Friday, September 9, 2011

Woodside's destruction of James Price Point continues.

Country and all of its inhabitants is already under enormous stress as it is being subjected to: Major fires.
 Major disturbance to native vegetation and fauna because of illegal cutting of access tracks, and vehicle movement; through the sand dune and Vine Thickets pockets.
 Excavation of Heritage sites and the removal activities of artifacts
 Significant ground disturbance - due to the establishment of access tracks, boreholes, test pits, geotechnical tests and sampling, lay- down and other specified areas, and vehicle movement;
 Major disturbance to terrestrial fauna - due to clearing, vehicle interactions and noise;
 Major boating noise disturbance to ocean with increase Multi Beam Echo Sounder working the coastline in order to determine the optimal pipe route across the shallow water approaching James Price Point and to provide key inputs into further marine and port studies.;
 Massive increase in light, noise, air emissions and choking dust from vehicle and equipment exhausts;
 Major introduction/transfer of weeds and other pests;
 Significant pollution/contamination from routine discharges;
 Major pollution/contamination from unplanned discharges;
 Considerable disturbance to recreational activities; and
 Momentous and criminal disturbance to national and international heritage and conservation values.

What is important to understand is the following facts about the work that is planned in the James Price Point over the coming days:

 Geotechnical drilling on the beach south of James Price Point; and

 Geotechnical drilling in the area of the proposed LNG precinct

 It is proposed that new tracks will be cleared to a width of 5m to provide access to the FEED and FEED Infill geotechnical test sites. An extra 0.5m will be allowed to store top soil. Tracks from Manari Rd to the beach will be of a greater width
(up to 8 m).

 Proposed clearing would be undertaken by a combination of raking and grading. Additional tracks are planned to be cleared over the southern portion of the common user/laydown area of the LNG Precinct to provide access for cultural heritage surveys and also to some additional FEED.

 Up to approximately 350 geotechnical test sites of approximately 200 m2 each are proposed to be cleared.

 The proposed alignment of the tracks to access the geotechnical test sites located within the dune and vine thickets are subject to change from what has been indicated.

 An area of up to 100 m by 75 m would also need to be cleared for use as a temporary laydown area to store materials

 A total of approximately 20,000 L of water per day is estimated to be required for compaction of roads and test sites and dust suppression during site preparation and operations.

 Groundwater monitoring bores would be installed at up to 50 of the geotechnical test sites. These bores will be installed by pushing or drilling a rod (approximately 5 cm diameter) into the soil up to a depth of approximately 25 m.

 Test pits would be dug to a depth of up to 5 m at up to 100 of the geotechnical test sites using a backhoe (or similar). These pits will be up to 10m x 10m in area.

And all of this destruction is taking place when there are still NO APPROVALS for this proposed project. Everyone must understand that a majority of the planned destruction of Country will have already been completed long before any approvals have come through.

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