Monday, February 15, 2010

Legal challenge against the "farcical" process of the Kimberley Land Council

Mr Roe, whose Goolarabooloo community are claimants to the area around James Price Point, said Mr Bergman from Kimberley Land Council, was wrong to claim that a majority of the Jabir Jabir group supported the development. He vowed to stop the plant, blaming Mr Bergman for what he claims is bitter feuding over the issue within Kimberley communities. "My own family members are drawing lines between me and the gas plant and I blame the man who is supposed to be representing me,"

"This is not a bluff. I'm talking about my country, my culture, my heritage, my spirituality. "Generations before my grandfather had the body of knowledge to carry on the culture. "I was told to look after it in the best way I can and I will never let that (gas plant) happen.


Albert Wiggan; the voice of Indigenous Australia today, speaking about the future of his country and his people at the launch of the Murray Wilcox Kimberley at the Crossroad in Sydney last week. A father, proud and active in culture, a sound business man bilingual in matters of black and white fellah politics. This is a man of great integrity . Hear him!!


  1. Wayne Bergman is a meglomaniac.KLC wants to control everything.They have paid people to float around the kimberlies....but they only paid those that wanted gas.So the real people from that are in opposition are not paid so it has been an extremely one sided affair.Wayne you are a traitor as you were bought by woodside a long time ago.You had no friggin intention of listening to indigenous peoples ways of sustainable industry.You jumped for the easy dollar.Your organisation is a whitefella show. 4 out of 60 employees are whitefellas.Wayne has a team of whitefella lawyers they are the hidden face making the decisions and playing the industry/government tune.I hope you are having a fat time Wayne.The house of cards will fall soon.

  2. Their is a "silent majority"waiting to support the underdog Joseph Roe.
    I believe KLC`s process will be proven to be a flawed process.This is David and Goliath.

    Bring it on KLC.

  3. comes to something when people are telling you to have respect for the elders when the same people are lying to old people,their own family sometimes,to get them to sign bits of paper.the woodside-klc map that showed the town of broome with a 2x2klm.square drawn over it was a good one."thats how big it will be"."the jetty will only be as big as the bridge at willare".and no one is allowed to say a word about it!the sooner that mob are kicked out of there the better.shame on the klc,mob of shysters.

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  5. wots the magic word for today then!?why get cancer from gas when wind turbines can kill you twice as quick/?1!

  6. no but the magic word for today is,"the homeless people will never have a place to stay unless we have a gas plant".add it to the list.are these t.o.n.c. loonies for real?