Sunday, July 31, 2011

Message from Walmandan Camp James Price Point

Message from Walmandan Camp:

"Would like to thank everyone for another smooth running successful day. They reported that another fantastic individual locked on for six hours yesterday forcing the Woodside’s morning shift to turn around and returned back to Broome, without working at all. The supporters had a festival of music and poems with fresh pastries for breakfast. All with only one arrest at James Price Point and one move on notice issued at the Manari Road Blockade. The humbug will continue until the Woodside’s illegal clearing and drilling regime is stopped."

This is thought to be a police communication tower that was brought into Country on Black Tuesday, and has been installed at the tower site, just south of James Price Point. It appears that when actions are taking place, whatever is in this suspicious transportable is activated resulting in the loss of communications. It is assumed that this tower can also trace, monitor and intercept conversations.

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