Monday, November 30, 2009

The Secret Out

The season of Larja, the season of built up for the wet, is now moving along and away from country. The winds strengthen from westerly to north – westerly during this time. Gubinge (Terminalia ferdinandiana) and the white gum gunurra (Eucalyptus) Corymbia flavescens are in flower. It was a great year for bush honey. Stingray, reef and shellfish were fat. Turtles are now mating. Country is eager and waiting for the arrival of Mankala, the wet. Strong north-westerly winds and cyclones (wirdu wangal) will blow throughout this season. Ngaliwany (Persoonia falcate), gabiny (Terminalia ferdinandiana) and magabala (Marsdenia viridiflora) are all heavy with fruit. Flying foxes are all out getting fat on the fruits of this season. Kangaroos are skinny, as are the shellfish. Bush honey will be hard to find. Turtles are now laying eggs.

And the enemies of Country, Woodside, Western Australian State Government and now the Broome Shire Council are all in cohoots, determine to destroy Country. They can try and hide behind their corrupt paperwork and their moot deceitful processes. They can imagine that they have the God given right the rip Country away from people and destroy biodiversity because of their blinding ambitions to satisfy their greed, their selfish orientated egos without any thought for future generations, our community, our Country and our planet. They are dreaming up a nightmare for their own children. It is not going to happen! Dream on!

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    The enemies of country unfortunately don't know the real beauty of our beautiful planet. They think they know everything but they don't know nothing at all.

    So study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.