Friday, May 11, 2012

Woodside Are Invading Country under Police Escort and with Community Intimidation

Woodside’s 2012 invasion is imminent with several signs indicating just that:

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  • ·         The shire grader clearing Manari road
  • ·         A constant steam of police travelling up and down of Manari road, 
  • ·          A booze bus set up on Manari Road at Willie creek targeting civilians and tourists but not Woodside vehicles, 
  •  Two jack up rigs are making their way to James Price Point and can be seen on the horizon, 
  •  Communication specialists in surveillance, Pacific Communications have fitted out the police with the latest in spyware, 
  •  A mobile police camera and communications vehicle has been established
  • Broome Community No Gas Information Bay at Black Tank have been told to move by the Shire by Wednesday,
  • Reports of over a hundred police being moved to Broome and reported to be staying at the Cable Beach Club
  • Police officers undertaking surprise visit with a campaign spokespeople to advise them of the current police strategies and their intention this year to arrest without warning anyone blocking roads.
      Interesting that the police have make it quite clear that they will continue, like last year to be complicit in their support of Woodside and will continue to aid them in their illegal activities.

However, Woodside has not fulfilled its obligations and conditions placed on them by Development Assessment Panels Approval of these works on 9th February 2012.

To date the Shire of Broome has not endorsed Woodside and a Department of Environment and Conservation approved new Environmental Management Plan for proposed new works associated with the Approval. According to the DAP Approval the EMP must be in place prior to any works being undertaken. 

Shire of Broome with the Department of Environment and Conservation’s must approve Woodside’s Weed Management Plan and a Dust Suppression Plan. A Waste Management Plan and a Road Maintenance Plan also need to be submitted before any works are undertaken. 

No clearing permits have been issued or applied for by Woodside to undertake activities on the west side of Manari Road.

According to the Development Assessment Panel Approval, Woodside is required to implement an approved sewerage system for all fixtures including toilets, ablutions, offices and kitchen within one month of the date of the approval. To date this has not been established and again Woodside proves they are totally incapable of addressing the simplest of conditions placed on them.

Given, Woodside’s appalling record in noncompliance and their duplicity towards permits and approvals, the Broome community is entitled to be suspicious of Woodside’s capacity to do anything right. All these Management Plans need to be tabled at a Shire Council Meeting and ratified by them before Woodside can continue to destroy Country.  

The Broome Shire has the responsibility to guarantee some conformity and transparency in order to reassure the community that these Management Plans have actually been produced, endorsed by the appropriate authorities and implemented accordingly.

The last thing the Police need is a situation like last year where they were assisting illegal activities right up to the point of clearing the way for Woodside’s bulldozers to smash heritage sites and Country illegally. They might find that it’s not just Woodside and the WA state government that will be dragged through the courts; they too will eventually be held accountable for their actions under the Law. 
Justice will be served eventually and all behind the scene immoral corporate/gov puppeteers co conspirators will be exposed for all their scandalous law-breaking and gluttonous behavior that continues to be subservient to multinational Corporations at the expense of our Culture, community and country. 

Now, Woodside have redefined the National Heritage Council boundaries of the intertidal zone and are planning to drill within this boundary of the National Heritage Listed area in which dinosaur track sites occur.

Meanwhile, a temporary 19 km trace line to the proposed Browse LNG Precinct site was cleared by the Main Roads WA in order for them to further identify any sensitive environmental or heritage areas to be avoided during the planning phase of the access road. It is not a thoroughfare for Woodside cronies to travel up and down at will, spreading invasive weeds and flattering all the new growth that regenerated itself in the last wet. 

According to their Section 91 Woodside are to remain in the proposed precinct area and not travel outside this area but like it was mentioned before Woodside cannot implement even the minimum of stipulations placed on them. 

Meanwhile everybody knows that the gas will eventually be piped to the Pilbara because the only sense this type of corporation listen to are the cents found in the dollars. However, this will not stop Woodside, the state and federal governments and the silent joint venture partners from dragging us as a community through the façade. 

The Broome community again will be subjected to corporate bulling as concerned citizens standing up for their community, Country and their Culture get herded down the corridors of a police state.

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