Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beware the Trojan Horse

Serious disturbing information has been brought to Redhand’s attention. It has been said that the Department of State Development Director General Anne Nolan’s partner is employed by Woodside to oversee their security arrangements in Broome. If this is true then there needs to be some very serious questions asked of Ms Nolan both by the public, the media and within the state parliament itself.

Prior to the Christmas break there was a lot of activity in Country, with Woodside’s contracted mercenary security force called Hostile Environmental Services running around country intimidating locals and visitors alike.

People who just happen to be out on family fishing or reefing trips, out collecting the local seasonal bush fruits, or just out for a weekend drive have been accosted by members of this company. (Only the rain has managed to stop them). There have been letters to the editor of the local newspaper complaining about their intimidation tactics on the locals. It has been reported that this company has chased individuals across Buckley’s Plains, entered into people’s camps without welcome, staked out prominent campaign leader’s streets, blocked access tracks, followed and filmed locals who are just out enjoying their weekends and their coastal lifestyles with family and friends. For all intent and purpose it appears that this Company is compiling dossiers on people.

Apparently, a number of personnel employed by Hostile Environmental Services have worked in Afghanistan for highly dubious private security firms. What does Woodside think they are playing at? Do they really think that by bringing this calibre of heavy security troupe into our town, into our community that it will stop or silence our very strong cohesive and consolidated community into submission? Woodside and for that matter the Department of State Development must understand that a very bright national and international spotlight is currently beamed squarely over the James Price Point issue and that nothing will go amiss! Facebook, Twitter and privately operated blogs like Hands Off Country will ensure the information and visual flow.

People of the Dampier Peninsular and Broome communities will not be stood over, bullied or bribed into this project. We will continue to champion our collective opposition to this proposed CO2 pumping, emission poisoning refineries, water hungry and totally social destructive enterprise. Can the Joint Ventures Partners ( BHP, Shell, BP and Chevron) honestly afford their brands to be associated with Woodside, a company prepared to use these types of strong arm and ominous tactics on community?

Just because Woodside wants to prove to the world, that they can be a stand alone company, that they are one of the big boys, let it be made very clear now, that it will not be at the expense of our iconic Broome, our peninsula communities, lifestyle, clean environment, our sense of place, our sustainability, or our cultural and heritage values.

The moment there is any movement to push this unwanted C02 generating, benzene pumping and fresh water draining LNG project into Country, whether it’s to build access tracks, take soil samples or undertake any form of drilling, it will not be the so called mad blackfellows or violent hippies that Woodside’s current middle management talk about who will be out protecting country, it will be the grandmothers of our community, with their grandchildren, it will be community women, young mothers and our children who will be standing up in front, to protect Country and our children’s future. And how will the Woodside’s senior management deal with “the old ladies and babies” who will never surrender?

What the State Government, Woodside and all the Joint Venture Partners need to really comprehend and appreciate is that these ever growing local, national and international campaigns to Save James Price Point will be as historical as Nookanbah, as challenging as The Franklin and as persistent as the Whale Wars.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gas hub protesters arrested in Perth |

Gas hub protesters arrested in Perth |

One of the people, Shane, who was told by police that he was being arrested and would be charged with trespass stated:

"I consider Woodside's pre-empting of the gas hub approvals process and accessing James Price Point to build roads, clear land and carry out drilling is trespass. If Woodside is entitled to trespass at James Price Point, I am entitled to trespass on their building!"


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Broome community offers a Grand NOT welcome to Woodside as JV partners fly in for meeting in Perth Senior figures from Woodside’s Joint Venture (JV) partners in the development of the LNG resource of the Browse Basin have flown in from around the world to meet with Woodside in Perth this week.

Broome locals gathered at Woodside’s Broome office to send a clear message: you are not welcome here so long as you pursue James Price Point as the preferred site for the refineries.

Thanks to Shane and Jules for their wonderful photos and footage

The not welcome action included community members unfurling a not welcome mat, toasting an ‘unwelcome’ to Woodside and re-tying a red ribbon out the front of Woodside’s Broome offices.
“The Joint Venture partners should know that the local community will not stand for the project going ahead at James Price Point. Woodside and the State government have gone about this all the wrong way – they need to go back to the drawing board and deliver on their promise to properly look at alternative sites and processing options,” community member Nik Wevers said to the gathered crowd.

Media reports have confirmed that a number of the JV partners are “vehemently opposed” to James Price Point as the preferred site, and are unhappy that alternative options have not been adequately investigated to date.

Ms Wevers continued, “People from around the country and around the world are joining this campaign – any company involved in the proposal to build refineries at James Price Point will come under increasing pressure by this widespread community concern,”

“Any company who wants to hold onto their good name and social licence ought to think long and hard about signing up to Woodside’s plans to industrialise James Price Point,” Ms Wevers concluded.

This Broome action follows a Perth-based event outside Woodside’s Perth HQ, where campaigners gathered to urge JV partners to oppose James Price Point as the onshore location for processing refineries.

For further details, and to arrange comment: Nik Wevers 0417 998 598

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BP's Disaster Down Under | Environment |

BP's Disaster Down Under | Environment |


Did you know? Fortescue Metals group owned by Twiggy Forrest pushed down its train tracks over the top of them Pilbara mob`s rock art. While the TO`s were negotiating in good faith for the tracks to go around this irreplaceable aboriginal heritage, Twiggy the Conquistador made sure he steamrolled right over the top for the sake of efficiency and pragmatism. Onya Twigs the newly self appointed saviour of the blacks.

Twigs story on the generation one website sounds so convincing.I know too many of my bubbly`s in Hedland that think they got ripped off working for him as underpaid indigenous trainees. The mining lobby is giving Gillard absolute grief about their indigenous paticipation plan and their whole of government approach.

You see Twigster and his mates thought they was gunna get cheap indigenous labour. The costs to fly in/fly out people from faraway places like Tasmania and New Zealand is killing em.
Now, they are starting to finally realize the depth and scale of the illiteracy and other employment participation problems.

Basically Twiggy learned sweet FA from living with the aboriginal people on a pastoral station....sadly many of the aboriginal people that he grew up with have passed on far too early. Industrialisation of the north will not save the real aboriginal people that live on country. Far more to it than that Twiggy.

They need their culture,and their own self determination bucko...just ask any body that knows anything about indigenous cultures. It is widely known, the UN has mountains of literature on this issue.

Mate, we are sick of evangelists,conquistadors and mining lobbyists ramming sh...t down our throat and using our peoples and their dilemma as political footballs whilst painting themselves to have a halo and wings. Also Nova Perres Kneebone and all your other token blacks should piss off back to where they came as they were assimilated into white culture a long time ago.

Monday, January 17, 2011

AFP: BP wins right to explore in Australia

The federal government has granted offshore petroleum exploration permits to four companies, including Woodside Petroleum and BP, to operate in Western Australia and South Australia.
Considering the climate change shit that's hitting the fan on the east coast: with thousands of people suffering, all the others helping to clean up the mess and while people are drowning literally, !@$#^%& Ferguson has been sitting up high and dry with all his planet polluting oil & gas corporate mates handing out more CO2 pumping, deep-sea licenses in order to continue to increase the warming of the oceans, to continue the poisoning of our air and the draining our fresh water supplies.
effingc's said... E mail Ferguson and tell him what you think.

January 18, 2011 2:19 PM

AFP: BP wins right to explore in Australia
While, BP confirmed today that it is in discussion with Russian oil company, Rosneft, that could provide further access to oil fields in Arctic Circle, the UK major oil company announced that BP Australia has been awarded four deepwater blocks offshore the Ceduna Sub Basin within the Great Australian Bight, off the coast of South Australia.

BP indicated today that it is to explore 'Exploration Permit for Petroleum' areas EPP 37, EPP 38, EPP 39 and EPP 40, covering an area of 24,000 square kilometers for oil and gas reserves, with rights to develop any commercially viable discoveries.

Dr Phil Home, Managing Director of BP's Australian upstream oil and gas business commented that the Ceduna Sub Basin was a "very exciting new exploration area for BP. Our experience tells us that the geology has a high potential for containing hydrocarbons."

Greens leader says blaming Queensland coal companies for floods not opportunistic.

Greens leader says blaming Queensland coal companies for floods not opportunistic.

Its a bit unfortunate Mr Bob Brown did not include the fledgling LNG Industries in Queensland. They should also shoulder some of this responsibility.

Yes, maybe natural gas-fired power plants have lower carbon emissions than coal-burning ones, and yes many people have been fooled by the clean green energy deception that it pushed by multinational corporations with their million dollar advertising campaigns.

But everyone also contends that the total carbon impact of LNG -- including the energy to extract it, liquefy it, ship it overseas, re-gassify it, then send it to market -- and the thousands of additional air flights to cater for the fly in fly out workforce - makes it a far bigger polluter.

The oceans are warming because of the CO2 levels and so is the NO Industrialisation of the Kimberley Campaign.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Secrecy is the problem, not leakers - Opinion - The Sofia Echo

Secrecy is the problem, not leakers - Opinion - The Sofia Echo

Mainstream journalism stands accused of failing to be critical enough of those in authority. Over the economic crash of 2007 and over intelligence and the Iraq war, it failed to challenge the conventional wisdom. It was not a conspiracy or a failure of resource. It was because journalism can be too responsible, balanced and passive. Sometimes journalism needs to be disruptive, critical and even partial.

Bright lights beckon Kimberley's Mad Bastards - The West Australian

Bright lights beckon Kimberley's Mad Bastards - The West Australian

As the spotlight shines on the Kimberley once again with the release of the Kimberley production Mad Bastards, so will the heat rise, for the fight to stop the industrialisation of one of the world’s last great wilderness.

Broome and the Kimberley is known across the nation and around the world for its unique music, its musicals, films, TV series, radio and all the other Arts. Hundreds of books have been written and illustrated about the Kimberley and in particular the historical township of Broome with its romantic settings of full moons over the bay, stolen pearls and it’s inspirational beautiful clear light.

However, the Browse Liquefied Natural Gas Precinct Strategic Assessment Report (currently open for public comment) that proposes to locate the world's largest LNG CO2 pumping refineries just outside our tourist/pearling town of Broome, at James Price Point, addressed these art industries under the subheading CATERING.

People within these highly successful and culturally appropriate industries have worked intensely for decades to build the skills and resource base to establish the current national and international brand of Broome and the Kimberley.

Artists, film makers, painters, writers who have been inspired by the Kimberley for it's colour, its characters, its environment, is wildness, it's shared cultures, who have made names and carved out a living from COUNTRY, now is the time to speak up and support the protection of the Kimberley and save James Price Point and the township of Broome.
2011 is crunch time