Friday, January 28, 2011

James Price Point , In The War Of My Life


  1. ...unfortunately I can't watch your video in Germany. :(
    You are doing a wonderful job on the blog!
    I am thinking of you a lot and hope you are fine?!
    xx Julia

  2. Lovely thank you.

  3. It's not all plain sailing for the mega projects.

  4. And to top off the previous article:

  5. Ferguson proves once again he is a reckless idiot who must be removed as a minister.
    All 3 of BPs permits overlap the Great Australian Bight Marine Park.
    ..."Mr Fergusons decision to make the award indicates that he thinks the potential rewards are worth the risk."
    "3 of the 4 blocks have maximum water depths of about 4,500 metres,3 times the operating depth of the Deepwater Horizon rig when it blew up and created the worst oil spill in US history."

  6. Good luck & very best wishes to Joe Roe at the Supreme Court tomorrow, 31st January. How dare this coalition of corporations without conscience treat Goolarabooloo country with such disrespect. They, & Barnett don't know what they're messing with.

  7. ummmm Cuppa think it's Saturday night LOL.
    F*cking good break right.

  8. Hi effingc's,
    Guess it was a time difference between locations. Could've sworn it was after midnight when I posted.
    Such is life. LOL.
    Well it's Sunday morning now, so once again - Good luck to Joe for tomorrow.

    Aha , there is a 3 hour time difference between the time stamp on this
    post & the actual time here in Victoria.
    Current time here is 9:56am

  9. effingc's seems to have so much to say but what redhand has noticed is no-one else seems to have made comment since effings has started commenting. Why? I am not sure? Effingc's does do some great media searches and also knows their research and that is greatly appreciated but to pull someone up on a time issue seems very petty. Maybe effingc's could think seriously about establishing their own Blog.

  10. Sorry Cuppa thought you must have been like me-operating under the influence!LOL
    Yes a win for Joe would be great,a shot in the arm for everyone.
    But it sounds like the law was deliberately written to be vague enough for government lawyers to play their tricks.
    Best of luck to them.
    Redhand,don't know about that,but I'll shut up for you ok.

  11. Must have caught Redhand on a bad day.But thought maybe the name was a bit strong so have changed it to something less confronting.
    Otherwise as a previous incarnation known as Anon. several of our posts found their way onto your main page.
    So while we are setting up a blog,I felt an over reaction on our part was not called for,so here we are a toned down version of our former selves.
    Tell you the truth Hands Off Country is the first blog we have blogged on seriously.Found the experience something like taking photos,need to take a few to get a good one.
    Promise not to scare anyone away,only must see stuff of"don't miss this"quality from now on.
    Sure you can handle the rest.
    Cheers,and really want to see you have some very big wins this year and into the future.

  12. You can't have your cake and eat it too.Barnett caught out again.
    They say we won't suffer the same fate others have with these mega projects.And yet he now admits we must because the State can't afford it!

  13. I think that people make a mistake in personalising the issues - or at least being public with their views on the personalities.

    When I read Geoff Cousins quoted in the SMH a couple of months ago calling the Premier "Colin Banal" that was the point I realised that Mr Cousins is not going to come through in this campaign like he did on Gunns. I may be proved wrong but I don't think I will be.

    I understand the psychology of generating "esprit de corps" and using humour and mockery as a tool to buoy people up and bind people to a cause, but most of what I see is not humourous - it just comes across as angry and vindictive - particularly when it is anonymous.

    I would ask activists to consider that when people call each other names it is generally a reflection of the name caller feeling somehow weaker than the one they are running down. They can't spell as well, or dance as well or do something as good so they resort to name calling.

    Conversely, schoolyard bullies will pick on people they perceive as weaker by using names etc but what it comes down to is a deep sense of insecurity that is projected on someone else.

    I ask activists to consider that it is, in fact a two way deal. When you are weak you will call people names but also, calling people names will make you feel weak.

    Change the behaviour and change the attitude I say.

    There is plenty to get angry about in the world and to be honest, angry people are of use for a time but in the end they either get over it and step up a notch or they find some other avenue for venting their anger and they are gone on the breeze never to be found when you need them.

    When the Chief Justice threw a curly question at Michael Howard in Court One on Monday I watched as Howard shudderred and his whole momentum came to a stop. The Judge made a point which cut right across the heart of what Howard was saying and everybody knew he was being shot down. He stood there for an age and I could not see how he could recover. But he kept his composure and, after a silence that lasted a long time, he just started to dig himself out.

    That took courage - an unsung, mostly unseen, depth and strength of character courage.

    We all need to dig deep within ourselves and draw up strength and courage. Having a laugh at one's adversaries is fine when it done amongst ourselves. Putting it in a public forum merely gives our adversary strength in knowing that we feel weak.

    You might call it "giving comfort to the enemy"

    Premier Barnett is Premier Barnett, Don Voelte is Don Voelte, Martin Ferguson may be reckless, but he is certainly not an idiot - he is a smart man with a different agenda and, I might add, is a worthy opponent.

    Those of you that have been on board for a long time that think I am spouting rubbish might want to ask yourselves whether your best work is behind you. The game is stepping up and everybody needs to step up with it.

    And maybe that means taking a GPS on actions.

    I wish I could be there but I cannot. I do what I can and this little piece is my honest and true opinion.

    Love Chas

  14. I'm not going to say much because I promised Redhand we would keep our comments to a minimum.
    Your comments made it sound as if we use the anon of a Google a/c name to bully and be angry and vindictive at people.We are weak school yard bullies etc.
    We send hundreds of emails,letters,and sign petitions and all of them require we put all our details on them for these people to see.
    Also as for Ferguson being an idiot,well!A few days after the damning report into the Macondo disaster was released in the US,before you would have to say,Ferguson had a chance to read it,he granted BP the permits mentioned in the former post.The consultations into Montara haven't got anywhere yet either.If that is not downright stupid and idiotic,what is?
    BP was the only company to bid for these permits.
    Woodside had a go out there some years back but gave up because of the ferocious conditions.
    The seismic tests require dozens of lookouts because of the amount of wildlife out there.
    Though who can see over 4 klms down,I don't know.
    Quite frankly,having read your posts before,I think you would be better of blogging on the"we love oil and gas site".As you never have anything to say except Redhand should chuck it in.
    Well see y'all,I'm going back to my blog.

  15. No doubt you heard today of Fergusons decision to allow PTTEP to keep their operating license.
    Well Chas I know you love your military quotes,as do I.But compare him to who I wonder?
    Does remind me of a song.
    "to win every battle and loose the war."

  16. Redhand should definitely not chuck it in.

    Those, this whole society we live in is rooted (read that how you will) in the love of Oil and Gas and the products that come from it.

    Unless we wean ourselves off fossil fuels I see little hope for our children's future. If I think about it too deeply I'd go off my rocker.

    If we were to stop getting it out of the ground tomorrow what would happen to our society.

    Dawn of the Dead! No transport, No computers no internet, no mass communications, people starving. food riots, people ripping each other to shreds.

    St Petersburg 1917 would be nothing compared to it.

    It would be Easter Island en masse. Warlordism Black marketeering, standovers, breakdown of all structures of civil society. Law of the jungle - If fossil fuels were taken out of the picture just like that.

    Alternatives need to be boosted up. We have to be weaned off this "texas tea".

    It has to be a mass movement.

    It has to be inclusive - not a club.

    Let's be friends.