Monday, January 17, 2011

Greens leader says blaming Queensland coal companies for floods not opportunistic.

Greens leader says blaming Queensland coal companies for floods not opportunistic.

Its a bit unfortunate Mr Bob Brown did not include the fledgling LNG Industries in Queensland. They should also shoulder some of this responsibility.

Yes, maybe natural gas-fired power plants have lower carbon emissions than coal-burning ones, and yes many people have been fooled by the clean green energy deception that it pushed by multinational corporations with their million dollar advertising campaigns.

But everyone also contends that the total carbon impact of LNG -- including the energy to extract it, liquefy it, ship it overseas, re-gassify it, then send it to market -- and the thousands of additional air flights to cater for the fly in fly out workforce - makes it a far bigger polluter.

The oceans are warming because of the CO2 levels and so is the NO Industrialisation of the Kimberley Campaign.


  1. The press is full of "don't build on flood plains".It is laughable that the corrupt councils and developers and their red neck buddies are blaming Bob Brown for the flooding.Will Barnett blame him when the SW drought breaks?Bet he will.
    The Royal Commission should be a real eye opener for many.It is a joke to think the RC will find Bob the guilty party,even in Queensland!
    Must be the same dickheads who dream up things like"we need a gas plant to deter foreign invaders".
    Peabody Coal and the rest of those Earth wrecking scumbags need a red hot poker up their backsides.And my guess is,old Mother Nature is going to give it to them.
    Let the blame game start,but blame Bob?That won't get them far.

  2. I didn't read anywhere that anybody was blaming Bob Brown for the flooding.

  3. Gotta give it to Bob he's not afraid to wade into the deep end and slug it out with anybody.