Thursday, November 8, 2012

Woodside's application for a Section 18 to destroy Significant Cultural Sites at Walmadan (James Price Point)

Woodside have applied for a Section 18 permit under the Aboriginal Heritage Act to disturb sites within the sand dunes system. The Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committee are due to decide on the application on the 21st of November according to the agenda, page 2.
The Aboriginal Cultural
Materials Committee
 Name Membership
Hon Gavin Fielding AM ACMC Chairperson
Mr Bill Bennell ACMC Member
Ms Bev Byron ACMC Member
Ms Vanessa Davies ACMC Member
Mrs Vanessa Kickett ACMC Member
Mr Michael Robinson Deputy Specialist Anthropologist
Ms Louise Austen Deputy Member
Ms Julia Burns Deputy Member
Mr Ben Cross Deputy Member
Mr Cliff Weeks Ex-Officio* - Director General, Department of Indigenous Affairs
Mr Alec Coles Ex-Officio** - Director, WA Museum
Mr Ken McCrackan Ex-Officio - Manager, Department of Regional Development and Lands

*   Deputy - Mr Aaron Rayner, Executive Director, Operations, Department of Indigenous Affairs
** Deputy - Dr Ian MacLeod, Executive Director, Collection Management and Conservation, WA Museum

9. ACMC Advertisment 10 October 2012


  1. Any vehicles, machinery or plant equipment deemed reasonable necessary for site investigation?
    Theres no way a section18 could be granted under the wording of that application. The ACHC need to be asking WHAT equipment and WHAT are you going to do with it?

  2. We need a gas plant to stop the suicides and abuse.

    Maybe those idiots over at the KLC who write Rita's speeches,and the stupid bloody premier should read this.

    Brothers 'pack raped' boys
    Two boys 'disappeared', seven later committed suicide.

    The victims – abused over three decades – include wards of the state cared for by the brothers in homes for the mentally impaired, a state parliamentary inquiry into child abuse is expected to be told. Seven are believed to have committed suicide.


    He will allege that two boys were sent to a mental institution by the "alpha paedophile" brother and given electroshock therapy, which impaired one so badly he was unable to care for himself and later died.

    Dr Chamley will also mention research indicating that seven of a group of 69 boys who went to the order’s homes had committed suicide.

    His most serious allegation will be that two boys might have been killed – and their deaths not reported – at the order’s farm at Lilydale.

    ''They speak of being given a red medicine that made them drowsy. Pack rapes took place and boys who resisted or attempted to fight off their attackers were beaten mercilessly. These were boys of seven to 15 years up against adult males,'' he said.

    Dr Chamley said the alleged paedophiles would become hyperactive after taking the boys to football matches.

    ''At the football matches the boys were provided with beer and encouraged to drink with the accompanying brothers,'' he said.

    ''After these occasions the paedophiles would become hyperactive and overt. The evening meal was followed by buggery and pack rapes and the remainder of Saturday night spent by many boys crying and in fear. And then Mass on Sunday morning.''


    At 11, given cans of beer, cigarettes, then abused

    NEARLY every second night the brother would sneak into his room clutching cigarettes and some cans of Foster's.

    The 11-year-old Steve Danas knew the man was going to sexually abuse him, but as a ward of the state there was no one he could tell.


    Police officer challenges NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell for inquiry into abuse by clergy

    A SENIOR police investigator has publicly challenged NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell to launch a royal commission into child sex abuse by clergy, saying the premier is lucky his own children haven't become victims too.

    Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox, who has investigated clergy abuse around Newcastle for decades..

    "I can testify from my own experience that the church covers up, silences victims, hinders police investigations, alerts offenders, destroys evidence and moves priests to protect the good name of the church," he wrote in his letter.

    "Mr O'Farrell, please don't block your ears. Many priests don't want a royal commission, nor does the hierarchy of the church, but God knows we need one."

    Det Chief Insp Fox said he has "irrefutable" evidence of a cover-up involving a number of diocese bishops.

    "It potentially goes even higher than that," he told Lateline.


    Victoria Police has criticised the Catholic Church for not referring sexual abuse cases for criminal investigation, with growing calls for a Royal Commission into abuse in the church.


    Cameron warns of paedophilia 'witch hunt'

    The Prime Minister made his comments after being confronted on daytime television with a piece of paper listing the names circulating on the internet about Conservative Party politicians possibly involved in child sex abuse allegations. It was accidentally briefly flashed on air.





    1. A few years back a lot of questions were asked about why a child abuse investigation was centered on Halls Creek.Peter Yu spent some time up there trying to sort the situation out.

      There were just as many worries,if not more,about abuse in Broome and the Dampier Peninsular.The story at the time was Carol Martin didn't want the investigation any where around her or her buddies,especially with the gas plant coming up.So it all went to Halls Creek.

      The Broome Shire didn't sack two of it's workers,one of them on a working visa from Africa, for child abuse after they were convicted.Campbells reason,"I understand it was the children who asked them."

      Bishop Saunder's campaign to blame suicides on Marijuana use instead of child abuse,more evidence of the mad denial the Catholic church is in.So now we have parents getting their kids to smoke weed so that when the abuse sends them crazy they can turn around and say,"it's not the raping and bashing and never ending fighting - it's the Gunga."

      The complete failure,and denial,of the taxi industry,government and police to back an enquiry into "sex for fares" and taxi drivers giving kids drugs and alchohol for sex.Something that goes on in Broome on a grand scale.It's common knowledge around town that the kids main reason for throwing rocks at taxis is some drivers short change them for the sex.When asked about a solution to the rock throwing a Broome taxi owner said,"send in the dogs and the helicopters."

      The well known con of telling kids that child abuse is all part of indigenous culture.It's compulsory and no one is allowed to say no,or else them and their familly will be picked on.

      It goes on and on.No serious attempt is ever made by black or white to protect these kids.
      And all the fuc*ing gas plant is going to do is make the situation 10 times worse.

      So why are these people claiming a gas plant will fix things?
      Because they are just money hungry users who don't give a shit about anyone except themselves.
      And it is just the kind of muck rednecks like to throw at greenies.

      The only sure thing in all of this is no one gives a fu*k about the kids.Or the sick old people (unless they can drag them all around the country side to sign away stuff).

      Hope the bastards choke on their fancy Woodside food - **** the lot of them.

    2. No wonder McAlpine was honoured by Broome.The rich,powerfull and connected have been abusing kids in care in Europe and Australia since forever.When they get found out they replace any good police work with cops who do cover ups.Just as they will with McAlpine.

      DeTru in Belgium - as soon as the police started knocking on the doors of polititions,judges,wealthy business leaders,and old aristocrat famillies - kaboom - the cop on the case was replaced - the investigation shut down.They are all protected,but the kids have no one to turn to.Any complaints are dealt with savagely by the scum who run these places.

      It happens everytime.

      So while kids are raped,tortured and murdered in state care we can all sit back comfortable in the knowledge that some poor blackfella out the back of Halls Creek with serious drug and alchohol problems,mentally ill from his country being occupied and being abused himself,is copping all the blame so the more well connected amongst us can get away with murder.

      And that goes for the Shire,taxi owners,BCC,cops,preists and all the rest of the protected rockspider scum in this town.

      Who gives a f*ck about abuse and suicides around here?Not Carol Martin not the KLC - London to a brick they spend their lives covering it all up!

      And f*ck Barnett too.

    3. I'm sure if Carol Martin was fair dinkum about this she could go and check the headstones herself.She would know the names of the people who abused those kids.If not she would only have to ask her partners in crime over at the KLC.I'm sure if they put their minds to it they could clean up all the child abuse and suicides around here.So why don't they?They could even open up some cold cases,we know they know,so let's get started.long long long stoney silence

    4. These angry foul mouthed outbursts by Carol Martin are just an exscuse for her to project her guilt onto someone else.The noise coming from the KLC and Barnett is the same.

      They enjoy laying the blame for their guilty feelings onto innocent people,in this case The Wilderness Society,Environs Kimberley and others involved in the Save the Kimberley campaign.

      Carol Martins own guilt over child abuse and suicide,the KLC's guilt over their lies and greed and the guilt of the abusers among them,and Barnett's desire to rid himself of any responsibility for the tragic conditions so many Aboriginals find themselves in.Especially any guilt for the lack of action in protecting these children.

      It feels "good" to them to blame the innocent in this,anyone basically who has the morals to stand up to this immoral scheme.

      "The sociopathic perspective. Here, a person feels no guilt or remorse, rationalizes their behavior, and otherwise lacks a sense of moral reasoning altogether. Such people will use denial or project onto and blame others for their behavior."

      And their dangerous game of giving people very unrealistic expectations over the benefits package and stopping suicide:

      "One form of unwholesome anger has to do with unrealistic expectations that are not met. And expectations can be sensible and practical or unreal and with not basis in reality. Expectations are, after all, only what you expect, not tried and true outcomes that will automatically happen just because you wish them to. This is where unhealthy anger comes in. People expect things that are not based in reality, and then get angry when their expectations are not met."

      Their own guilt highlighted by their bad behaviour towards people who don't agree with them:

      " Quite often, all of the efforts to hide something– not apparent on the surface has the opposite effect. In stead of covering up guilt, it is like wearing a badge that says, “I am guilty”. It does not take a psychologist to figure out that a person who engages in constant criticism of others is demonstrating a behavior cue that points to unresolved guilt. Often, the person who is constantly calling attention, implying, suggesting others weaknesses or faults may be shining a light upon something that obviously is wrong and unresolved in the accuser."

      "Therefore healthy expressions of guilt prompts a person examine and to re-examine behavior to prevent making the same mistake twice. Indeed, an examination of the pathology of unresolved guilt reveals negative perceptions of what others do that triggers distorted schemas, paralyzing emotions, and distorted reactions connected to a distorted sense of self that acts like a mirror reflecting what is not seen by others and known by the accuser. Unfortunately, misunderstood and unresolved guilt leads to depression, anxiety, and frustration that is projected on someone else rather than becoming a positive force toward change or improvement."

      "What happens: the guilt that has been internalized, misunderstood, and unresolved is externalized in projecting behavior toward others when something is seen that feels like the internalized guilt. Then, undigested guilt triggers the guilt-projection system that regurgitates what feels like concern, looks like righteousness, demonstrating rescuing behavior upon others, while calling attention to what is hidden beneath the surface– unresolved guilt that wants to be discovered."

      "Psychological projection is a form of defense mechanism in which someone attributes thoughts, feelings, and ideas which are perceived as undesirable to someone else. For example, someone who harbors racist ideas while believing that racism is socially undesirable might come to believe that a friend is racist, projecting his or her racism onto the other person. Projection may manifest in all kinds of ways, and while it may be a defense mechanism, it can also be very destructive.

    5. they wont like this then

      The Australian Greens have joined a growing chorus demanding a royal commission be set up to investigate claims of child abuse in the Catholic Church.

      Greens leader Christine Milne on Sunday said she would be urging the federal government to establish a national commission when the Senate resumes in just over a week.

      A national response was needed to a national problem, as certain evidence or records about alleged crimes may be beyond the scope of a state inquiry, Senator Milne said.

      Only the coercive powers of a royal commission would expose the "systematic failings" that have allowed the church to hide abuse for decades.


      "How is it that senior clergy have been able to transfer priests and brothers to other schools, often interstate, rather than report alleged abuse to the police?" she said in a statement.

      "The victims of abuse need this royal commission and whilst it will be painful, it is the victims who have been at the forefront of pursuing it."

      She said there were many "wonderful, selfless people" in the church who deserved to have the "cloud that hangs over the church" removed by an investigation.

      Independent senator Nick Xenophon on Saturday said allegations made by a senior NSW police detective about sex abuse in the church were so grave only a national royal commission could get to the truth.

      Detective Inspector Peter Fox claims the church covers up for paedophile priests, silences investigations and destroys crucial evidence to avoid prosecution.

      Leading child protection advocacy groups Bravehearts and the National Child Protection Alliance have also urged Prime Minister Julia Gillard to launch a federal inquiry.


      The study, conducted in Western Australia's Kimberley region, found that half of babies there are born with disabilities from foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

      The research, undertaken by the Lililwan Project, found that one in two Aboriginal children attending school in the region's Fitzroy Valley has the disorder, a condition that ranges in severity from severe learning and behavioural problems to acute intellectual impairment.

      The study has stunned policymakers in Canberra and carries massive implications for the Northern Territory and Queensland governments, which plan to deregulate drinking in Aboriginal communities that had previously decided to be ''dry''.


      A survey of eight-year-old children and their mothers' drinking patterns over two years identified much higher rates of the disorder than previously thought, and confirmed what experts have been claiming for years: that excessive alcohol consumption is devastating indigenous communities throughout Australia.

      According to experts who gave evidence to a federal parliamentary inquiry into foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which will report later this month, undiagnosed foetal brain damage is linked to autism, YOUTH SUICIDE, high rates of indigenous incarceration, chronic unemployment and poor education outcomes in Aboriginal communities.


      Federal Liberal MP Sharman Stone, a member of the inquiry, said the rates of alcohol foetal damage on unborn children in indigenous communities were possibly the highest in the world. ''Australia lags behind the United States, Canada and Poland in recognising and dealing with the problem,'' Dr Stone said.

      ''We have a perfect storm occurring in both indigenous and non-indigenous communities. The cheapest alcohol in the history of the country is being sold from more outlets than ever before, combined with a culture of binge drinking among young women and a public culture of acceptance.''


      Dr Stone said it was extraordinary that after years of research the federal government had come up with a diagnostics model for detecting the disorder but there was no money available to trial it.

      ''[The disorder] is filling jails with young kids who break the law. It is a drain on the health system and to police, and is linked to high incidence of youth suicide and chronic unemployment.''


      According to the medical journal The Lancet, the tipping point for the Fitzroy Crossing community came in 2007 when there were 55 deaths, including 13 suicides. Alcohol was a factor in most deaths. But when alcohol restrictions were imposed the behaviour of many did not change, leading to the conclusion that the disorder was rife.

      Dr Stone said it was a mistake to view the disorder as an indigenous problem because it affected all communities in Australia, and all governments had been slow to act.


      MAYBE CAROL MARTIN AND PIERSON JONES (who think it is their God given right to poison everyone without interference) SHOULD GET TOGETHER ONE DAY "AND GO CHECK THE HEADSTONES"


    8. The fit has hit the shan

      The Commission should hold a session in Broome.

      Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced the creation of a national royal commission into institutional responses to instances of child sexual abuse.

      The decision was taken at a meeting of federal cabinet this afternoon.

      Ms Gillard had been under pressure to act following growing calls for a national inquiry into explosive allegations by a senior New South Wales police investigator that the Catholic Church covered up evidence involving paedophile priests.

      A number of senior Labor MPs, as well as key independents, had already voiced their support for action on a national scale.

      Opposition Leader Tony Abbott also declared his support for a "wide-ranging" royal commission into child sex abuse but said it should not just focus on claims involving the Catholic Church.


      All but one of the fellows on the St Johns College council at the University of Sydney have resigned amid an ongoing scandal over student behaviour at the prestigious Catholic college.

      Cardinal George PellL said last week he'd lost confidence in the governing council and asked the council's six priest fellows to resign.

      The council's chair, Christine Liddy, has announced that all but one of the council's lay fellows have also resigned.

      Reports of loutish behaviour at the 150-year-old college have continued despite an incident in March that resulted in a female student being taken to hospital.

      The college suspended 33 students over the incident, in which male residents surrounded a girl and encouraged her to drink a toxic concoction as part of an initiation process.


      The leader of the Christian Democratic Party in NSW, the Reverend Fred Nile, has accused the major parties of being "nervous" about pursuing a wide-ranging inquiry into child sexual abuse because it might uncover abuse by one of their own.

      Reverend Nile said he was puzzled by the announcement by the Premier, Barry O'Farrell, of a special commission of inquiry into allegations of interference in police investigations of alleged paedophile priests in the Hunter region.

      "I find it puzzling why it was so restricted to the Hunter when there's reports outside of that area," he said.

      "I think [Mr O'Farrell] should be looking further than that. I don't know why you would restrict it to one area because priests and brothers get moved around."


      A better option would be a national royal commission into sexual abuse that focused not only on clergy but abuse in the wider community, and if this was not supported then a state-wide royal commission was needed, Reverend Nile said.

      "Sometimes political parties are reluctant to dig deeply because you might find a politician," he said.

      "That's why I think political parties, both Labor and Liberal, are nervous. They shouldn't be. It's even more serious if it involves politicians in leadership positions."

    9. from above:

      Dr Stone said it was extraordinary that after years of research the federal government had come up with a diagnostics model for detecting the disorder but there was no money available to trial it.

    10. and...'

      ''[The disorder] is filling jails with young kids who break the law. It is a drain on the health system and to police, and is linked to high incidence of youth suicide and chronic unemployment.''




    12. Anthony and Chrissie Foster are long-time campaigners for a royal commission into the handling of child abuse.

      Two of their daughters were raped by their parish priest when they were in primary school.

      Emma Foster later committed suicide. Katie Foster took to drinking heavily and was hit by a car.

      She is now physically and mentally disabled and requires 24-hour care.

      Mr and Mrs Foster told ABC News Breakfast they were elated at the news of a royal commission.


      A senior detective who blew the whistle on an alleged police cover-up of sex abuse in the Catholic Church said he had received threatening messages on police letterhead since speaking out on an issue that he acknowledged would end his career in the force.

      But after Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced a sweeping royal commission into child sex abuse on Monday, Detective Inspector Peter Fox said he felt vindicated and satisfied that the thousands of voices of abuse victims would finally be heard.

      The senior investigator's explosive allegations on Lateline last week – that the Catholic Church had covered up crimes of paedophile priests and silenced police investigations in the Newcastle-Hunter area of New South Wales – helped to trigger the royal commission, which will probe organisations ranging from church and state authorities to the Boy Scouts and sports groups.

      Detective Inspector Fox said the royal commission was a "wonderful result". He said the push for the inquiry had affected him and his family, including his wife, who suffered a nervous break-down after receiving threatening letters.


      He had also received an anonymous threatening letter with police letterhead from a "disgruntled officer" after speaking out about the church and another controversial issue in the past year.

      A smear campaign had also been launched against him, with rumours circulating in the police force that he was mentally unstable, Detective Inspector Fox said.

      "I don't want to go into it too deeply, but this is the end of my policing career," Detective Inspector Fox told Lateline on Monday night.

      "I realised that from the moment that I decided to speak out last week. As much as it's denied, the culture within the police force would never allow someone like me to move back into it.

      "I think the Wood Royal Commission [into police corruption in NSW] uncovered it years ago and I'm sorry to say that very little has changed. You know, ostracisation and things of that nature continue to go on within the police force.

    13. And over in the UK the McAlpine cover up is in full swing.Heads rolling left right and centre.Maybe when he's dead the truth will come out,same as happened with Savill.

    14. from Robin Chappel:



      Monday 12th November, 2012

      Greens Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple MLC has been saddened by the findings of the Lillilwan Report into the effects of excessive alcohol consumption by pregnant Aboriginal women on their unborn children.

      The report into foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) was compiled after a comprehensive study of Fitzroy Valley residents, in the Kimberley region of WA, and will be released later this month.

      “I look forward to considering the report in its entirety once it is published later this month,” Mr Chapple said.

      “The information I have seen so far indicates the neglect and failure by successive state and federal governments in addressing Aboriginal disadvantage and lack of opportunity.

      “It is astounding to consider the devastation caused to the community, as illustrated by the 2007 figures, although the warning signs have been with us for some time and the results are not entirely unexpected.

      “My heart goes out to the families of those who are affected by this sad epidemic.

      “Congratulations must go to those members of the Fitzroy Crossing community who have tackled the situation head-on. They are the ones who can take credit for an alcohol ban being put in place in the town, and who continue to demand further action for those caught in the trap.

      “The government must immediately allocate sufficient funding to address the situation, including the development and delivery of programs that must be developed between the local community, government agencies and medical experts in equal partnership.

      “There must be no more Northern Territory-style intervention when dealing with Aboriginal health, poverty and social issues.

    15. Mother's plea for tragic son

      A mother who discovered 18 years after her teenage son committed suicide that he had been molested by an Anglican priest in Gosnells will ask the national royal commission into child sex abuse to investigate the case.

      David Dossett was 13 in 1976 when he overdosed on sleeping tablets, leaving his mother Margaret baffled until detectives with evidence about the crimes of Rev. Michael Roderick Painter knocked on her door in 1994. Mrs Dossett has spoken publicly for the first time about her son's suicide and her belief that Painter abused many children before taking his life.

      She described the heartache of finding out that the priest, who prayed for her son while he lay dying in hospital and later conducted his funeral service, was responsible for David's death.

      "I'd wish I'd had the strength to confront Michael Painter and say, 'What have you done to my son'," Mrs Dossett said. "But I didn't have that strength. It is my big regret."
      Mrs Dossett has urged the Anglican Church to release any files on Painter to the royal commission. She said after her son was found unconscious in bush near his Thornlie school, she found a note in his bedroom.

      "Mum, I have had enough and can't take any more," it read. "Sorry. Love, David."

  3. Serious conflict “inevitable” in CSG protests

    Southern Cross University academic Aidan Ricketts was reportedly among anti-CSG activists to address the crowd of about 200 at the protest outside the office of Metgasco in Casino yesterday.

    "When governments and corporations combine to steamroll communities in the face of such overwhelming opposition it is inevitable that serious conflict will result," the essay reportedly read.

    Ricketts said the organised movement against the industry would maintain its peaceful, non-violent direct action approach, but not all elements of the movement could be controlled.

    "The social movement does not and never will condone theft or any real intimidation of persons," he said, according to the Northern Star.

    "The organised movement will be peaceful, but the organised movement can't control all elements, especially in rural areas.

    “Farmers resisting invasion of their farms by gas companies may do things – and have the means to do things – no social movement organiser would ever recommend."

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