Thursday, September 1, 2011

WikiLeaks: BHP and Chevron say Woodside forced deal on Kimberley LNG plant |

WikiLeaks: BHP and Chevron say Woodside forced deal on Kimberley LNG plant |

* Cables reveal companies complaining to US
* Claim Woodside and Government forced plant site
* Government and Woodside refuse to comment

MAJOR energy companies involved in a multibillion gas development believed they were forced into accepting the site for a controversial LNG plant in the Kimberley, according to US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks.

The controversial $30billion Browse Basin Liquefied Natural Gas project is set to be processed at James Price Point in the Kimberley.

The site has been the scene of an ongoing battle between Indigenous land owners and environmentalist on the one side and Woodside and the West Australian and Federal governments on the other. The project is awaiting final approval form the Federal Goverment.

The leaked cable revealed several companies involved in the project were concerned that they would be pushed out of lucrative oil and gas deals by the federal government unless they used the James Price Point site – which was favoured by Woodside.


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