Monday, June 6, 2011

Continued destruction Walmadan, Imbalala, Kundandu and Murrjal

The Walmadan Camp mob have tried to draw people’s attention to the destruction of the Holocene sand dunes, the ancient Middens and burial sites between James Price Point and Quondong, by Woodside buggies, for the last three weeks.

The Walmadan mob compiled a selection of photos and videos illustrating the damage that had occurred. All this damage made by cutting these new tracks were GPSed and plotted onto a Google Earth Map, by the Walmadan mob. All of this information was made available to the local DEC office.

Alan Byrne, the West Kimberley Regional Manager made a trip out to the Walmandan Camp to view the damage for himself and left the impression that this issue would be taken seriously by his Department.

Alan stated “I would never ever think about driving on those dunes”

For the last 20 years the Broome Shire, Coast Care, Broome Bird Observatory, the Department of Environment and Conservation, Coast West, and the Goolarabooloo Seaside Culture have all been involved at one stage or other in caring for this coastline and the Lurujarri Heritage Trail and Cultural Songline.

The rehabilitation of these dunes, the closing off of illegal offroad vehicle tracks and the removal of invasive weeds has all been part of these rehabilitation undertakings. All this work has been trashed within days of these buggies entering Country.

Walmadan camp followed the issue up with Bell Catcheside, from DEC and she informed the camp that the issue is now between DEC (head office in Perth) and Woodside. The following day, DEC stated “that all complaints or enquiries would need to be directed to the Department of State Development”.

This situation is totally unsatisfactory given the fact the DSD is the proponent and this also raises very serious questions and concerns about state government departments: processes; lack of impartiality and their lack of actions under their legislated obligations.

The situation remains grave in country. The Buggies continue to rip up the dunes, burial sites and the ancient Middens unabated. New tracks, are being made daily, widening their existing damage and breaking out into additional areas.


  1. Camp Walmadan (Not even the traditional name for the site) have caused untold damage to the Archaeological site at James Price Point and have driven their own vehicles onto the dunes and dug toilet holes into the site itself at numerous locations.

  2. I hear they are adding organic fertilizer into the holes and intend planting native trees in there later.