Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL 491 QUESTION WITHOUT NOTICE (Of which some notice has been given) Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hon Robin Chapple to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs.

With regard to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (AHA) and the registered
Aboriginal site Walmadan (site ID 13076), I ask, ~

(1) Is a Section 18 permit required for disturbance such as vegetation and
surface soils clearing with a bulldozer in a registered Aboriginal heritage

(2) When did the Minister and/or his department become aware of Woodside's
proposal to clear vegetation and surface soils within the registered
Aboriginal Heritage site 13076 Walmadan?

(3) Has anyone applied for a Section 18 permit to disturb registered Aboriginal
Heritage site 13076 Walmadan?

(4) Was a Section 16 permit applied for or granted to Woodside or its
contractors in respect of Aboriginal Heritage site 13076 Walmadan andif
yes what does the section 16 allow for under the AHA?

(5) Does the Minister or his Department have the ability to issue a stop work
notice if correct procedures have not been adhered to under section 16, 17 or
18 of the AHA?

(6) Has the Department of Indigenous Mfairs been notified of an Aboriginal
Heritage site in Woodside's proposed clearing area that is unregistered? If
yes, what action is the Department taking to ensure the site is protected?

I thank the Hon. Member for some notice of this question.

(1) Yes
(2) I am not aware of any proposal to clear vegetation within the boundaries ofDIA
13076 (Walmadan).
(3) No
(4) No
(5) No
(6) No

Minister for Indigenous Affairs

The Walmadan Camp mob have tried to draw people's attention to the destruction of the Holocene sand dunes, the ancient Middens and burial sites between James Price Point and Quondong, by Woodside buggies, for the last three weeks.

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