Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kimberley LNG precinct James Price Point Open Public Forum


If you would like to speak one-on-one to DSD staff about the social impact assessment, members of the public are also welcome to attend an open office event at the Broome office of the Department of State Development, upstairs in Woody’s Arcade on Dampier Terrace. Call the Department on 9222 0555 for more info.

Over 200 redhands floated in the breeze at the Broome Courthouse Markets this morning, invitations to the Western Australian Department of State Development - KIMBERLEY LNG PRECINCT Open Public Forum in its office on Dampier Terrace Chinatown Broome in the afternoon of the 17th September. The Department has provided an opportunity to provide feedback, ask questions and get information about the Kimberley LNG precinct at James Price Point.

Questions on the redhands included:
How much will the airport traffic and noise increase with the fly in and fly out proposal?
How do you measure quality of lifestyle?
Why hasn’t the Social Impact Assessment looked at the precinct development scenarios equally?
Why does the Broome community have to continue to suffer the noise from the airport with only the promise of more to come?
What will this proposed LNG development do for my “sense of place”?
What will be the effect of the blasting on whales?
Will light emissions interfere with our stargazing?
Do you think your Community Consultation has provided clear, accurate and relevant information with the Broome community
If we lost Cable Beach to an oil spill do you think it would affect our tourist industry?
What are you going to do about the helicopter noise?
Will light emissions interfere with our stargazing?
Will my mum and dad be able to camp at Quondong for their annual holidays, like they have been for years?
What will happen to Willie Creek Pearl Farm?
How much groundwater will be extracted and where will it come from?
Where is the Master Plan for the Kimberley LNG Precinct?
Will we get extra police?
Can the Broome hospital cope in an emergency explosion or accident?
Why did you have to get an invitation to attend a “sense of place” workshop?
Who and how will you measure soil contamination?
What is a hydrocarbon processing facility?
How will you measure dust emissions during construction and operation?
Who and how will you measure groundwater contamination?
How do you stop tankers crashing into whales?
What happens if a cyclone comes and blows away the proposed LNG precinct, would you build it again?

Also seen at the markets today, a Save the Kimberley yellow flier about the Shire of Broome's LNG Forum-James Price Point all day Friday and Saturday 18 and 19 September

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