.

In a formal complaint lodged to DIA on 9 June 2011, Mr Roe provided detailed photographic and video evidence of significant damage by archaeologists and seismic testers working for Woodside. They have been recklessly damaging burial sites, middens and ancient remnant rain forests.

Over the past two days, the three DIA Officers guided by traditional custodians spent more than nine hours meticulously taking evidence of significant damage done by Woodside contractors undertaking preliminary work for the doomed gas plant.

“The damage started in early May 2011 and continues to this day”, says Mr Roe. “My most important cultural responsibility as handed down to me from my Lulu (late grandfather) is to look after these sacred sites. They’ve never had vehicles driven over them. The actions of these contractors are a painful reality, disrespectful to our culture and our ancestors.”

Mr Roe is confident that Woodside’s conduct will invalidate the section 16 permit.

“On top of damaging these sacred sites, information I have just received from the DIA Officers strongly suggest that this so-called preliminary work is not in accordance with the provisions of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (AHA).”

Breaches of the AHA can result in criminal prosecution.

The Broome Community NO GAS campaign has blockaded Woodside workers and contractors from Manari Road for the last 16 days.

Protecting the Kimberley speech | Scott Ludlam

Protecting the Kimberley speech | Scott Ludlam

Barnett tells protesters to 'move on'

Barnett tells protesters to 'move on'

QUT | News | Communities reject new mining projects heavily reliant on non-resident workforces

QUT | News | Communities reject new mining projects heavily reliant on non-resident workforces

Monday, June 20, 2011

LNG faces costly future: ratings agency | WA Business News

LNG faces costly future: ratings agency | WA Business News

But there is a Darkside

As the Broome Community No Gas Campaign’s blockade of Manari Road enters its 14th day, the commitment and dedication of the Broome Community remains strong and unfazed. For the last 10 days the residents are only allowing the security personal into Country. Their responsibilities are solely to guard Billy the bulldozer (The Bilby Basher) and the drilling equipment, which is currently getting rustier and rustier and rustier on Manari Road. The Campaign has some very devoted babysitters of Billy, and the Walmadan Camp remains settled and strong. No drilling has happened since last Saturday week in Country. The only equipment currently working in Country is the traffic lights.

It has been reported in media today that Wayne Bergmann has written to the Department of Indigenous Affairs claiming that the Broome Community No Gas campaigners “had built toilets in registered Aboriginal Sites and had breached the Heritage Act”. How ridiculous are these allegations? This is the very same man who has been pushing and bullying everyone in order to build the world’s largest Gas refineries over the Lurujarri Song line which contains several major significant registered sites. Mr. Bergmann’s response is a very clear indication that this Broome community initiated blockage is having some major effects on his mental health.

Joseph Roe, Goolarabooloo Senior Law Man for the Northern and Southern Law also made a written complaint that was furbished with video, photographic evidence and a GPS Google Map showing extensive and criminal desecration's of many sites between Walmadan and Kardalakan to the Department of Indigenous Affairs on the 9th of June. Mr. Roe sought an immediate “cease to work order”, which should have been the Department’s first response to any complaint made of damage to registered sites. It is our understanding that representatives from DIA will again be coming out tomorrow to investigate Mr. Roe’s original complaint.

Meanwhile, there has been lots of talk of special or additional police arriving in Broome to address the Broome Community’s No Gas Campaign, however it is now day 14 and the police have not issued any move on notices or arrested anyone since the original lock-ons in the first week. Inter-agency meetings have been held in Broome last week and these agencies have been warned that the police intend to take strong action to break the blockade and for these agencies to be prepared.

Redhand finds it very difficult to believe that action will be taken against the Broome No Gas residents by the police because it will ignite the Broome Community into even more civil disobedience. On the first day maybe only a handful of people will be arrested and maybe on the second day a few more. But in the following days, hundreds will follow. The Manari Road is currently the only line of supply for Woodside into Country. It is extremely valuable at all times and open to the creation of many obstacles of resistance. If the blockade is broken it will be re-established within hours

Late last year there was a prevailing feeling of doom and dis-empowerment within the Broome Community. The propaganda from the WA government’s Department of State Development that the project was inevitable and the divide/conquer and financial enticement strategies of Woodside had seemed to have worked their enchantment.

However, after the most recent re-enacted of Kimberley Land Council’s managed vote of the Traditional Owners; the new founded interest and concerns of local small businesses and their subsequent weekly meetings; the first real blockade of the Manari Road with lock-ons and the Broome community’s old families meeting have culminated in a fresh new amalgamation of the Broome Community. Now the community has been mobilised and actions of civic disobedience have been activated. Something our community has no experience of but is learning fast.

An average of up to 120 residents are gathering every morning in order to prevent entry of any workers. More people are camped out every night along the Manari Road. Why? Because they (the Broome community) know who has been caring for Country and its Cultural Heritage and they are the same people (the Traditional Owners) who are on the front line today, still fighting to protect their Song line and their cultural heritage.

The fight to save James Price Point and the Lurujarri Heritage Song line will be as persistent as the Whale Wars, as historical as Noonkanbah and as successful as the Franklin River campaign. The Broome Community is sending a very strong message to the Federal Environmental Minister, Woodside and the WA Government that we will never issue the social licence to operate.

John Butler live at Walmanda and the Broome Community No Gas Campaign Blockade of Manari Road

Friday, June 17, 2011

John Butler and Dan Sultan join Broome blockade

John Butler and Dan Sultan join Broome blockade

Musician John Butler joins Kimberley gas site protest | The Australian

Musician John Butler joins Kimberley gas site protest | The Australian

An open letter

An open letter to the Browse Joint Venture Partners, BHP Billiton, Chevron, Shell and BP from Walmadan, near James Price Point, north of Broome in the Kimberley, West Australia.

cc. Woodside

I am an Australian Aboriginal man and Traditional Custodian. I write to inform you of what is happening on our Country as the senior Law Boss for the land and sea on which the Browse joint venture is proposing to build an industrial complex. I write on behalf of my Countrymen and Women and the many community members who support our fight to protect our future.

Joseph Roe

My traditional Country at Walmadan, near James Price Point (JPP) about 40km north of Broome, West Australia, is under threat and you and your company have the power to prevent the destruction of our culture and environmental heritage.

As I write, hundreds of people are joining me and my family at Walmadan. We wish to prevent the clearing of land, the removal of historical artefacts and the desecration of important cultural sites. Woodside contractors, acting on behalf of the Browse joint venture, are not being allowed to clear my country. A strong and resolute Kimberley community is being joined by others from across the country and the world.

I have met with representatives from your company before. I now write with urgency as there are bulldozers on my doorstep. We are in a position where I see no other option but to take non-violent, direct action to defend our Country.

As you are already aware there are viable alternatives to the processing of Browse gas on the Kimberley coast. These options, I believe, appear to be attractive alternatives to partners in this development. From an outsiders view, BHP Billiton, Shell, Chevron and BP seem to have been railroaded toward the JPP processing option by Woodside and the Federal and Western Australian Governments.

I need you to know this issue has divided our community and caused much dissent. The threat of compulsory acquisition of our land still hangs over our head and the validity of that notice is currently being challenged in court. No Government has given final environmental approval for this development. I know your companies are yet to consider final investment decisions for this project. It is not too late for you to make the right decision and be responsible corporate citizens and avert a social and economic disaster for the people and wildlife of the Kimberley as well as your company’s reputation and profits.

I attach (below) photographic evidence of the damage done in recent weeks by teams who are driving over dunes and sensitive plant communities and removing ancient artefacts on our traditional country. I also attach images of myself and other community members on Country standing strong to stop the bulldozing of our land for a controversial gas hub proposal we think should never be built. This is how it has begun; you can help decide where it ends.

The Law for this Country was passed to me by my grandfather, the late Paddy Roe (AO). Paddy was highly respected and put many other current senior Law Bosses (e.g. Pat Dodson and Peter Yu) through the Law, earning the honour of Order of Australia for his community work in promoting the Lurujarri Trail as a cultural place for all races to experience. It is my responsibility to protect this area. I also wish to share my land and culture with all who respect and learn about it.

For many years I have annually guided people from all cultures of the world along the Lurujarri heritage trail, which follows the ancient Songline of my people handed down since the Buddriagah (Dreaming) time. The Songline runs from South of Broome through JPP north to One Arm Point on the top of the Dampier Peninsula. The Lurujarri Trail was created with advice from the Heritage Council of WA and later won awards from the Council. The trail is open to non-indigenous tourists who wish to understand aboriginal culture and the importance of Songlines such as the one which connects the indigenous heritage of the coastal area.

Recently, in your Courts, I was removed as an applicant from a Native Title claim for this Country. I had been a claimant for 14 years. It is important you understand that my removal as a claimant does not change my responsibilities as law boss of this Country and the songline that continues north beyond my Country.

Your white man’s law has not yet said yes to this gas hub. Even if you do not respect aboriginal law, I appeal for you to respect your own laws and the standards of decency of Australian society.

Some of the cultural heritage sites in my Country have been publicly identified by the Department of Indigenous affairs (DIA). Others are culturally sensitive and known only to the initiated. The fossilized dinosaur and human footprints that run through this country are globally significant historical heritage and form part of our ancient cultural landscape. If a gas processing plant is built at JPP our Song Cycle would be cut, our history broken and our faith in a shared future destroyed. Australian Indigenous and Non-indigenous people can walk hand in hand, but we will not be walked over.

I have been informed in writing that works currently being attempted are expected to cause disturbance to native vegetation, terrestrial fauna and cause aquifer drawdown during pump-testing (potentially drying up traditional water sources and killing wildlife). I am also informed works will cause disturbance offshore to benthic habitats and marine fauna, increase risk of the introduction/transfer of weeds and other pests and cause pollution/contamination from routine discharges; and from unplanned discharges.

Joe Roe with family and supporters protecting Country

I find these impacts on the environment, our historical artefacts and cultural landscape unacceptable. This project has no final investment approval, final environmental approvals, and is proposed for an area that has just been announced as being considered for National Heritage listing.

I put it to you that your company needs to understand the storm it is headed toward here and pay more attention to the alternative options for Browse gas processing that do not include the Kimberley coast. I invite you to visit and see for yourself what is happening on Country. Your joint venture has no social or moral license to operate here. It is not too late to change direction.

I ask you to explain to me, and the world, clearly and plainly what your position is on the damage I see happening to my Country and Culture?

Why is it that your companies are allowing yourself to be channelled down a single path to JPP gas processing when there are clearly other, more culturally and environmentally preferable options? Are your shareholders also aware of the drastic implications of this project and that there are viable alternative processing options?

Will your board and senior executives come to meet with the families and community who are on ground seeing the first stages of the proposed damage to culture and wildlife occurring on my traditional Country?

I provide specific detail on the activities currently being undertaken that I am concerned about below, while reaffirming my broader concerns about the location of this proposal.

I conclude by restating that the LNG Gas Precinct Proposal is a dangerous and frightening prospect for the Traditional Owners and Custodians. Without Country, there can be no Culture. Law cannot be practised. Nor can the Country be “kept quiet” and safe. Culture cannot exist without Country, nor Country without Culture.

Yours sincerely

Joseph Roe,

Senior Law Boss and Traditional Custodian for the land and sea on and around James Price Point, Kimberley, Western Australia. 15th June 2011

John Butler joins Kimberley protest

John Butler joins Kimberley protest

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Broome Community are locking Woodside and their Contractors Out Of Country.

Why the Broome Community is locking Woodside and their Contractors

Out Of Country.

1. We, the Broome Community are;

Ø Standing with the Indigenous People who are standing up and protecting their: Law, Culture, Heritage and Country. We assert the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Article 10 Indigenous peoples shall not be forcibly removed from their lands or territories. No relocation shall take place without the free, prior and informed consent of the indigenous peoples concerned and after agreement on just and fair compensation and, where possible, with the option of return.

Article 25 Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinctive spiritual relationship with their traditionally owned or otherwise occupied and used lands, territories, waters and coastal seas and other resources and to uphold their responsibilities to future generations in this regard.

2. On Thursday the 9th and Friday 10th of June, Joseph Roe, met with departmental executives from the Department of Indigenous Affairs office in Broome with footage and GPS maps proving that extensive and totally unacceptable destruction has already occurred on and within Aboriginal Heritage registered and non- registered Sites in the course of Woodside’s preliminary on-ground works. Two DIA representatives were taken into Country and Phillip Roe walked them through Country showing the damage. That there is already significant damage at this early stage does not bode well for respect for cultural heritage once actual construction, and later gas plant operation begins.

Ø We are insisting that the Department of Indigenous Affairs use its powers under the Aboriginal Heritage Act to issue a “cease-work order” immediately as this is the standard first response to allegations of damage to Aboriginal registered Heritage Sites.

3. We are requesting Federal Environment Minister, the Hon Tony Burke exercise his powers under ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AND BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION ACT 1999 - SECT 70

Under this legislation, the Minister may request referral of proposal :

(1) If the Minister believes a person proposes to take an action that the Minister thinks may be or is a controlled action, the Minister may request:

(a) the person; or

(b) a State, self-governing Territory or agency of a State or self-governing Territory that the Minister believes has administrative responsibilities relating to the action;

to refer the proposal to the Minister within 15 business days or a longer period agreed by the Minister and the requested person, State, Territory or agency (as appropriate).


Actions with significant impact on listed threatened species or endangered community prohibited without approval

Species that are extinct in the wild

(1) A person must not take an action that:

(a) has or will have a significant impact on a listed threatened species included in the extinct in the wild category; or

(b) is likely to have a significant impact on a listed threatened species included in the extinct in the wild category.


Offences relating to threatened species etc.

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a) the person takes an action; and

(b) the action results or will result in a significant impact on:

(i) a species; or

(ii) an ecological community; and

(c) the species is a listed threatened species, or the community is a listed threatened ecological community.

4. The Australian Heritage Council has recommended to the Minister for Environment that this coastline, earmarked for the proposed Kimberley gas hub, be declared a national heritage site. In its final report to the Government, the Australian Heritage Council expanded the recommended boundary to include Dampier Peninsula.

Ø We are calling on Commonwealth Government to declare the 20-million hectares of the West Kimberley a national heritage area as soon as possible in order to have this coastal strip protected under the National Heritage Act.

5. We are only prepared to negotiate the safe removal of all Woodside’s equipment currently in Country, without delay.

SBS Podcasts : Podcasts: Radionews

SBS Podcasts : Podcasts: Radionews

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


If ever there was a time for Broome people to stand up and be counted and to take some action, now is it. The bulldozer and other earth moving and drilling machinery, support equipment and crew is out there ready to destroy the very bush, country and natural wonders of James Price Point, Quondong and surrounds we love. Currently the movement of equipment is at a standstill while the Police delay in detaching the man they have arrested, from the bulldozer. This is likely to happen early tomorrow morning and the blockade needs to stand firm and stop that equipment moving. While the State Government will allow under the auspices of the Land Administration Act and any new regulations or processes the Department of State Development might instigate Woodside intends to clear 25 hectares. Clearing Permit: 3771 - Woodside Energy Limited - Lot 259 on Plan 220696 and Manari Road Reserve Waterbank - Shire of Broome - Permit Plan and Decision Report. The Federal Environment Minister has not yet made any approvals for this project.

Apparently, now any queries directed to the Department of Environment or the EPA are to be responded to by State Development. Remind yourself, the State is the applicant, developer, assessor and referrer of this project. It's disappointing to hear Woodside in their public statement today ask for respect for the Traditional Owners decision. Yes, the land owners may well have made a decision to support the precinct for a billion $ deal (proudly announced by the Premier on ABC Radio 10 days before the vote was taken by Traditional Owners.) However Land owners have a moral responsibility to know that what is developed on their land does not impact on the environment and on the social values of Broome. Just like the State (and Commonwealth) has a moral responsibility to deliver services equitably across the State. Once the country is destroyed it will never return to the wilderness it is today not after 99 or even 30 years of gas processing. The Joint Venture partners, Shell, BP, BHP and Chevron would do well to sit up and take notice.

Earlier today:


Woodside Petroleum has been delayed in their attempt to clear 25 hectares of Kimberley bush near James Price Point. Members of the Broome community this morning blocked the bulldozer headed for the controversial proposed gas refinery. Police were called to the protests. “This is appalling behaviour by Woodside, they do not have State or Federal Government approval for the gas refinery project. They are literally bulldozing the Kimberley, the Broome Community and the State and Federal Government process to select the site for gas refineries to process Browse Basin gas.” The Federal Government has ultimate responsibility for this.

The Broome community is calling on the Federal Minister for the Environment Tony Burke and Federal Minister for Industry Martin Ferguson to reign in Woodside and the State Government.

Protesters are concerned that the gas refineries will be the foot in the door to industrialise the Kimberley.

WA Premier Colin Barnett is on the record saying that he’d like the Kimberley to be the next Pilbara, expanding the heavily industrialised North West of Western Australia.

“The International Community need to know that the Western Australian Government is intent on destroying the Kimberley and that Woodside, BP, BHP, Shell and Chevron are part of this plan. This is at the time when the world is just beginning to understand the global, natural and cultural wonders of the Kimberley.



This morning the Broome Community no gas campaign stopped Woodside’s bulldozer and clearing equipment on the Manari Road. Currently a protester is locked onto the bulldozer just south of Quondong on the Manari Road preventing the Woodside clearing equipment advancing along the road to the proposed 25 hectare clearing site.

The Broome community is calling on the Federal Minister for Environment to intervene and to stop the clearing until this project has the required approvals to go ahead.

Thanks Marion.
Other media today:

hometed 11



Further good news today.
The Australian Heritage Council recommends to the Minister ( Tony Burke) that the Dampier Peninsula coastline be included in the West Kimberley National Heritage listing. The Minister is due to make his decision by 30th June.