Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gas hub protesters arrested in Perth |

Gas hub protesters arrested in Perth |

One of the people, Shane, who was told by police that he was being arrested and would be charged with trespass stated:

"I consider Woodside's pre-empting of the gas hub approvals process and accessing James Price Point to build roads, clear land and carry out drilling is trespass. If Woodside is entitled to trespass at James Price Point, I am entitled to trespass on their building!"


  1. Well according to the Save the Kimberley website (not facebook) they are soon to be the biggest environmental and cultural movement in the country.
    They point out there is only one chance at this.
    So now is the time to really make sure you have totally pestered every single person you can think of.And got them to pester everyone they know.Every petition has been signed,every MP has been e mailed a dozen times,nothing has been left to chance.
    And if you are like us and haven't attended any of the marches or meetings yet,now is the time to make a solemn oath to attend as many as possible from now on.
    And God willing sanity will prevail.

  2. And just in case anyone was still doubting effects of climate change:

  3. And the effects of Benzene.The poison that killed these farmers:

  4. Will the flood response business task force recommend fast tracking projects.Karoon and Conoco want to skip environmental process for their Browse project.
    Just waiting for Barny to spout the words.
    More cut corners.
    Must be our GFC.
    Better keep an eye out for the levy.
    Don't forget the pensioners.
    Prices up.Pensions down.
    Same old.Same old.

  5. Karoon Gas whinging they can't afford more stringent regulations for their Browse drilling program.