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Joseph Roe, Senior Law Boss, Registered Applicant of Goolaraboo / Jabirr Jabirr Country, (which includes James Price Point) spoke with ABC Kimberley Regional Radio this morning about his objections and intention to take legal action should Woodside Energy Ltd application to develop a temporary Meteorological Tower at James Price Point is granted. From this proposed facility field data will be collected on the atmospheric conditions in the area to help with the detailed planning of the LNG Precinct.

The item will be brought to the Ordinary Meeting of Broome Shire Council 29 October 2009 for consideration as the land falls within the Shire of Broome’s Interim Development Order No. 4 (IDO4). It has been recommended that Council support the development.

This reminds me of a story Red Hand blogged around the same time last year. A tower had been build in country near North Head which was originally Barnett’s preferred site for the proposed biggest LNG Precinct in the world that will accommodate up to a suggested 14 LNG trains. However. permission was never obtained for it.

The proposal is to construct 30m high Temporary Meteorological Tower (the Tower), with associated weather station monitoring equipment for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 36 months. The Tower will be located within either one of two sites each approximately 2,000m2 (0.2 hectares) to 2,500m2 (0.25 hectares) in area.

The features of the tower include:

One, 30metre high galvanized steel (grey colour) tower with three mast guy

wires extending out to approximately 18m from the tower base at a 120

degree angle.

The tower is required to monitor weather and environmental conditions and collect field data on atmospheric conditions, such as wind speed, air quality and temperature. The information recorded by monitoring equipment (sensors and loggers) will be used to assist in the future planning and development of the site, for the anticipated future gas storage and gas processes that are to occur in this location. The monitoring will be used to guide LNG train design, assess safety aspects of LNG plant site layout, and complete air quality assessment to guide engineering design to maximize dispersion of potential air pollutants.

To minimize the requirement for on site field visits, field data will be transmitted from site via a satellite to an offsite location for processing. Service visits will be required at two (2) to three (3) monthly intervals or earlier if data problems are incurred. Access to the site during the operation phase will be by light passenger vehicle e.g. 4WD and any parking will be onsite.

Two sites, of between 2,000sm to 2,500sm have been identified. Each is a triangular shape of approximately 45m x 45m x 45m. Only one site is required for the construction of the tower. The final site selection will be made after a heritage clearance has been undertaken by the Kimberley Land Council, Traditional Owners, Environmental Specialist and Contactors.

Option A — The preferred site is located approximately:

- 4.5km south of James Price Point

- 1km east of the coast cliff line

- 100m east of the unsealed Manari Road.

This site would require a new track of approximately 3m wide and 100m in length to be established from Manari Road to the tower site. Vegetation would be selectively cleared by ‘scrub roll’ or ‘blade up’ clearing to minimize the extent of clearing of the track. The track in would have a ‘bend’ so the proposed tower could not be viewed directly from Manari Road.

Option B - is located approximately:

- 4km south - east of James Price Point

- 3km east of the coast cliff line

- 2.5km east of the Manari Road.

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