Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rally for Survival - say no to James Price Point gas hub! |

Rally for Survival - say no to James Price Point gas hub! |


  1. Hi Red
    What's going on with the bonnett rider and also what are these Development Application Plans for the Workers Camp?


  2. On the subject of the Bonnett Rider - I have got to get something off my chest.

    As unfair as it may be, when I heard that somebody had been arrested for damage to a vehicle the very first image that came to mind was that angry young man giving a spray to the ambulance driver whilst he was having smoko.

    Immediately, in my mind, "Bonnet Rider" (as I have come to affectionately call this person) and "Ambulance Chaser" have a connection.

    I am aware of this and my mind, being in reasonable working order, can put aside the prejudice that the video could engender towards Bonnet Rider - whom I do not know and as to the circumstances of his / her arrest I only know what I read in the Paper and what I might glean from a place like this.

    That said, the context of Ambulance Chasers rant remains in mind when considering public exposure of the gas protest as a whole.

    Being a fair minded person, I am prepared to put aside the fact that Bonnet Rider was convicted of damage to a vehicle upon hearing that an appeal was in the offing.

    I saw here some bank account details and thought "okay. I wouldn't donate but people might and fair enough".

    But I feel a bit short changed when I read something about "nocturnal researcher" because I get the feeling that someone is having a lend of me.

    Nocturnal researcher?

    The Bullshit detector just bounced off the dashboard - and the car is not even moving.

    Truth Time, here.

    Is Bonnet Rider practising for the rodeo and mistook a toyota for a bucking bull?

    Strange things happen when you are on a bender

    Or was there some detailed and surrepticious scientific tabulation of movement occurring.

    If so, then very good.

    Perhaps night vision goggles in order hahaha!

    Lots of Love,

    Charlie Flood