Saturday, May 26, 2012

Woodside planning to drill in the Songline at James Price Point

Woodside has applied to access Aboriginal heritage listed Songline and have applied to the Department of Indigenous Affairs for clearance under Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act. (Proving that they never had one)

In relation to the plan to drill sacred sites : Please write and express your concern about Woodside's application for permission to drill on Aboriginal sacred sites.

WA Minister for Indigenous Affairs
Mr Peter Collier
10th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock St,

Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs
Mr Ben Wyatt MLA
PO Box 4373
Victoria Park 6979

Last year Woodside and their contractors carved out tracks throughout the sacred Songline, walked over ancient Midddens, destroyed ceremonial grounds, driven buggies over the graves of the old people and  stole items of great Cultural significance. Complaints were made the the Department of Indigenous Affaris and the Department of Environment Conservation read what happen to these complaints from Hansard:

 2012-05-02 QON Investigations DIA

2012-05-02 QON DEC Vehicle Tracks JPP-1

with Woodside applying for a Section 18 under the Aboriginal Heritage Act there are grave concerns that Woodside will return to these dune bit this time they are planning to bring in their drills.

(The following is a message to the wider community from the Goolarabooloo people:

'To our Friends,

Apart from the obvious environmental impact of this proposed industrialisation, which has been well documented, the significant issue of the preservation of our aboriginal cultural and spiritual heritage, has not been given due consideration.

The Law and Song Cycles of Walmadan are not ancient history, but present-day fact. This Law has been kept alive through my grandfather Paddy Roe and now through me.

If this threatened development goes ahead, our country is gone forever.

Our country holds our Heritage, including our burial sites, and most importantly the Song Cycle that runs through this country from the north of the Dampier Peninsula, south to Bidyadanga, the area below Roebuck Bay.

Your voice can draw attention to this great plight and help protect our ancient and sacred Song Cycles -- Bugarigaara (Dreamtime). Thank you.'

Joseph Roe,
Senior Law Boss and Law Keeper

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