Saturday, September 24, 2011

Data from Geoscience Australia proves that Woodside can not hide their crimes of destruction at James Price Point

Woodside denies detonation at gas site - Business (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Woodside has moved to quell anti-gas protestors' concerns that it detonated explosives in the water at James Price Point over the weekend.

Opponents of the proposed gas hub, who are camped out near the worksite, took to social media sites describing a series of loud bangs coming from Woodside's offshore barge at about 4:00 am on Saturday.

A Woodside spokesperson says workers were carrying out geo-technical drilling, as they have been for the past six weeks.

This graph clearly illustrates the fact the Woodside did carry out extensive blasting on the reef at Walmandan James Price Point, at 4am, last Saturday. Seismic recording: - Major recordings for 10 minutes from 4am, then continued at a lesser intensity for some time, with a few smaller peaks. Geoscience Australia would be more than happy to share this information.

Last Saturday, Walmadan camp were awoken to horrific blasting sounds coming from the Jack-up drill rig through the sand dunes at 4am that morning. Very different sounds to what the camp have been hearing in the last two or three weeks.

Damage with sandstone slabs cranking was visible within the reef. How this can be happening without a section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972, required by law to do this destruction in a registered Department of Indigenous Affairs site, WALMADAN?.

This reef area has just received National Heritage listing for its unique and fragile Dinosaur tracksites.

This work is also being carried out during the time of high whale migration along this coastal strip.

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  1. Lol...your graph shows an earthquake off japan, as stated by the Geoscience Australia senior seismologist Clive Collins..more total lies from your website...when will you tell the truth about this? But you are not interested in truth are you