Monday, January 17, 2011

AFP: BP wins right to explore in Australia

The federal government has granted offshore petroleum exploration permits to four companies, including Woodside Petroleum and BP, to operate in Western Australia and South Australia.
Considering the climate change shit that's hitting the fan on the east coast: with thousands of people suffering, all the others helping to clean up the mess and while people are drowning literally, !@$#^%& Ferguson has been sitting up high and dry with all his planet polluting oil & gas corporate mates handing out more CO2 pumping, deep-sea licenses in order to continue to increase the warming of the oceans, to continue the poisoning of our air and the draining our fresh water supplies.
effingc's said... E mail Ferguson and tell him what you think.

January 18, 2011 2:19 PM

AFP: BP wins right to explore in Australia
While, BP confirmed today that it is in discussion with Russian oil company, Rosneft, that could provide further access to oil fields in Arctic Circle, the UK major oil company announced that BP Australia has been awarded four deepwater blocks offshore the Ceduna Sub Basin within the Great Australian Bight, off the coast of South Australia.

BP indicated today that it is to explore 'Exploration Permit for Petroleum' areas EPP 37, EPP 38, EPP 39 and EPP 40, covering an area of 24,000 square kilometers for oil and gas reserves, with rights to develop any commercially viable discoveries.

Dr Phil Home, Managing Director of BP's Australian upstream oil and gas business commented that the Ceduna Sub Basin was a "very exciting new exploration area for BP. Our experience tells us that the geology has a high potential for containing hydrocarbons."


  1. BP will love it in Russia.The laws are not applied,except as gangster threats to some foreign companies,and are wide open to corruption.When a spill happens the company does a rough cleanup and stops the flow,that's it.Environmental damage is not accounted for.Oil under ice cannot be cleaned up.It was the Russian Minister of Nuclear Energy who told the US to nuke the BP Macondo well.
    In Australia there are no laws on clean up costs yet.By the time they put some in place,odds on,these permits will be exempt.
    All Ferguson is doing is inviting more risk taking behaviour.And as we know from the Macondo enquiry,it is prevalent across the entire industry and is not going to change.
    What a lovely State we will be!Coal mining and oil and gas drilling at Margaret River.Worlds filthiest gas hub and coal and uranium mining,lots of drilling and fraccing,in the Kimberley.
    Barnett really does have many things in common with Hitler.Although even Hitler would have appreciated the beauty of WA more.Hitler had a thing that when shown a plan that involved millions of tonnes of steel and concrete,he could not resist it.He would pursue it at any costs,even if it was shown to be deeply flawed.Barnett is just the same.
    And of course he has lots of company as the oil and gas companies are all run by psychopaths who consider mass murder to be a plus on their CV's.

  2. E mail Ferguson and tell him what you think.

  3. Why not E Mail Bill Marmion and Colin Barnett telling them not to waste time on canals and dams.The drought in the West is going to break the same as in the East.
    The reckless pouring of pollutants into the atmosphere is only going to make it worse.
    For them to ignore this and do nothing is a crime.
    They have been warned,no excuse now.

  4. Re:Environmentalists snubbed.What a terrible thing to do as his first up since becoming Minister.
    So with the sinister bit gripped firmly between his teeth off he goes.Spinning and flicking cards,almost carelessly,from the mitigation pack onto our table.
    No they don't care.To them winning has never been so easy.
    With the Dick Cheney guide to governance locked inside his briefcase,there is no lose.
    Oil and gas are king and Queen.
    They hold all the Aces.
    Except one.
    Us.Our vote.
    2011 and from now on we must really make it count.

  5. Can't wait to hear who,if anyone,he met from the Goolarabooloo claim group.The KLC represents who these days?
    Apart from Woodside of course.