Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Only one week,

Redhand understands that these photos will cause a lot of stress to alot of people and I am very sorry about this.

Woodside are currently making 360 pits 200m x 200m, 5 metres deep over an area of 1000 hectares. Woodside has never nor will they even apply for a Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act for the clearing of areas within an Aboriginal Heritage sites.

Basically, Woodside’s attitude is:

"we are going to do what ever we like because we have the backing, support and protection of the WA state police force".

“we can break the law because we can afford to go to Court and pay the trivial fines."

“we are assured that objectors can not afford to go to Court or have the resources to prove it".

"we will bulldoze Country, Culture, Heritage and Community because of our intimate relationship with the state police force”.

“we can use the state police to terrorize the small remote community of Broome and scared the hell out of the Broome Community NO GAS Campaigners.”

“we can even arrange police escorts of our equipment & personnel and police protection for our machines undertaking unlawful destructive works”.

“we have our fingers in major media outlets and universities and can control the flow of information and the public perception”

we will do whatever we like, why? Because we can.


  1. I cannot find words to adequately express my sadness & anger at what our so called civilised society is doing. This cannot be right. Watch your backs Woodside & Barnett - your time will come.

  2. Yes but we can too! And we are! Their time will come .. I hear they're very nervous! Watch out Woodside the eyes of our community are on you and your every move.

  3. Could you kindly highlight the 200m x 200m x 5m deep hole? Thanks, Milano