Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kimberley LNG hub at Quondong or James Price Point? What's the truth?

Redhand queries whether it is James Price Point that is the focus of the proposed location of the Kimberley LNG gas hub, or is it in fact Quondong Point?


The Northern Development Taskforce Site Evaluation Report October 2008 set aside Quondong Point and did not include it in the 4 sites to be further considered on heritage, cultural, social and environmental grounds

The Worley Parsons Resources and Energy Site visit Report 20 November, 2008 (for the Department of Industry and Resources) showed 3 locations at James Price Point, the third and south location indicated the hub inland from Quondong Point.

The Environmental Protection Authority’s report Kimberley LNG Precinct Review of potential sites for a proposed multi-user LNG processing precinct in the Kimberley Region December 2008 interestingly refers to the James Price Point Area which covers about 20 kilometres of the coastline and “considers that a site towards the northern end of this area (between James Price Point and Flat Rock) may have less impact on the main fishing and camping areas between Quondong Point and James Price Point”.

The $1.5billion Agreement (between Traditional Owners Jabirr Jabirr, Goolarabooloo and KLC, the State Government and Woodside) last week was reported as an agreement to locate the hub at James Price Point but no specific details have been released to the media by any of the parties. Nor was there clarity about the area covered by the Agreement.

During the recent negotiation for that Agreement, Redhand alerted to the maps showing Woodside’s operations area, the maps dated 17 March 2009 indicated Quondong Point as the hub location.

At that time the Premier Colin Barnett denied that Quondong Point was to be used and that the focus was on James Price Point. (ABC news and radio 27 to 30 March 2009) reports.

Woodside’s 2008 Full Year Results Briefing by Don Voelte Managing Director and CEO 18th February, 2009 on page 37 shows Google Earth Maps. Quondong Point has been incorrectly labelled as James Price Point. This is not an error. This is misleading information to the public and to Woodside’s shareholders and other stakeholders.

Quondong Point is at 17o 34’ 41.59” S and 122o 09’ 14.48” E and James Price Point is at 17o 29’ 01.63” S and 122o 08’ 30.20” E ?

Well you might say that a short distance of 12 kilometres makes little difference to the overall concept, the point is, are we being lied to? Where actually is the proposed location of the Kimberley LNG precinct? Quondong Point? Or James Price Point?

The Premier said it wasn’t Quondong on ABC Radio and Woodside’s CEO in his briefing to the market indicates it is despite incorrect place names on the maps, and publicity around last week’s Agreement doesn’t say. Who is telling the truth?


  1. To construct an LNG Plant as big as this anywhere along the kimberley coastline especially on the Dampier Peninsula amounts to no less than absolute "Cultural Genocide"Woodside is completely aware of this,as is state and federal governments this is why the state government is doing all of Woodsides dirty work by threatening land aquisition.Woodside has an applalling record of cultural destruction already by destroying rock art at the Burrup Peninsula.James Price Point should be renamed "Barnetts Bluff"
    KLC are the true Killers of Law and Culture.They were a grass roots organisation which has almost become another arm of the state government.Their primary role was to help gain Native title through the legal system,their secondary role was to set up the Prescribed Body Corporate.They have kept the PBC down so that they are the ones to do the negotiations.they have taken away rights from the true Traditional Owners.Wayne Bergman stands to gain an incredible amount of personal wealth by positioning himself as the executor of the LNG deals.He woill become the wealthiest Indigenous person in Australia.Housing ,Education and Health is the responsibility of government.You cannot sell off the cultural rights to land and still mantain your identity.KLC stands to become the most powerful organisation in the state of western australia beneath the state government.what gives them a right to hold this position.Aboriginal people of Austrlai are not a homogenous society.No one voted for wayne Bergaman or KLC.I know how Wayne got his position in the KLC.H eused his family to usurp the position.

  2. I know very little about the James Price takeover (It smells bad though
    Is there a movement against this injustice. I am in Freo and would like to know what's happening really.