Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia to Cut, Delay $500 Million of Clean-Energy Funding After Floods - Bloomberg

Australia to Cut, Delay $500 Million of Clean-Energy Funding After Floods - Bloomberg


  1. Ferguson is quite happy to defer all these costs.No doubt a snakey way for his oil and gas buddies to sidestep more of their responsibilities when the time comes to add up pollution and drilling risks.So much for carbon capture.What will happen at Gorgon now?
    Meanwhile over at the Defense Dept. the fiascos continue unabated.
    The MU90 torpedeo,ordered under Howard in 1998,$400 million spent of $665 million,and nothing to deploy.Looks like there won't be either,so all waste.
    And of course the biggie.The Joint Strike Fighter,or JSF.Officially $12.5 to $13.5 BILLION for 100 of them.$135 million each-officially!
    Described as"an expensive aircraft which cannot be used in combat situations,other than benign,and requires support from a lot of F22 Raptors and ariel tankers and long concrete runways for foreign deployment".
    The JSF is already considered obsolete by many defense analysts.The new Russian and Chinese aircraft are way better in every aspect.
    Just two of the many areas where well deserved cuts and savings could have been made.
    Instead this Labour government has decided to finish off the job started by Garrett and Rudd,and destroy what is left of our renewable hopes.
    So here we stand.A developed country stranded on the shore of a brand new age.
    The only hope of reducing carbon emissions was for some sort of carbon capture to be developed.
    Without that,and all the Mega Projects,that hope is now doomed.
    To say the development of Browse would be the final nail in the coffin of carbon reduction is now an understatement.