Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cultural site investigation - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Cultural site investigation - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

When will Woodside stop lying both to the media, the international scientific community, the Federal government, the National Heritage Council, the Australian nation, the Broome Community and themselves.

"Meanwhile Woodside says experts will look for more dinosaur footprints at the gas hub site."

Both reports written last year by were written by the same person and were so totally inadequate and misleading. Even the WA Museum are proudly sponsored by Woodside (but that another issue).

The reports were under taken by a ancient shark teeth expert, who obviously had absolutely no idea about how to identify dinosaur prints or even track the extensive and highly significant trackways found at James Price Point.

"Who are these experts Woodside will have looking at the footprints?"

The following footage was recorded in 2009. Tony Thulborn and Goolarabooloo Cultural Guide and Story Keeper, Richard Hunter investigated the dinosaur prints and trackways within the Lurrujarri Trail, at the proposed location of the doomed LNG gas hub site, on the Dampier Peninsula.


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