Sunday, May 20, 2012

Woodside rejects risk to dinosaur prints |

Woodside rejects risk to dinosaur prints | 

Woodside inacurate map of the intertidal zone
The above article is yet another attempt by Woodside to mislead the general public and like their map of the intertidal zone is a self serving interpretation of the truth.

Woodside Petroleum surveying at James Price Point in Western Australia poses real risks to internationally significant dinosaur trackways. The largest creature that ever walked the face of the planet walked at James Prices Point and left massive prints there. This creature was larger than Argentinasaurus, previously thought to be the largest dinosaur that ever lived. This dinosaur was more than 30m long and weighed 80 tons.

The National Heritage Council is fully aware that Woodsides assessment and map of the intertidal zone is inadequate and misleading. The W.A. Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) have also been informed of the encroachment of Woodside drilling into the intertidal zone, however they are choosing to believe Woodside’s incorrect calculations.

If we, as a nation we do not stand up now and raise concerns we will lose these national treasures. If this proposal is to go ahead all this coastline will be blasted for their pipelines and massive port facilities effectively destroying the many dinosaur footprints and tracksites.

Last year Woodside took it upon themselves to carve up the sand dune system between Quondong and James Price Point, they created a network of destructive tracks throughout the highly culturally significant and ecologically sensitive dune system. Now Woodside are claiming that they can again return to these dunes because they are only using the existing tracks they themselves created. This is the same tactical hypocrisy they seek to implement with their current drilling into the reefs, our National Heritage and the Cultural Songline that encompasses the entire intertidal zone .

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