Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bright lights beckon Kimberley's Mad Bastards - The West Australian

Bright lights beckon Kimberley's Mad Bastards - The West Australian

As the spotlight shines on the Kimberley once again with the release of the Kimberley production Mad Bastards, so will the heat rise, for the fight to stop the industrialisation of one of the world’s last great wilderness.

Broome and the Kimberley is known across the nation and around the world for its unique music, its musicals, films, TV series, radio and all the other Arts. Hundreds of books have been written and illustrated about the Kimberley and in particular the historical township of Broome with its romantic settings of full moons over the bay, stolen pearls and it’s inspirational beautiful clear light.

However, the Browse Liquefied Natural Gas Precinct Strategic Assessment Report (currently open for public comment) that proposes to locate the world's largest LNG CO2 pumping refineries just outside our tourist/pearling town of Broome, at James Price Point, addressed these art industries under the subheading CATERING.

People within these highly successful and culturally appropriate industries have worked intensely for decades to build the skills and resource base to establish the current national and international brand of Broome and the Kimberley.

Artists, film makers, painters, writers who have been inspired by the Kimberley for it's colour, its characters, its environment, is wildness, it's shared cultures, who have made names and carved out a living from COUNTRY, now is the time to speak up and support the protection of the Kimberley and save James Price Point and the township of Broome.
2011 is crunch time

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  1. the royal commission into the floods will see bent developers,councils and governments shown for what they truly are,a rotten bunch of lousy scumbags who don't give a shit about how they attain wealth.stack the bodies up over there.line the poor up there.i'll die with more money than i'll ever f**k you.
    but of course the greenies are to blame,already.bobs fault,he failed to ok more dams.but i can't wait for the day we have a royal commission into this f***ing gas plant.because as you pointed out broome is different to anywhere else.there are too many people who think the culture here cannot be replaced.this place really is worth fighting for.and as for developers,the people who in 15 years have made chinatown vanish.tried to fence off all local access to the racecourse and country,cable beach.and they want to make that one a freeman?the scumbag developer who said he needed kyles camp for a higher purpose.and so on and so on.may god give us the strength to stop these scumbags here.a line in the sand right here.these people should have all their property and money seized and it should be divided up among all the people whose lives they have ruined.who knows?one day soon,justice.