Thursday, February 20, 2014

Batgirl shuts down Boggabri coal mine | Mining Australia

Batgirl shuts down Boggabri coal mine | Mining Australia

According to environmentalist group Front Line Action on Coal, activists dressed as bats scaled the coal loader early this morning and unfurled a banner that read ‘Save the Leard’.
The mine has been shut as a result of the action with police forced to remove the protesters after they refused to descend from the loader after more than nine hours.
The activists say they are protesting against Idemitsu’s expansion plans which they claim will lead to the “destruction of the Leard State Forest”.
“Globally, there is only 0.01% of critically endangered box-gum woodland left in good condition, of which the Leard State Forest contains the largest remnant," it said.
"It is time for JBIC and ANZ to stop funding coal projects. It is not worth investing in, especially considering the swell of resistance from local and broader communities.”


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