Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Save The Kimberley

Save The Kimberley

This is woodside's way of gaining their social licence to operate, beat everyone into submission and demonstrate you are a good corporate citizen?

In an open letter addressed to the protesters, Woodside has called their behaviour towards contractors and traditional owners unacceptable, threatening and intimidating.

Make up your own mind up as to who is threatening, intimidation and who's behaviour is unacceptable.

Then witness the the power of the Broome Community, it's people and their love of Country, community and each other. We are the sign post of the change.

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  1. Yes ,this is more than James Price Point.
    Local people who love the pristine seclusion of the Kimberley know that stopping this destruction of a precious and rare resource to Eco Tourism in WA is a battle worth fighting. Should Woodside's coupled greed with the State Government have it's way: the Kimberly itself will never be the same. Shame on you Colin Barnett for being such a short sighted bully. There is plenty of real estate south of Broome that is better suited to heavy industry.
    Leave the Kimberly the rare beauty it is.