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Sept. 27th Meeting with Tim Pary from STK and Candlelight vigil (2)

Sept. 27th Meeting with Tim Pary from STK and Candlelight vigil (2)

Sept. 27th Meeting with Tim Pary from STK and Candlelight vigil
Melbourne has caught a bug, and it’s VERRY CONTAGIOUS. It’s called Kimberley fever, and the only thing that can cure this Kimberley fever is Woodside packing up and leaving Walmadan “JPP”

Great informative meeting with Tim Parry from STK. And a fantastic turnout for the candlelight vigil at parliament house co-ordinated by Moustafa.

Different groups coming together and standing in solidarity with the people of the Kimberley, opposing the construction of a gas refinery at James Price Point. Stay strong and fight for country and the future of our children.

WA govt fails to monitor mining conditions

WA govt fails to monitor mining conditions

Mining companies who promise to offset the environmental impacts of their projects could be seen to be "buying" project approval from the Western Australia government, the auditor general says.

This is due to the lack of transparency and reporting by the WA government about what environmental offset arrangement are in place and whether they are being delivered.

WA Auditor General Colin Murphy's report into the compliance with mining conditions found there was no formal policy on the use of environmental offsets, when they should be approved or how they should be monitored and reported.
Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region


West Australian Auditor-General’s Report confirms Poor Compliance Record of Miners
28th September 2011

Greens Member for Mining and Pastoral Robin Chapple MLC has welcomed the Western Australian Auditor-General’s report ‘Ensuring Compliance with Conditions on Mining’, saying it confirms what he has been saying for years.

“While much has been made of the mining boom, what is less well known is the poor performance of mining companies when it comes to compliance with environmental requirements,” Mr Chapple said.

“Indeed, it seems that mining companies, assisted by the Department of State Development and the Department of Mining and Petroleum, are making their sizeable profits at the expense of the environment and Indigenous cultural values.

“The main criticism must be directed at the Premier Colin Barnett, who is also the Minister for State Development, and the Minister for Mines and Petroleum Hon Norman Moore for the failure of their departments to ensure monitoring and compliance in several areas including environmental offsets, annual environmental reporting, mines inspections and ensuring adequate mine closure and rehabilitation plans.

“Premier Barnett and Minister Moore must be held to account and explain to the community why, when we are a-wash with money, they cannot do more to protect our environmental and cultural values.

“Other departments were also found lacking, and questions must be asked of the Minister of the Environment Bill Marmion and Minister of Indigenous Affairs Peter Collier about their poor efforts when it comes to monitoring and enforcing compliance.

“As the report notes: ‘heritage sites may have been lost or damaged without the State knowing or acting’.


China's backlash grows against ConocoPhillips - Houston Chronicle

China's backlash grows against ConocoPhillips - Houston Chronicle

"If the leaking occurred in America, would Conoco inform the public one month later like they did in China?" one commenter asked late last week.

"Conoco has completely lost public trust. They should face criminal charges," another said.

Two spills in June at the Peng Lai 19-3 field released 700 barrels of oil and 2,500 barrels of oil-based drilling mud into Bohai Bay. ConocoPhillips owns 49 percent of the field and operates it through a Chinese subsidiary, while China's state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp., or Cnooc, owns 51 percent of the field.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chevron gas project produces a superpower | The Australian

Chevron gas project produces a superpower | The Australian

WA Premier Colin Barnett, Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson and senior executives of Wheatstone's owners Chevron, Shell, Apache Corp and Kuwait's Kufpec attended a signing ceremony in Perth yesterday to mark the launch of the project six years after the gas was discovered off the Pilbara coast.

Shell Australia chairwoman Ann Pickard said the final investment decision would help transform Australia into a world-class energy producer, with the nation set to rival Qatar as the world's biggest LNG producer by 2030.

Australian Landscape Photography - Paul Theseira Photo Art - James Price Point Photo Exhibition in Sydney

Australian Landscape Photography - Paul Theseira Photo Art - James Price Point Photo Exhibition in Sydney

James Price Point Photo Exhibition in Sydney
26 September, 2011

Paul is exhibiting a collection of images from James Price Point and the West Kimberley coast in Sydney in October 2011. The exhibition will run between 17 October and 23 October 2011 at the Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst. The exhibition will feature some of Paul's most recent work.

The exhibition will also feature the work of Sobrane Simcock as well as a video on the recent Bike To Broome epic around-the-clock tandem bike ride from Perth to Broome.

So if you're in Sydney, don't miss out on this photo exhibition. See the Tap Gallery website for more details.

ABC Online Indigenous - News

ABC Online Indigenous - News

Complaints over breaches of the Aboriginal Heritage Act during the stand-off over the Kimberley gas hub have been referred for a hearing in October.

Earlier this year, the Department of Indigenous Affairs received three complaints alleging serious breaches of the act, including claims that protesters buried toilet waste and Woodside damaged burial sites and middens.

The results of its investigation have been referred to the Western Australian Government's Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee, who will decide if any breaches did occur.

Aboriginal elder Joseph Roe says he is confident the Department found enough evidence for his complaint against Woodside to be upeld.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos :

Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos :

In a frightening example of how the state is tightening its grip around the free Internet, it has emerged that You Tube is complying with thousands of requests from governments to censor and remove videos that show protests and other examples of citizens simply asserting their rights

Live from the Walmadan Racecourse, the 2011 No Gas Cup was a nail-biter indeed!

Live from the Walmadan Racecourse, the 2011 No Gas Cup was a nail-biter indeed!

Who was in the race? Who won? who lost? and who jumped the fence...
Hear the race caller Shaine O'Shannahsey at his best, calling the thrills, the spills and the dills as they race towards the finish line.

(Brought to you by Champion Ruby)

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Chevron and Wooside contractors sue over 'comedy of errors' | Australian Mining

Chevron and Wooside contractors sue over 'comedy of errors' | Australian Mining

Chevron and Woodside Petroleum are facing further delays in completing their respective Pluto and Gorgon liquefied natural gas projects following legal action from their contractors.

Leighton Contractors, Thiess, Kentz, Saipem, and AJ Lucas are in talks with Chevron while UGL is negotiating with Woodside.

The reworking and lengthening of completion time for most work on the sites has spurred the contractors to sue in an attempt to recoup costs from the energy giants for changes to their contracts.

Bamboo Monopole Action James Price Point

For many weeks now we are watching Woodside increase the amount of water bores that they are securing. If they drain our water, the life that lives along the Songline, where all the life here survives, could start to die.
Pasted by: Walmandan Tent Embassy.

Woodside would do well to dump gas-hub hubris | The Australian

Woodside would do well to dump gas-hub hubris | The Australian

THE Australian's lead editorial of September 21 attacks activists who are opposed to the siting of Woodside's proposed gas hub at James Price Point in the Kimberley, but broadens the issue thus: "Do we seek to preserve a pristine environment and ask the 'noble savages' to choose either traditional or marginalised lives? Or do we support sensible development that can allow indigenous communities to share in the benefits of our modern economy? The answer is obvious."

Indeed it is, but not from the sophistry and innuendo in this piece. I am one of these activists, an individual, not a member of any group, green or otherwise. None of us, and there are many, has ever put the argument that this project should be completely abandoned and benefits that might flow from it taken away, from anyone. All have said that the chosen location is the wrong site and that it is possible to develop this resource in an environmentally sensitive and economically rational way.

Is this the ranting of a group of extreme, fiscally illiterate green loonies? If so, Merrill Lynch must fall into that category. It was in the business pages of this very newspaper only a few days ago that a new 44-page analysis by Merrill Lynch was reported. The Australian commented on the matter as follows: "[The] report said a quick greenfield development at James Price Point was the best option for Woodside shareholders from a net present value perspective. But other options would yield returns in the same broad range."

Data from Geoscience Australia proves that Woodside can not hide their crimes of destruction at James Price Point

Woodside denies detonation at gas site - Business (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Woodside has moved to quell anti-gas protestors' concerns that it detonated explosives in the water at James Price Point over the weekend.

Opponents of the proposed gas hub, who are camped out near the worksite, took to social media sites describing a series of loud bangs coming from Woodside's offshore barge at about 4:00 am on Saturday.

A Woodside spokesperson says workers were carrying out geo-technical drilling, as they have been for the past six weeks.

This graph clearly illustrates the fact the Woodside did carry out extensive blasting on the reef at Walmandan James Price Point, at 4am, last Saturday. Seismic recording: - Major recordings for 10 minutes from 4am, then continued at a lesser intensity for some time, with a few smaller peaks. Geoscience Australia would be more than happy to share this information.

Last Saturday, Walmadan camp were awoken to horrific blasting sounds coming from the Jack-up drill rig through the sand dunes at 4am that morning. Very different sounds to what the camp have been hearing in the last two or three weeks.

Damage with sandstone slabs cranking was visible within the reef. How this can be happening without a section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972, required by law to do this destruction in a registered Department of Indigenous Affairs site, WALMADAN?.

This reef area has just received National Heritage listing for its unique and fragile Dinosaur tracksites.

This work is also being carried out during the time of high whale migration along this coastal strip.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Visa rorting allegations surround $43b Gorgon project

Visa rorting allegations surround $43b Gorgon project

The Department of Immigration is investigating allegations that a Chevron subcontractor had employed illegal workers on the $43 billion Gorgon gas project in Western Australia's North-West shelf.

The Maritime Union of Australia claims it has uncovered evidence that European workers aboard the Highland Navigator, an Allseas vessel, were employed using five-day tourist visas.

The union says a crew report for the Highland Navigator, which arrived at the Mermaid Supply Base in Dampier on September 19, shows at least four crew members were allowed into Australia on 651 tourist visas.

Read more:

Wrist slap for $3bn gas disaster

Wrist slap for $3bn gas disaster

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Woodside reconsidering WA gas plant: report - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Woodside reconsidering WA gas plant: report - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Woodside reconsidering WA gas plant: report
Source: ABC News
Published: September 22, 2011 12:13:12
Expires: 2011-12-21

View Transcript

WA government spends $16m on controversial gas hub - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

WA government spends $16m on controversial gas hub - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Western Australian Government has spent $16 million on the proposed Kimberley gas hub, before the project has been signed off by the companies involved and received environmental approvals.

The figures were released in state parliament in response to questions by Greens MP Robin Chapple.

The break-down shows that in the past three years, the government has spent $16 million on legal advice, salaries and consultants and more than $100,000 on public relations material promoting the gas hub.

The biggest costs will come in the current financial year, when the government is due to pay out almost $65 million, mainly paying out the native title deal that has been struck.

Chapple, Racial Vilification, James Price Point

2011-09-26 Chapple Racial Vilification RC

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day of High Action - September 21, 2011 (12)

Day of High Action - September 21, 2011 (12)
Day of High Action - September 21, 2011
By Shane Hughes (Albums) · Updated 3 hours ago · Taken at Woodside Compound James Price Point Area

High action but no destruction by Woodside of Country or abuse and misuse of our water sources today, and tomorrow and the following etc: Amazing efforts by many many people today. A smooth non violent peaceful action that is inventive, creative and very very effective and highly skillful.

Walmandan Tent Embassy is busy preparing meals and organising shifts changers and support during the night and the following days to come.

Meanwhile, Barnett has come out begging Woodside to stick to James Price Point as more and more investment bankers and industry analysts say the project sucks!

Nonviolent action led by the Goolarabooloo and Broome Community is what is getting us so close to success. Lets dance, sing and call up a very big wet season in order to put the final touches to cleaning up this horrid mess Woodside has created.

Premier appeals to Woodside to stick to gas hub site - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Premier appeals to Woodside to stick to gas hub site - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The Premier Colin Barnett is appealing to Woodside and its joint venture partners to hold their nerve over the location of the LNG gas hub site.

Vertebrate Palaeontology & Biomechanics Labsite, UQ, The fight to save Western Australia's 'dinosaur coast'

Vertebrate Palaeontology & Biomechanics Labsite, UQ, The fight to save Western Australia's 'dinosaur coast'

The fight to save Western Australia's 'dinosaur coast'
The coastline of the Dampier Peninsula north of Broome in the west Kimberley preserves one the largest and most significant stretches of dinosaur track-sites anywhere in the world. There are literally thousands of footprints and trackways representing as many as 15 different types of dinosaurs, some of which there is no other record for in Australia. With the exception of a few fragments of bone, these tracks constitute the entire fossil record of dinosaurs in the western half of the Australian continent. Some of the sauropod tracks are over 1.5m long, and belong to what may have been some of the largest animals to have ever walked the planet.

In 2008 the State Government of Western Australia announced a proposal to exploit the liquid natural gas resources of the Browse Basin by installing a pipe-line and gas-processing plant at James Price Point, on the western coast of the Dampier Peninsula, approximately 40 km north of Broome. Dinosaur track-sites at James Price Point will be destroyed if the proposed LNG plant is allowed to go ahead, while others will likely be placed at risk from vandalism or theft from 6-8000 fly-in-fly-out workers that will descend on the area. Our understanding of this unique snapshot of a Mesozoic ecosystem will be severely compromised, and ancient aboriginal songlines will be broken forever.

Dr Steve Salisbury is now leading a campaign by concerned palaeontologists to help try and protect the Kimberley dinosaur track-sites from the proposed gas hub development at James Price Point. On 31 August 2011, the 200 km stretch of coastline along which the track-sites occur was included in a National Heritage Listing for the west Kimberley.

Daring protest halts drilling and unmonitored extraction from aquifer at James Price Point‏

At 5:45am this morning a ‘protector’ perched atop a delicately balanced, 6m high bamboo pole has stalled works on the site of Woodside’s proposed gas hub at James Price Point (Walmadan) in the Kimberley.

Scott Daines, suspended atop the pole, is blocking access to Woodside’s drill pads. A banner hanging from the pole reads “Save Our Water: No Gas Hub at Walmadan”.

This dramatic action draws attention to Woodside’s preliminary works that has already seen extensive land clearing of the site of the proposed gas hub, and an onshore drilling survey.

“The water they’re taking now – up to 5,200L a day - is just the tip of the iceberg. If the gas plant goes ahead, as much as 21,000L of fresh water will be used[i], day in, day out. That would be a huge draw on groundwater sources the Broome Township relies on for its water supply,” Mr Daines said today.

The WA Department of State Development has admitted that impacts resulting from the physical presence of the gas hub could include reduction in recharge to the Broome Sandstone aquifer. They have reported the hydrogeology is little known: “the sensitivity of the groundwater unknown but likely to be high”

Goolarabooloo Senior Law man Phillip Roe said from the site of the protest, “The old people used to drink from this jila, this is the main water-hole since the beginning. If they take the water the stream will dry out and the vine-thickets will die – it is unacceptable.”

From atop the pole Scott Danes stated, “These are the lengths we will go to, to show our commitment to protecting sacred sites and precious water.”

“Water is just one more reason that Woodside’s gas hub must not go ahead. There are alternative sites to process the Browse Basin gas fields– such as the existing facilities in the Pilbara, or on floating platforms offshore. Woodside would be well advised to reconsider these alternatives - the resolve of this community will not waver in protecting the precious water, biodiversity and heritage values of this special place,” a spokesperson said from the site of the protest on Manari Road today.

At the same time, speculation that interest in alternative sites for processing the Browse gas is firming: analysis from investment bank Merrill Lynch suggested piping the Browse gas to existing infrastructure at Karratha would be a less risky solution for Woodside, and would be an option preferred by many of the joint venture partners.

For comment from Scott Daines (from the monopole): 0427 221 691

Proposed Woodside gas hub project has split local communities - Radio National Breakfast - 21 September 2011

Proposed Woodside gas hub project has split local communities - Radio National Breakfast - 21 September 2011

A final investment decision is due next year on the controversial $30 billion Browse Basin gas development in the Kimberley region - a project that has been backed by the federal and Western Australian governments. The government support of Woodside's decision to develop the gas project on the Dampier Peninsula has created tension for the project's joint venture partners - BP, Chevron, Shell and BHP - as well as among environmental, heritage and Indigenous interests.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Minister Burke must intervene immediately to stopWoodside from destroying culturally significantsites at James Price Point

Media Release Inter Tidal Sept 18

China and WA bypass Canberra with historic trade deal | The Australian

China and WA bypass Canberra with historic trade deal | The Australian

It is the first time that China has entered into such a pact with a state or provincial government anywhere in the world, and it reflects the fact that 70 per cent of national exports to China are from WA and 80 per cent of Chinese investment in Australia is in the resource-rich state.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nowhere Else But Here

Nowhere Else But Here

We are standing for the 2011 Broome Shire Council Elections. Our platform is posted in the info section of this page. We'll be posting individual profiles within the next few days. We need your support to represent our community.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Merrill lists Browse LPG options for Woodside | The Australian

Merrill lists Browse LPG options for Woodside | The Australian

In a 44-page report sent to clients yesterday, Merrill Lynch analyst David Heard said Woodside's confidence of making a final investment decision (FID) by the middle of next year appeared to have waned since Mr Coleman took over from the bullish Don Voelte almost four months ago.

This was due to cost blowouts and delays at Woodside's majority owned Pluto project, the failure to sanction a Pluto expansion project and persistent opposition to Browse from environmentalists and some indigenous landowners.

"In our view, this suggests tough retention licence conditions have become a liability rather than an asset and that the potential for significant deferral or abandonment of FID for a greenfield Browse project has increased," Mr Heard said.

Muddy waters stir marine deaths controversy
 - The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Muddy waters stir marine deaths controversy
 - The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

NEW statistics reveal the severity of this year’s horrendous run of marine animal deaths.

The dead bodies of 119 turtles have been found in Gladstone Harbour this year.

The figures will do nothing to ease the sense of frustration gripping the region’s coast-loving public.

The Observer has received a range of statistics on Gladstone’s marine animal deaths from the office of Environment Minister Vicky Darling.

Eight dugongs and five dolphins have also been found dead.

There is still no sign of a list containing specific information, such as locations and dates.

This is despite calls from Gladstone Region Mayor Gail Sellers for every autopsy result to be made public.

Perhaps what is most clear from reading the data, is the fact we still know nothing at all.

That is because, of the 119 turtles found dead, the cause of death was determined for only 24 of them.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Now You Are Talking My Language

Now You Are Talking My Language

Now You Are Talking My Language
by Shane Hughes on Friday, September 16, 2011 at 10:43am

By: Michael McCaughan - Submission to An Bord Pleanala Oral hearing.

Observations in response to a community request to describe the psychological impact of the project to date.

As a writer and researcher with 20 years experience living and working in Latin America I have witnessed many situations similar to the Corrib gas dispute where rural communities faced similar projects, similar harassment, similar violence and a similar deaf ear from the authorities…such situations are often referred to as a ‘situacion limite’, a crisis which brings the individual and the community to the very limit of their capacity to stay sane, focused and healthy. This type of campaign might last a week, a month, a year, rarely more, before breaking point and resolution, whether positive or negative. In Erris, this situation, which has men, women and children on the edge of a nervous breakdown, has been going on for 10 years, and there is no end in sight.

…. Panic attacks, sleeplessness, unease, anxiety about the present, fear of the future, disillusionment, disquiet, shattered assumptions, obsessional behavior, excessive personal sacrifice, lack of concentration, paranoia, headaches, backaches, edginess, irritability, endless tasks to be done, unprecedented stress, excessive demands on individuals, overwhelming sense of exhaustion, inability to function as normal, inability to make plans or take decisions, endless waiting, shock, depression, trauma, physical injury, nightmares, daymares, burnout, lack of appetite, stomach pain, nausea, rage, regret, helplessness, hopelessness, feeling numb, inner pain, emotional outbursts, hyper vigilance, muscle tension, flashbacks, fatigue, fear, self doubt, loss of trust in institutions, lack of faith in the future, negative thoughts, inability to focus on your own life and plans..

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Environmental Art Awards | Conservation Council of Western Australia

Environmental Art Awards | Conservation Council of Western Australia
Environmental Art Awards

CCWA is proud to present the inaugural Western Australian Environmental Art Awards.

The Awards provide the opportunity for the Western Australian community to develop and exhibit art work reflecting the WA environment and key environmental and sustainability themes such as:

Dinosaur footprints to be re-examined - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Dinosaur footprints to be re-examined - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

But a Queensland palaeontologist who has carried out recent research at the James Price Point site believes the latest study will show the dinosaur prints and the gas precinct can not co-exist.

Steve Salisbury says the footprints are significant.

"I know the two people who have been invited and they are both well respected dinosaur footprint palaentologists and I am pretty sure that if they've seen what we've seen up in that area then the Department of State Development and the State Government are in for a bit of a surprise," he said.

Swimming with Dinosaurs, Dr Salibury with assistant measuring a dinosaur foot print at James Price Point.

"The current plans require a fairly major marine precinct to be built across the intertidal zone where dinosaur footprints occur."

"The two are mutually exclusive, you either have one or the other."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Celebrate 100 days of Woodside great losses at James Price Point

Sabine Winton writes:

Your efforts have been so important. To celebrate 100 days just consider this. Woodside shares 100 days ago were $45.59. Woodside shares today are $32.57. That's 25 per cent wiped out. Prices are down, down.

Never doubt the impact you are having and the inspiration you are providing to all of us. Great graph. Money talks.

Western Australian Legislation - Surveillance Devices Act 1998 - Home Page

Western Australian Legislation - Surveillance Devices Act 1998 - Home Page

Surveillance Devices Act 1998

Act No: 056 of 1998 Assent Date: 11 Jan 1999
As Passed: Surveillance Devices Act 1998 Reprint: Surveillance Devices Act 1998

Portfolio: Minister for Police Department: Police Service

Citation Currency start [Help] Currency end Suffix [Help] Download [Help]
Surveillance Devices Act 1998 22 May 2009 Current 02-b0-01 PDF Word HTML

Versions of this Act (where available)
Subsidiary legislation made under this Act (current versions)

Activist won’t stop fighting for the Kimberley | Green Left Weekly

Activist won’t stop fighting for the Kimberley | Green Left Weekly

Activist won’t stop fighting for the Kimberley
Saturday, September 10, 2011
By Rachel Evans, Melbourne
Rodney Augustine.

Rodney Augustine is from the Nyulnyu and Jabirrjabirr people. He is a spokesperson for the “Walmadan Country is Calling” group and is a member of the “Keep the Kimberley” group, both based in Melbourne.

He will speak at the Climate Change Social Change activist conference in Melbourne, over September 30 to October 3.

He spoke to Green Left Weekly’s Rachel Evans about the campaign against the planned gas hub facility at James Price Point, near Broome in Western Australia.

* * *

Monday, September 12, 2011

Perth Zoo celebrates National Bilby Day | Perth Now

Perth Zoo celebrates National Bilby Day | Perth Now

Speaking at Perth Zoo on National Bilby Day, Environment Minister Bill Marmion reiterated the importance of the program.

"People don't realise that zoos aren't just for people to come and look at animals in the zoo,'' he said. "They are doing some really important stuff in saving our natural fauna."

Perth Zoo launched the breeding program 18 months ago in a bid to safeguard the bilby from extinction.

Statement from Goolarabooloo Law Boss Joseph Roe on Monday 15 August 2011

Baby bilbies caught on film at proposed gas hub site in the Kimberley
Goolarabooloo insist Woodside cease landclearing immediately.

Following the discovery of adult Greater Bilbies at the proposed James Price Point gas hub site, research cameras have this week revealed a further three baby bilbies at the same location.

These recent sightings of Greater Bilbies, including juveniles, are in the exact location that Woodside is currently undertaking landclearing at the proposed gas hub site.

This landclearing is taking place prior to federal environmental approval for the project.

Woodside faces cash flow pressure

Australian Financial Review - Monday 12/9/2011 - Page: 20

Woodside Petroleum last tapped the market for $2.5 billion at the end of 2009 but there is a growing perception that new chief executive Peter Coleman may need to pass the can around again.

The issue is that not only has Woodside's 90 per cent share of the $2.9 billion capital expenditure at Pluto-1 overrun, but there is also less time for cash flows from the project to accumulate on the balance sheet . before Woodside embarks upon its next growth project.

Pluto-2 was once seen as a to help fund Browse as Pluto-2 cash flows would accumulate before Woodside's balance sheet was at its most stretched - just before Browse started producing.

As a result, Citigroup's Mark Greenwood told clients in a research note over the weekend that ·significant equity capital is required, or significant farmdown, or both."

With 46 per cent equity in Browse, Greenwood has calculated that Woodside would need to launch a massive $9.5 billion of equity or equity· like instruments in order to maintain FFO (funds from operations)/debt at 30 per cent and maintain its credit rating.

However, if Woodside farmed down to a 30 per cent share in Browse, Greenwood estimates the oil and gas producer would require only $1.5 billion of equity.

Moreover, he posits that even a $4 billion renounceable rights issue at $31 a share would result in dilution to Citi's discounted cash flow valuation by only 2.7 per cent or $1.31 a share.

Woodside could also reduce any equity raising required by issuing a hybrid, or by using a fully underwritten dividend reinvestment plan.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deal suspends workers' fines over illegal strike - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Deal suspends workers' fines over illegal strike - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
A deal for a seven year moratorium on illegal strikes at three of Western Australia's biggest resource projects, may hinge on the recommendation of the federal construction watchdog.

The members of three unions walked off the job at Woodside's Pluto gas project over an accommodation dispute last year, in defiance of an industrial order.

More than 1,300 unionists were sued by 13 construction companies and face individual fines totalling up to $5 million.

The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, the Manufacturing Workers Union and the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union have agreed that in return for suspending the fines, the two unions will not take any unlawful industrial action at Woodside's Pluto, Browse and North West Shelf projects for the next seven years.

FIFO workers fuel spike in STDs | Perth Now

FIFO workers fuel spike in STDs | Perth Now

HIGHLY paid fly-in, fly-out workers are returning from cheap Asian holidays with high rates of sexually transmitted diseases, West Australian doctors say.Australian Medical Association WA President Dave Mountain says there's been a significant rise in such diseases in WA over the last three or four years.

Doctors in WA have been reporting boosted numbers of FIFO workers fronting with sexually-transmitted diseases.

``Whenever you get those rises in sexually transmitted diseases that's almost certainly a sign that people are having high risk, unprotected sex,'' Dr Mountain said.

``The real concern then is that HIV rates are going to start increasing as well.''

Videos of Save The Kimberley

Videos of Save The Kimberley

A music video clip to support the no gas hub in Broome. All power to Jono Pearson young indigenous man in Broome for this song.

The West Australian

The West Australian

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Wilderness Society — The official launch of the Wilderness Society Kimberley Campaign

The Wilderness Society — The official launch of the Wilderness Society Kimberley Campaign + Mining industry is fooling the public: survey + Mining industry is fooling the public: survey

The Australia Institute executive director Dr Richard Denniss slammed the mining industry for using expensive advertising campaigns to influence the general public.

“The mining industry likes to portray itself as a big employer, a big taxpayer and a big money maker for Australian shareholders. Yet the reality just doesn’t match the rhetoric,” he said.

“The mining industry’s advertisements ignore the way that the mining boom is driving up the exchange rate, driving up mortgage interest rates and driving down employment in other sectors of the economy.

Woodside Energy eyes subsea fibre links - Networking - Technology - News -

Woodside Energy eyes subsea fibre links - Networking - Technology - News -

The Kimberley, Australia | Care2 Causes

The Kimberley, Australia | Care2 Causes

Paddle Past Price Point - show your support in Saving the Kimberley

Paddle Past Price Point - show your support in Saving the Kimberley

Everyone is invited to join in on a paddle (kayak,canoe,ski,paddle board etc)
The plan is to meet in Broome (Visitor Centre carpark) at 5.30am (early I know but we need to catch the tide) Then drive in convoy to 10km north of JPP. Launch at 8am and paddle south (10km) to James Price Point. At about 10am we'll come ashore at the Point on the high tide. A support boat will be there. Grab your paddle and join us on this floating adventure! Let's see if we can have a get together on Friday (9th) in the afternoon to discuss the paddle. Call me on 0438800165 Shayne

Woodside's destruction of James Price Point continues.

Country and all of its inhabitants is already under enormous stress as it is being subjected to: Major fires.
 Major disturbance to native vegetation and fauna because of illegal cutting of access tracks, and vehicle movement; through the sand dune and Vine Thickets pockets.
 Excavation of Heritage sites and the removal activities of artifacts
 Significant ground disturbance - due to the establishment of access tracks, boreholes, test pits, geotechnical tests and sampling, lay- down and other specified areas, and vehicle movement;
 Major disturbance to terrestrial fauna - due to clearing, vehicle interactions and noise;
 Major boating noise disturbance to ocean with increase Multi Beam Echo Sounder working the coastline in order to determine the optimal pipe route across the shallow water approaching James Price Point and to provide key inputs into further marine and port studies.;
 Massive increase in light, noise, air emissions and choking dust from vehicle and equipment exhausts;
 Major introduction/transfer of weeds and other pests;
 Significant pollution/contamination from routine discharges;
 Major pollution/contamination from unplanned discharges;
 Considerable disturbance to recreational activities; and
 Momentous and criminal disturbance to national and international heritage and conservation values.

What is important to understand is the following facts about the work that is planned in the James Price Point over the coming days:

 Geotechnical drilling on the beach south of James Price Point; and

 Geotechnical drilling in the area of the proposed LNG precinct

 It is proposed that new tracks will be cleared to a width of 5m to provide access to the FEED and FEED Infill geotechnical test sites. An extra 0.5m will be allowed to store top soil. Tracks from Manari Rd to the beach will be of a greater width
(up to 8 m).

 Proposed clearing would be undertaken by a combination of raking and grading. Additional tracks are planned to be cleared over the southern portion of the common user/laydown area of the LNG Precinct to provide access for cultural heritage surveys and also to some additional FEED.

 Up to approximately 350 geotechnical test sites of approximately 200 m2 each are proposed to be cleared.

 The proposed alignment of the tracks to access the geotechnical test sites located within the dune and vine thickets are subject to change from what has been indicated.

 An area of up to 100 m by 75 m would also need to be cleared for use as a temporary laydown area to store materials

 A total of approximately 20,000 L of water per day is estimated to be required for compaction of roads and test sites and dust suppression during site preparation and operations.

 Groundwater monitoring bores would be installed at up to 50 of the geotechnical test sites. These bores will be installed by pushing or drilling a rod (approximately 5 cm diameter) into the soil up to a depth of approximately 25 m.

 Test pits would be dug to a depth of up to 5 m at up to 100 of the geotechnical test sites using a backhoe (or similar). These pits will be up to 10m x 10m in area.

And all of this destruction is taking place when there are still NO APPROVALS for this proposed project. Everyone must understand that a majority of the planned destruction of Country will have already been completed long before any approvals have come through.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wikileaks cables cast doubt on LNG hub legitimacy | Greens MPs

Wikileaks cables cast doubt on LNG hub legitimacy | Greens MPs

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert says Wikileaks cables about the development of a gas hub at James Price Point cast increasing doubt over the legitimacy of the development.

In Broome today, Senator Siewert called on the hub’s joint venture partners to reassess their involvement in the project after cables indicated there was Government pressure on them to accept Woodside's choice of development pathway.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Woodside puts foot down: dinosaur prints and plant can co-exist | The Australian

Woodside puts foot down: dinosaur prints and plant can co-exist | The Australian OIL and gas giant Woodside has expressed surprise at the heritage listing of dinosaur footprints through its proposed James Price Point LNG site but believes the two can co-exist.

The footprints were one of the natural and cultural values included by Environment Minister Tony Burke yesterday as he announced the national heritage listing of almost 20 million hectares of the Kimberley.

The dinosaur footprints, which run along the west coast of the Dampier Peninsula, include the intertidal area within James Price Point, 60km north of Broome.

WikiLeaks: BHP and Chevron say Woodside forced deal on Kimberley LNG plant |

WikiLeaks: BHP and Chevron say Woodside forced deal on Kimberley LNG plant |

* Cables reveal companies complaining to US
* Claim Woodside and Government forced plant site
* Government and Woodside refuse to comment

MAJOR energy companies involved in a multibillion gas development believed they were forced into accepting the site for a controversial LNG plant in the Kimberley, according to US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks.

The controversial $30billion Browse Basin Liquefied Natural Gas project is set to be processed at James Price Point in the Kimberley.

The site has been the scene of an ongoing battle between Indigenous land owners and environmentalist on the one side and Woodside and the West Australian and Federal governments on the other. The project is awaiting final approval form the Federal Goverment.

The leaked cable revealed several companies involved in the project were concerned that they would be pushed out of lucrative oil and gas deals by the federal government unless they used the James Price Point site – which was favoured by Woodside.

Woodside’s hostile security force at James Price Point intimidating dinosaur scientists and reocording GPS locations

Broome gas talk: Geoff Hutchison discusses Kimberley LNG at James Price Point - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Geoff Hutchison broadcasts from Broome to get an intimate understanding of the big issue affecting the North West. Woodside Petroleum are investigating the commercial viability of what would be Australia's largest gas processing facility. Environmentalists and community activists have opposed the plans, while Native Title claimants have signed a deal with Woodside and the State Government which would allow construction on their traditional land.

Geoff discusses this issue with Neigel Grazia from Woodside, Gail McGowan from the Department of State Development, and concerned Broome resident, Nik Wevers, as well as taking questions from the crowd assembled at the Broome Visitor Centre.

On Tuesday, word had spread quickly that members of Woodside’s hostile security force were on the inter-tidal reefs at James Price Point following, intimidating, filming, taking GPS readings and disrupting the scientists undertaking a community based survey of the dinosaur tracks, on the eve of National Heritage listing.

A phone call was made to the Department of Environment Conservation who informed us that we had to contact the Department of State Development. Customs and the police were also notified and immediate assistance was requested.

Phillip Roe, traditional Goolarabooloo confronted the hostiles on the beach where they were told to leave the area immediately. Meanwhile, Joseph Roe and some other protectors located their support vehicles parked up at James Price Point, where they were questioned by Joseph about why they were there without any of the necessary paper work, or authority and why they had no traditional owners accompanying them. When some of the hostiles tried to leave the scene of the crime, they were placed under citizen arrest for the theft of cultural intellectual property rights.

However, when police arrived they had little too no interest in what Woodside hostiles had done and honed straight into the person who rang them in the first place. Even though the protectors were able to convince the police to search their bags, they were allowed to leave with all the GPS recordings and footage.

The person who originally called the police for assistance was the only one who was penalised with a move on and an infringement notice, costing her $200 for her efforts to protect nationally significant sites that have world heritage values.