Monday, December 2, 2013


  • The depth of shale deposits in WA means fracking is safe.This claim is false – the depth of gas bearing rocks has little relevance to the two main causes of water contamination from this activity.
  • WA has a lot of experience with shale gas fracking. This claim is highly misleading – only a handful of shale gas wells have been fracked in WA during exploration to date.
  • Opponents of shale gas fracking are confusing it with Coal Seam Gas. This claim is untrue – there is no confusion although similarities do exist.
  • Shale gas is a ‘clean’ source of energy. This claim is based on selective accounting – shale gas is likely to be as polluting as coal.
  • There is a robust regulatory framework for shale gas in WA. This claim is highly questionable – the regulator lacks the powers necessary to protect the environment and communities.
While we have come to expect misleading public-relations spin from the gas industry, the fact that government regulators paid by WA taxpayers are engaged in these activities is astonishing,
Recent comments by Bill Tinapple from the Department of Mines and Petroleum demonstrate the serious conflict of interest that results from a government agency charged with both promoting gas fracking, and regulating the environmental impacts of the industry.
By totally dismissing serious environment and health concerns, these statements only serve to further undermine community confidence in the already inadequate regulatory system that is supposed to protect WA communities and the environment from this highly risky activity.


  1. Japan Finds Methane Hydrate in Sea of Japan

    TOKYO, Dec 2 (Reuters) - Japan has discovered methane hydrate lying over a large area in the Sea of Japan in northwestern Japan, in addition to previously discovered areas in the Pacific Ocean, the trade ministry said.

    The government plans to spend the next three years trying to determine the nation's reserves of methane hydrate - a frozen gas known as "flammable ice" - as part of its goal to achieve commercial production within six years.

    A geological survey in June and July confirmed 225 "gas chimney" structures off Joetsu and Noto Peninsula, which likely contain methane hydrate, the ministry said. The survey also confirmed shallow methane ice forming over a large area within one of the structures.

    In March, Japan succeeded in producing 120,000 cubic meters of gas over six days from a test tapping of methane hydrate in the Pacific Ocean off Aichi Prefecture in central Japan.

    Since 2001, Japan, which imports nearly all of its energy needs, has invested several hundred million dollars in developing technology to tap methane hydrate reserves that are estimated to be equal to about 11 years of its gas consumption.


    China-Japan LNG project in Canada applies for permit to export 24 MTPA

    Monday, 02 December 2013

    China National Offshore Oil Corp. and its two Japanese partners in the Aurora LNG project in Canada have applied for a permit to export up to 24 million tonnes of per annum of cargoes over a 25-year period.


    Turkey Could Become Energy Corridor for Iran

    Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said his country could become an energy corridor for its eastern oil and gas rich neighbor, Iran.

    “Development cooperation between Iran and Turkey leads to promote regional stability,” Davutoglu said during the 21st Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in Tehran on Tuesday, Iran’s SHANA news agency reported.

    “Turkey’s annual energy demand is $60 billion. Turkey is a corridor country, Iran is a producer country. If we fuse both potentials, Turkey could become the corridor of energy provider, Iran,” he stated.

    Turkey is importing 10 billion cubic meters of gas per year from Iran and would buy more if it were available, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz earlier said.

  2. I am not sure that The depth of shale deposits in WA means fracking is safe. This claim is false – the depth of gas bearing rocks has little relevance to the two main causes of water contamination from this activity.

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