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PM - Dinosaurs vs development 08/07/2011

PM - Dinosaurs vs development 08/07/2011

STEPHEN LONG: In WA, its dinosaur fossils versus development. A palaeontologist has found more dinosaur footprints near James Price Point, north of Broome, where a major gas hub is to be developed.

Dr Steve Salisbury, from the University of Queensland, is fighting to protect the prints, he says they're under threat from the gas development.

The energy company Woodside started work at the site this week.

But Dr Salisbury says the Federal Government should deny the project final approval, until a full assessment of his findings. He spoke to David Weber.

The following footage was recorded in 2009. Tony Thulborn and Goolarabooloo Cultural Guide and Story Keeper, Richard Hunter investigated the dinosaur prints and trackways within the Lurrujarri Trail, at the proposed location of the doomed LNG gas hub site, on the Dampier Peninsula.

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