Friday, May 18, 2012

Two women are lock in and locked on Manari Road, No work for Woodside at James Price Point

Julie Weguelin:  STATEMENT

I am 62yrs of age, mother of 2 grandmother of 4.

I am a Broome resident with an association with Broome for over 25 years and a permanent resident for the past 10years. I am a small business owner and a supporter of the Broome Community No Gas Campaign. There has been a great cost and loss to many but if we stand back and do nothing it will be a much greater loss. I am here as I believe this pristine area of the Kimberley is too precious to loose to Industrialisation.

Dinosaur track ways are proving to be unique in the world and should be preserved in their natural state for future generation. Song line and Indigenous heritage of the area has to be preserved. This unique area is host to many sea creatures turtles, whales etc which rely on this area for their breeding and feeding ground.

Only 4% of the world today is pristine wilderness. If this project should go ahead it will destroy even more of this last remaining pristine area for a short term gain by a few. This area has to be protected for everyone. As it is visited by peoples from all over the world for it’s uniqueness and easy access.

Broome will loose its amazing fresh water supply and have to rely on desalinated and recycled water due to the construction of the processing plant taking all the underground water supply,
 also creating a 50km dead zone around the proposed port area. 

Australia has the ability to be sustained by 100% renewable energy sorces within the next ten years. All it takes is a commitment by the government.
The law is currently being broken by Drilling in the National Heritage listed intertidal zones.

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