Sunday, July 31, 2011

Message from Walmandan Camp James Price Point

Message from Walmandan Camp:

"Would like to thank everyone for another smooth running successful day. They reported that another fantastic individual locked on for six hours yesterday forcing the Woodside’s morning shift to turn around and returned back to Broome, without working at all. The supporters had a festival of music and poems with fresh pastries for breakfast. All with only one arrest at James Price Point and one move on notice issued at the Manari Road Blockade. The humbug will continue until the Woodside’s illegal clearing and drilling regime is stopped."

This is thought to be a police communication tower that was brought into Country on Black Tuesday, and has been installed at the tower site, just south of James Price Point. It appears that when actions are taking place, whatever is in this suspicious transportable is activated resulting in the loss of communications. It is assumed that this tower can also trace, monitor and intercept conversations.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The rise of 'unconventional' shale gas - Radio National Breakfast - 28 July 2011

The rise of 'unconventional' shale gas - Radio National Breakfast - 28 July 2011

Chevron secures LNG deal - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Chevron secures LNG deal - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Defenders of James Price Point Have Their Day In Court

Nearly all of the 26 arrested on what is now referred to as Black Tuesday, for standing up to protect James Price Point,appeared in Magistrate’s Court this morning, in Broome .

Two pleaded not guilty and their court case was set down for Sept the 9th.

Twelve were adjourned for legal advice till the 9th of September.

Ten pleaded guilty and received fines. Fines ranged from $150 to $400 plus Court costs of $64.

Bail was extended without conditions allowing people back into Country.

Jan Lewis’ statement to the Court after her plea of guilty.

I am 60 years old. I have lived in Broome since 1998, prior to that in Wyndham and Kununurra. It is my intention to spend the rest of my life in Broome, in the home I have purchased and in the environment that I love.

I am a semi-retired consultant; formerly a Commonwealth public servant. The character statements I have presented to the court testify to the responsible positions I held and my diligence and reliability. I have never previously been arrested or charged with any criminal activity. Most of my time is now devoted to self-funded bird research.

The decision to take non-violent direct action on July 5th was not taken lightly. I felt I had no other option as the normal checks and balances that govern a resource development are absent in the current situation. When the WA government is the developer and controls the departments that should watch over environmental and cultural heritage, when the media is only interested in reporting sensations rather than investigating a situation, when taking legal action is beyond my financial means, what other option do I have but civil disobedience?

On July 5th I sat on the Manari Road and refused to move because I believed the actions that Woodside and their contractors proposed to take were both illegal and immoral.

Illegal because they did not have the permits required to disturb known Aboriginal heritage sites, and said they did not require them. When in the position of secretary of the Broome Bird Observatory Management Committee I had direct experience of the requirements of Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act. When we wanted to dig 6 holes to install new solar panels we had to consult with and get the permission of traditional owners and have an anthropologist on site when the holes were dug. Why should a small organisation have to stick to the requirements of the law but a huge corporation be exempt? I was also aware that a complaint about Woodside’s damage to cultural sites was already being investigated by the Dept of Indigenous Affairs and did not believe further work should occur until the outcome of that investigation was known.

And immoral: The proposed project has not yet had environmental sign off from either the WA Environmental Protection Authority or the Federal Minister for the Environment, and may not receive that approval. The tests Woodside proposed to conduct involved disturbance of a huge area of country - the 25 hectares advertised was to be spread over several kilometres of pristine bush – in an area known to be prime bilby habitat. Experience shows this type of clearing provides a conduit for the invasion of weeds and feral animals. I did not believe that such large-scale destruction of the bush should occur before environmental approval for the project has occurred and it is certain that the project will proceed.

I believe what occurred subsequent to my arrest proved my decision to be correct. Sacred cultural heritage sites were bulldozed. The aerial shots of the clearing that has occurred reveal the full extent of the destruction.

So, yes I plead guilty to failing to obey an instruction from a police officer, but I believed and continue to believe that the reality of the situation justified my action.

Jan Lewis

DeChristopher sentenced to prison, 26 protesters arrested | The Salt Lake Tribune

Lets hope that the 25 people who are attending court this morning, in Broome for standing up for Country, Culture, Heritage and Community are not dealt with such harsh punishment as DeChristopher.

DeChristopher sentenced to prison, 26 protesters arrested | The Salt Lake Tribune

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

‪Geoffrey Cousins talks about Woodside and the Kimberley Crisis - Part One‬‏ - YouTube

‪Geoffrey Cousins talks about Woodside and the Kimberley Crisis - Part One‬‏ - YouTube

Geoffrey Cousins, outspoken business leader and former adviser to the Howard government addresses the BROOME BUSINESS COMMUNITY about the impeding crisis in the Dampier Peninsula, the immoral activities of WOODSIDE and the future of THE KIMBERLEY.
Talk presented at the Broome convention centre, 16th July, 2001 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whale watching near Walmadan (JPP) July 26, 2011.

Go to the following link to view the whales themselves within metres of the coastline at Quondong, just south of James Price Point.
Whale watching near Walmadan (JPP) July 26, 2011.

Redhand saw 21 whales in five minutes, on the weekend within 2 kms from the coast, just off Quondong, traveling north towards James Price Point. Redhand, like many others are sick of Woodside: lying about the science, buying the science and the distortion of facts by the Department of State Development.Its a crime of the highest order, the undermining of knowledge. The whale reports like some of the other reports (Turtles, Bilbies, Monsoonal Vine Thickets,coral reefs, sponge gardens, the seagrass fields, dinosaurs)were either produced by Woodside's sponsored fraudulent conspirators or public servants working for the State Development Development, the proponent for the proposed doomed oil/gas refineries, at James Price Point.

Now, look what Woodside are planning to do in the coming weeks, in the middle of the Humpback's migration and calving season.
. Nearshore Geotechincal Survey.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Dugong deaths 'ecological disaster'

"The dredging and blasting of seabed and reefs at JPP would lead to a 50km² ‘marine deadzone’ (2,400 times Subiaco oval) according to government reports"
"Dugongs travel up and down the Peninsula and are likely to feed on all the patches of seagrass that lie off the coast. We don’t know how taking out a massive area in the middle would affect them but the article below gives us some clues."

Martin Pichard, Environs Kimberley

Dugong deaths 'ecological disaster'

Monday, July 25, 2011

James Price Point gas hub‎ fight intensifies : World News Australia on SBS

James Price Point gas hub‎ fight intensifies : World News Australia on SBS

Kimberley heritage listing NOW! - The Wilderness Society

Kimberley heritage listing NOW! - The Wilderness Society

Opinion: Woodside ‘offensive and disrespectful’ says Dodson » Kimberley Page

Opinion: Woodside ‘offensive and disrespectful’ says Dodson » Kimberley Page



The Chairman of the Yawuru Native Title Holders Corporation, Patrick Dodson, has expressed dismay at Woodside’s admission that they have used Yawuru land in an attempt to bypass protesters opposed to Woodside’s clearance work near James Price Point.

Mr Dodson described Woodside and its contractor’s unauthorised use of Yawuru land by heavy vehicles as offensive and disrespectful to Yawuru people. “Woodside should be aware of the Yawuru Native Title determination and respect the Yawuru people in our own country. Its actions raises serious concerns about their commitment to understanding fundamental issues of Aboriginal sense of Country and protocols,” Mr Dodson said.

“It is becoming clear that Woodside does not understand the meaning of native title rights which is of serious concern to Yawuru native title holders given that Woodside is increasingly operating on Yawuru country as it prepares its LNG development plans.”

“I have written to Woodside’s head of the Browse project, Michael Hession to express Yawuru native title holders sense of anger and bitter disappointment over Woodside’s conduct which puts serious questions around Woodside’s civic sensibilities. Woodside and its partners need to be on notice they have to lift their game if they wish to be considered decent corporate citizens,” Mr Dodson said.

Are Yawuru aware that the police are also using these access tracks?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Drillers needing hugs

It appears that the drillers on Manari Road are not having any luck in obtaining good core samples and according to their white board are needing a hug.

However, it doesn’t stop them moving the drilling rig further up the road yesterday with the assistance of the WA police force.

Kimberley too precious to turn into an industrial site



22 July 2011

Kimberley too precious to turn into an industrial site

The Australian Conservation Foundation has expressed serious concern about large scale land clearing at James Price Point, 20km north of Broome, prior to final Federal government approval of a controversial gas hub at the site.

Land clearing should not be going ahead prior to a rigorous state and federal government environmental impact assessment process, said the Australian Conservation Foundation Kimberley Project Officer Wade Freeman.

“ACF is concerned this project may damage invaluable dinosaur footprints along the coastline.

“It is premature for Woodside to be clearing land, as well as moving offshore jack-up (ocean drilling) rigs to James Price Point, before federal government approval.

“The Federal Environment Minister should intervene to put an immediate halt to this premature development at James Price Point and make sure the right and proper processes are followed.

“The natural and cultural values of the Kimberley are simply too great for major industrialisation and all the impacts that will flow from it for the Kimberley region. There should be a renewed effort to find appropriate alternative sites for processing the gas outside the Kimberley.”

For more information please contact:

Wade Freeman - 0437 107 605

James Norman - 0415248768

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


In the early hours of this morning, one of the local wildlife visited the Woodside compound to investigate what was destroying her habitat. She was joined by 36 friends and together were able to delay, blockade and stop work for several hours. Some concerned citizens made it to both drills sites after creating additions barriers to delay destruction. Two locals and one bilby were issued with move on notices. Later in the morning another huge front end loader was delivered to the compound site.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celebrate the spirit of Broome and the Kimberley
Families Culture Country

“Broome is a special town, the heart of the Kimberley. We love it for its sense of community, spirit, cultural mix, family values, red dirt, clean blue seas and skies.
If you live here, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re passing through you’ll know what we mean before you leave.
It’s time to celebrate what we have. Come together and make sure we protect our family values, vibrant community and environment.....”

Hands off country

Beach gig joins fight against gas hub - The West Australian

Beach gig joins fight against gas hub - The West Australian

Save The Kimberley

Save The Kimberley

Broome celebrates FAMILY, CULTURE, COUNTRY in typical Broome style,on the beach at sunset. The Broome families deputation that went to Canberra a few weeks ago were told by the Federal Minister for the Environment, Tony Burke that if this delegation can go back to Broome and clearly demonstrate that the Broome community does not want the proposed doomed gas hub, then he would listen to the people. Well, Minister Burke open your ears, your eyes and your heart. Broome will never, ever issue Woodside the social licence to operate. Woodside and the state government thought they had put the community back in its place by beating us into submission with assistance from the WA police force, but this is further from the truth. We will never give up.Our resolve has strengthened and we will continue to celebrate all that we hold dear and sacred.

Save The Kimberley (1)
Clink on for Aerial shots of the afternoon

Saturday, July 16, 2011


How can this destruction be considered "not significant clearing" under the WA Land Administration Act? DOUBLE CLINK IMAGES, TAKING YESTERDAY, TO ENLARGE.

The Department of Indigenous Affairs have been investigating all week, Joe Roe's complaints about damage to significant Cultural Heritage Sites.

Meanwhile, clearing has continued and 360 pits 200 x 200 metres, 5 metres deep are being carved into Country.

Woodside are bulldozing all legislation, regardless of any of the Laws or Orders.
Approvals obtained or permits granted by state government departments to Woodside are highly questionable and politically manufactured.

The state government is after all, the proponent for these doomed gas refineries and its because of this fact that all associated Acts have been compromised or manipulated to fit.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

James Price Point Exclusion Zone

This first map is the exclusion zone and is part of the bail conditions given to the original 25 people arrested on Black Tuesday.

This is the new exclusion zone map issued to the young man who held up a banner and was arrested yesterday for his trouble and the other concerned resident who received a move on notice, a long after the convoy had passed through. Note how the exclusion zone has been extended to include the whole coastline from Willie Creek to just north of JPP.

However, this is the only honest map that has ever come out of the Woodside office. This map is exactly what the heading says “James Price Point Exclusion Zone

People please understand that this is what Woodside want. To lock us all out of Country completely and forever. Poison our air, use all our water and destroy our sense of place.

Only one week,

Redhand understands that these photos will cause a lot of stress to alot of people and I am very sorry about this.

Woodside are currently making 360 pits 200m x 200m, 5 metres deep over an area of 1000 hectares. Woodside has never nor will they even apply for a Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act for the clearing of areas within an Aboriginal Heritage sites.

Basically, Woodside’s attitude is:

"we are going to do what ever we like because we have the backing, support and protection of the WA state police force".

“we can break the law because we can afford to go to Court and pay the trivial fines."

“we are assured that objectors can not afford to go to Court or have the resources to prove it".

"we will bulldoze Country, Culture, Heritage and Community because of our intimate relationship with the state police force”.

“we can use the state police to terrorize the small remote community of Broome and scared the hell out of the Broome Community NO GAS Campaigners.”

“we can even arrange police escorts of our equipment & personnel and police protection for our machines undertaking unlawful destructive works”.

“we have our fingers in major media outlets and universities and can control the flow of information and the public perception”

we will do whatever we like, why? Because we can.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Save The Kimberley's Photos - Wall Photos

Save The Kimberley's Photos - Wall Photos

Woodside not at fault: Barnett - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Woodside not at fault: Barnett - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The following video was recorded early last year by the Kimberley Land Council who were undertaking the Aboriginal Heritage Sites investigation within the area of the doomed LNG gas refineries. Please note how Henry is out there hoping to "maybe to stumble over some sites or something" . These investigations were totally inadequate and were not undertaken by the Law and Cultural custodians who are more than familiar with the sites.

Cultural site investigation - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Cultural site investigation - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

When will Woodside stop lying both to the media, the international scientific community, the Federal government, the National Heritage Council, the Australian nation, the Broome Community and themselves.

"Meanwhile Woodside says experts will look for more dinosaur footprints at the gas hub site."

Both reports written last year by were written by the same person and were so totally inadequate and misleading. Even the WA Museum are proudly sponsored by Woodside (but that another issue).

The reports were under taken by a ancient shark teeth expert, who obviously had absolutely no idea about how to identify dinosaur prints or even track the extensive and highly significant trackways found at James Price Point.

"Who are these experts Woodside will have looking at the footprints?"

The following footage was recorded in 2009. Tony Thulborn and Goolarabooloo Cultural Guide and Story Keeper, Richard Hunter investigated the dinosaur prints and trackways within the Lurrujarri Trail, at the proposed location of the doomed LNG gas hub site, on the Dampier Peninsula.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Land clearing delays at gas hub site - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Land clearing delays at gas hub site - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

There is still no evidence that Woodside have the legal necessary Section 18 or a Section 16 Permit of the Aboriginal Heritage Act. All this clearing has been illegal and the State Government were well aware of this fact. The police had been briefed by the Department of Indigenous Affairs about their investigations and the need for time in order to get their requests for information from the offending parties: Kimberley Land Council, Woodside and their contractors.

So why was our community who are active in CLOSING THE GAP and CARING FOR COUNTRY principles dealt such a violent and barbaric blow. The whole community were reeling in deep shock and grief and had crying for days. Under Barnett's direct orders to break up the Broome Community NO GAS Campaign blockade, the State Police forced moved against a whole community, even when they had information from Hansard that Woodside and their contractors needed approvals under the Aboriginal Heritage Act and that they did not have them. The state police force were used as Woodside's private corporate mercenaries and it will be the local police who will feel the total loss of all community respect.

That disgusting action taken against our community by Woodside, the government and our police force only succeeded in putting nails into this doomed gas hub coffin. People who were under the illusion that this gas hub might have been a good economic idea have realised that if this is what Woodside brings to our community and these are the impacts we have to nurse then they want nothing to do with it.

Broome community is so much stronger, since Black Tuesday, a candle vigil has been held, a community meeting was held last night in order for people to begin their healing by discussing their feelings and thoughts. The Blockade is still in place, the Walmadan Warriors Camp is strong and the annual Lurrujarri Trail has continued throughout the week regardless of the fact that Country was under invasion and had turned into a police state overnight. The social media networks have been activated and people all over the nation and the world are now watching, listening and planning their trip to Country. And while the community were trying to hold the criminals at bay, all week, scientists were in Country investigating the amazing dinosaur trackways and print sites found directly at James Price Point.

Woodside took one month to regroup and get back into Country, however it will not take Broome Community that long to regroup, and pack them up, turn them around and moved them once again OUT OF COUNTRY.

PM - Dinosaurs vs development 08/07/2011

PM - Dinosaurs vs development 08/07/2011

STEPHEN LONG: In WA, its dinosaur fossils versus development. A palaeontologist has found more dinosaur footprints near James Price Point, north of Broome, where a major gas hub is to be developed.

Dr Steve Salisbury, from the University of Queensland, is fighting to protect the prints, he says they're under threat from the gas development.

The energy company Woodside started work at the site this week.

But Dr Salisbury says the Federal Government should deny the project final approval, until a full assessment of his findings. He spoke to David Weber.

The following footage was recorded in 2009. Tony Thulborn and Goolarabooloo Cultural Guide and Story Keeper, Richard Hunter investigated the dinosaur prints and trackways within the Lurrujarri Trail, at the proposed location of the doomed LNG gas hub site, on the Dampier Peninsula.

Tears flow as land is cleared at James Price Point - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Tears flow as land is cleared at James Price Point - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

(Of which some notice has been given)
Tuesday, 28 June 2011
Hon Robin Chapple to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs.
With regard to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (AHA) and the registered
Aboriginal site Walmadan (site ID 13076), I ask, ~
(1) Is a Section 18 permit required for disturbance such as vegetation and
surface soils clearing with a bulldozer in a registered Aboriginal heritage
(2) When did the Minister and/or his department become aware of Woodside's
proposal to clear vegetation and surface soils within the registered
Aboriginal Heritage site 13076 Walmadan?
(3) Has anyone applied for a Section 18 permit to disturb registered Aboriginal
Heritage site 13076 Walmadan?
(4) Was a Section 16 permit applied for or granted to Woodside or its
contractors in respect of Aboriginal Heritage site 13076 Walmadan andif
yes what does the section 16 allow for under the AHA?
(5) Does the Minister or his Department have the ability to issue a stop work
notice if correct procedures have not been adhered to under section 16, 17 or
18 of the AHA?
(6) Has the Department of Indigenous Mfairs been notified of an Aboriginal
Heritage site in Woodside's proposed clearing area that is unregistered? If
yes, what action is the Department taking to ensure the site is protected?
I thank the Hon. Member for some notice of this question.
(1) Yes
(2) I am not aware of any proposal to clear vegetation within the boundaries ofDIA
13076 (Walmadan).
(3) No
(4) No
(5) No
(6) No
Minister for Indigenous Affairs

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Police Heavy Handedness - July 5, 2011 (8)

Police Heavy Handedness - July 5, 2011 (8)

Witness the barbaric violence that was dished out to one of our community leaders, and respected elder- Mr David Dureau. The young man in this picture- David's son Froggy- is protecting his fathers life.

He is now facing charges for resisting arrest and assaulting police.

Quote from Aristotle

"The three aims of the tyrant are,

one, the humiliation of his subjects; he knows that a mean-spirited man will not conspire against anybody;

two, the creation of mistrust among them; for a tyrant is not to be overthrown until men begin to have confidence in one another -- and this is the reason why tyrants are at war with the good; they are under the idea that their power is endangered by them, not only because they will not be ruled despotically, but also because they are too loyal to one another and to other men, and do not inform against one another or against other men --

three, the tyrant desires that all his subjects shall be incapable of action, for no one attempts what is impossible and they will not attempt to overthrow a tyranny if they are powerless."

Police guarding the destruction of registered Aboriginal Heritage Sites

Joe Roe viewing the damage to his cultural and spiritual homelands. in registered Aboriginal Heritage Sites yesterday, by air.

Police guarding Woodside's illegal activities, for illegal the land clearing. There is still no Section 18 permit nor is there a valid Section 16 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act.

Meanwhile, the Broome community is in deep shock about the treatment dished out by Barnett's private thug squad yesterday.

A candle light vigil was held at Woodside Office tonight and hundreds of Broome locals participated and the feeling in town is one of every increasing resolve.

Woodside will never ever get their social licence to operate within this community, ever.

Pictures Julia Rau

Battle for James Price Point

Battle for James Price Point 5th July 2011

NAIDOC Week in Broome

On this day, the anniversary of the passing of Paddy Roe OAM, the fourth day of the Lurujarri Heritage Trail Walk and the twenty ninth day of The Blockade, the Western Australian Riot Police and Woodside Energy mowed down people, forcing them to run for their lives on Manari Road.

and while the Kimberley Land Council were cosily meeting with Woodside Energy at the Mangrove Hotel function room, their countrymen were being carted away by police in their vans, having been forced to the ground while trying to protect their heritage and culture.

Frightening tactics

Brutal crowd control tactics used by more than 70 Police personnel against people on Manari road.

The protesters moved into a walking pace and then the police, with a strange low chant and without warning suddenly ran at the crowd and stampeded them

People were thrown off the road by Police and many ran for their lives as bulldozers roared down the road at breakneck speed

more arrests

There is no social licence to operate.

Hands off country

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Save The Kimberley

Save The Kimberley

This is woodside's way of gaining their social licence to operate, beat everyone into submission and demonstrate you are a good corporate citizen?

In an open letter addressed to the protesters, Woodside has called their behaviour towards contractors and traditional owners unacceptable, threatening and intimidating.

Make up your own mind up as to who is threatening, intimidation and who's behaviour is unacceptable.

Then witness the the power of the Broome Community, it's people and their love of Country, community and each other. We are the sign post of the change.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Premier criticised over gas hub self-determination claim - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Premier criticised over gas hub self-determination claim - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

After the Police and Woodside retreated from the Blockage yesterday, two representatives for the Kimberley Land Council came to the camp looking for Joseph Roe wanting to speak to him about cultural heritage, watch the following video to see the reaction of traditional and custodians owners to their visit.

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011

“Violation of human rights at beginning of NAIDOC week in Broome”

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People invoked at Woodside blockade

Woodside contractors attempted to break through a 26 day blockade in Broome today at the same time as NAIDOC week celebrations began.

Indigenous women refused to let Woodside workers through invoking the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. 8 infringements were handed out by police.

Elsta Foy, a local Indigenous woman and Shire Councillor, was one issued with an infringement notice and said:

“Woodside are violating our human rights. They want to destroy our sacred sites. We have a right and Australia has an international obligation under the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People to make sure our law and culture is not desecrated.”

“Woodside are planning to bulldoze a registered heritage site which has burial sites and artefacts. We will stand here and not move until they go away.” said Ms Foy.

Tensions are expected to escalate at the site as WA Premier Colin Barnett said yesterday that the blockade will be broken to allow Woodside workers through.

Traditional Owner Joseph Roe has reported damage to other sites by Woodside workers 2 weeks ago to the Department of Indigenous Affairs. An investigation is underway and findings are expected soon.