Monday, July 25, 2011

Opinion: Woodside ‘offensive and disrespectful’ says Dodson » Kimberley Page

Opinion: Woodside ‘offensive and disrespectful’ says Dodson » Kimberley Page



The Chairman of the Yawuru Native Title Holders Corporation, Patrick Dodson, has expressed dismay at Woodside’s admission that they have used Yawuru land in an attempt to bypass protesters opposed to Woodside’s clearance work near James Price Point.

Mr Dodson described Woodside and its contractor’s unauthorised use of Yawuru land by heavy vehicles as offensive and disrespectful to Yawuru people. “Woodside should be aware of the Yawuru Native Title determination and respect the Yawuru people in our own country. Its actions raises serious concerns about their commitment to understanding fundamental issues of Aboriginal sense of Country and protocols,” Mr Dodson said.

“It is becoming clear that Woodside does not understand the meaning of native title rights which is of serious concern to Yawuru native title holders given that Woodside is increasingly operating on Yawuru country as it prepares its LNG development plans.”

“I have written to Woodside’s head of the Browse project, Michael Hession to express Yawuru native title holders sense of anger and bitter disappointment over Woodside’s conduct which puts serious questions around Woodside’s civic sensibilities. Woodside and its partners need to be on notice they have to lift their game if they wish to be considered decent corporate citizens,” Mr Dodson said.

Are Yawuru aware that the police are also using these access tracks?

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