Friday, July 2, 2010

Dodson joins protest over Kimberley LNG hub

Nicolas Perpitch From: The Australian
July 02, 2010 12:00AM

PAT Dodson has joined other law men and claimants in court action against the Kimberley Land Council over Woodside's proposed LNG project.

They have signed on to a proposed amended claim by the gas hub's most vocal opponent, Aboriginal leader Joseph Roe, challenging the land council's right to negotiate on behalf of traditional owners.

According to court documents, Mr Roe is seeking leave from the Federal Court to amend his claim to include 16 other law bosses from the northern and southern traditions of the Dampier Peninsula song cycle.

It would also include more than 300 Goolarabooloo-Jabirr Jabirr native title claimants and people linked to those groups.

They claim the KLC had no right to negotiate with Woodside and the West Australian government on the development of the gas hub because in 2005 law bosses had made a unanimous decision against the precinct being anywhere on the peninsula.

They argue the land council did not therefore have their consent to sign a heads of agreement with the Barnett government and Woodside, which would deliver $1.5 billion in compensation to Aboriginal people. And the KLC should not have entered into a heritage protection agreement either, they say.

Under the amended claim, Mr Roe would be the sole applicant as a representative of the group. But in submissions to the court, the KLC has argued Mr Roe does not have the legal standing to sue the land council on his own.

Last month, the KLC suspended all negotiations with Woodside and the state government on an indigenous land use agreement while it dealt with the legal action.

Premier Colin Barnett said he was disappointed at the lack of progress after a fourth dead-line for Aboriginal groups to reach agreement passed on Wednesday.

Mr Barnett has said he would not grant further extensions for negotiations and would now consider whether to compulsorily acquire land at James Price Point, 60km north of Broome.

A spokesman for the land council said compulsory acquisition would take away the right of traditional owners to free and informed consent on the issue.

Mr Dodson refused to comment yesterday.


  1. Wow.This is becoming one heavyweight stoush!!!Barnett gave,[or we the taxpayer gave],the KLC millions of dollars to be apologists for the oil and gas industry.To push a one sided agenda and do their share of bullying.Barnett is a bully.Woodsides actions at JPP are the acts of a bully.Well bully beware!

  2. so on this day the gulf gusher passes the ixtoc disaster and spews on toward passing the gulf war spill.meanwhile back in oz the risks of deepwater drilling go ignored by the likes of fergusson and his multinational mates.this needs to be an election issue along with woodsides disgusting behaviour at jpp.

  3. when the election is called and they all start campaigning is it possible to have garrett followed by demonstrators to highlight the australian governments two faced approach to indigenous rights and the terrible way they look at endangered species?what woodside is doing at jpp seems to be the same attitude as japans to the whales.if the money was there how would a visit from someone like diana wiwa or dr.owen wiwa go?they could explain how shell helped murder their brother ken saro wiwa and others?pat dodson joining in the protest is great but it seems there is still a need to focus press attention on this matter,especially during the upcoming election campaign.the feds may not want to be linked to barnetts bullying.

  4. Good on you Joseph Roe, please know that your courage & strength & tenacity in your fight for country is recognised & supported by many across Australia & the world. Your ancestors will be proud of your efforts. The short term profit driven collaboration between Barnett & the gas companies will eventually fail. Hang in there mate, the Goolarabooloo will prevail.

  5. honestly i only started blogging when i heard red hand was missing a couple of digits.

  6. this oil business just goes to show,you cant have your prawns and eat them too.

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  8. I am very happy to see that Joseph Roe has made the effort to stand up to the KLC, Barnett and the gas/oil industry fools.

    You go, Joseph Roe! So many of us are 110% with you on this! We shall overcome!