Monday, March 8, 2010

Pilbara people of Western Australia exposed to unacceptable levels of emissions & cocktails of Photochemicals.

When is the deadly truth going to be made public as to why Woodside, Joint Ventures (Use It or Lose It Excusers) and the WA government are pushing for a new LNG green-field site, at Walmadan, (James Price Point) for the processing of LNG.
Why don’t they pipe it to the Pilbara where heavy industries and the infrastructure already exist?” Over and over again, these questions have been asked and we have never received an honest answer.

We have been told that it's economic, it's political (State or Federal royalties argument) or it's technically impossible. The real reason is the Air quality (air shed) and air pollution that is currently being experienced in the Pilbara.
Source the emission of benzene in the Pilbara, Western Australia. ... to 50 ppm from 1 January 2006,

The truth of the matter is the Pilbara has far exceeded their National Pollutant Inventory with their many sea, land and air emissions. The additional processing activities associated with the Browse Basin would push the emission levels off the richter scale.

Source the emission of benzene in the Pilbara, Western Australia. ... to 50 ppm from 1 January 2006,

Woodside Energy Ltd ( Karratha Onshore Gas Treatment Plant, VIA KARRATHA WA ) n-Hexane High – 100 Ethylbenzene Toluene (methylbenzene) High - 100] Cyclohexane High – 100 Total Volatile Organic Compounds High – 100

Woodside Energy Ltd ( King Bay Supply Base, Dampier WA ) Total Volatile Organic Compounds [Low - 1] ?????? This website has limited access and their links very weak.

Benzene is a dangerous, poisonous substance, and research shows that it can be harmful to us as well as to animals, plants, and the environment. Oil and gas extraction is the largest industrial source of benzene in Australia. These industries all produce, use and handle benzene which quickly evaporate into the air and can be carried over long distances. If it is released into soil it can break down quickly and contaminate groundwater. No research has been undertaken on how these emissions would react to our beautiful mists that form over our coastal strip in the dry season. Emissions have a history of attaching themselves to water particles.

More information is available on the website or from the National Environment (National Pollutant Inventory) Protection Measure 1998 (as varied) (available from

Walmadan ( James Price Point) location is needed to spread the LNG industries’ land, sea and air based emissions around. The air quality at Walmadan is currently classified very high quality air. The prevailing winds through the six different seasons that we experience in the north would spread the emissions around the Dampier Peninsula, assisting the proponents to maintain conservative reported levels.

Why, does the government choose not to tell us these facts? Do the people living or working in the Pilbara really understand that they are being exposed to enormous levels of emissions that far exceed the national average and will cause real and serious health issues both for themselves and their children?
The truth will come out in a few years, and many Pilbara people will spend the rest of their short sick lives fighting for compensation. We see it happening all over the world, and usually when it is too late, when the precious resources have been exhausted or the victims start dying.


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  2. It is amazing that this industry can be given the authority to cause so much harm to lifeforms including humans.what madness could permit such devastation.The "Madness of money"The real wealth generated will not line Australian nor Indigenous pockets but the real devastation will be felt by people living within the impact zone and they cannot be compensated by:health,housing,education.The devastation is immeasurable in dollar terms.Any CEO of this industry would be in full cognizance of the impacts and their neglect.I foresee a "class action"against these people and against the very governments that allow this devastation to occur to such a pristine gift created by the almighty and nurtured by generations of our ancestors.

  3. the tragic thing is the klc intend to give approval for just about every heavy industry development that comes along.the gas hub is just to get the ball's one thing to be poor in your own country but quite another to be poor by the factory wall in a dirty old town.suicide, drug and alcohol addiction,violent crime,hopelessness,klc you aint seen nothing yet!your woodside handout wont be enough to scratch the surface of the problems you're lets talk about the health effects of all that and who wont be paying for them.and i would suggest to you the last place anyone with f.a.s. problems would want to work would be in a stinking polluting heavy industrial plant.broome for the next gladstone of oz,you must be mad! blind to everything except your own whats next with this animal farm turnout?mansions for the klc in perth?a bit of offshore banking perhaps?

  4. can anyone explain why the same faces in the goolarabooloo jabirr jabirr prices point signing are the same faces in the yawuru agreement for broome north?will the same faces be in the coal and uranium decisions?something fishy here?