Thursday, January 20, 2011


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Broome community offers a Grand NOT welcome to Woodside as JV partners fly in for meeting in Perth Senior figures from Woodside’s Joint Venture (JV) partners in the development of the LNG resource of the Browse Basin have flown in from around the world to meet with Woodside in Perth this week.

Broome locals gathered at Woodside’s Broome office to send a clear message: you are not welcome here so long as you pursue James Price Point as the preferred site for the refineries.

Thanks to Shane and Jules for their wonderful photos and footage

The not welcome action included community members unfurling a not welcome mat, toasting an ‘unwelcome’ to Woodside and re-tying a red ribbon out the front of Woodside’s Broome offices.
“The Joint Venture partners should know that the local community will not stand for the project going ahead at James Price Point. Woodside and the State government have gone about this all the wrong way – they need to go back to the drawing board and deliver on their promise to properly look at alternative sites and processing options,” community member Nik Wevers said to the gathered crowd.

Media reports have confirmed that a number of the JV partners are “vehemently opposed” to James Price Point as the preferred site, and are unhappy that alternative options have not been adequately investigated to date.

Ms Wevers continued, “People from around the country and around the world are joining this campaign – any company involved in the proposal to build refineries at James Price Point will come under increasing pressure by this widespread community concern,”

“Any company who wants to hold onto their good name and social licence ought to think long and hard about signing up to Woodside’s plans to industrialise James Price Point,” Ms Wevers concluded.

This Broome action follows a Perth-based event outside Woodside’s Perth HQ, where campaigners gathered to urge JV partners to oppose James Price Point as the onshore location for processing refineries.

For further details, and to arrange comment: Nik Wevers 0417 998 598

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    Where does Karoon Gas and Conoco Phillips intend to process this gas?