Friday, June 17, 2011

John Butler and Dan Sultan join Broome blockade

John Butler and Dan Sultan join Broome blockade


  1. Woodside had a bad day.$1.5 billion wiped off their shares.The dirty weather and the big rush to get Pluto up in world record time are taking their toll.The problem with the plan to export next March is 6 months of that is cyclone season.The plant itself seems to be on track to be a bit of a lemon.
    A $15+ billion one!
    John Butler got the eastern states media to give some attention to the protest at last.Woodsides reaction was to keep on the old KLC line about having respect for the very crooked vote.
    Then Barnett came out with what,at first seemed a strange comment.Protesters were fine blocking the road,they were delaying no one or anything!
    Until the dramatic plunge in the Woodside share price was revealed.
    Having just returned from Europe no doubt he had to listen to all the gloomy news from the EU re Greece and others defaulting and sending financial markets into another tail spin.Don't mention any bad news,he must have been thinking.
    Oh and his rather strange idea of saving Europe from Putin and Russian gas.No sooner had he shot his stupid mouth off about that and Shell announced floating LNG for the Med.There by avoiding the dreaded pipeline under the Black Sea.
    Hell of a day.

  2. couldnt agree more jbbb, barnett and woodside must be fuming,a nd youre right about bergmann using the same divisive tactics and jargon.I think there needs to be an inquiry into the whole rushed, botched, crooked KLC process it was corrupted.Independant views were never even given airtime in his meetings, they only ever heard from woodside or the state and they were anything but transparent!People power is ahappening, yet it is bizarre that Bergmann thinks he can get away with his latest round of verbal crap.
    Standing up for the planet.All eyes are on this