Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Draft regulations are shocking, contain no pollution or contamination limits

The WA Department of Mines and Petroleum have come up with new regulations for gas fracking which they are seeking public comment on. the Comment period closes on Friday. The draft regulations are shocking, contain no pollution or contamination limits, and are based on 'best practice'. We know best practice gas fracking equals poisoned communities, contaminated groundwater and massive carbon pollution so that is not good enough! Send the DMP a quick email to let them know their regulations are not good enough! petroleumresourceregulations@dmp.wa.gov.au
To view the draft regulations on the DMP website:
Western Australia’s peak environment group has expressed serious concern about...


  1. Listen to what these clowns have to say.

    Extract from Hansard
    [ASSEMBLY — Thursday, 15 May 2014]
    Mr Ian Blayney; Mr Fran Logan; Mr Jan Norberger; Mr Peter Tinley; Mr Shane Love
    Second Report — “The economic impact of floating LNG on Western Australia”, Volumes 1 and 2 — Tabling

    Ian Blayney ...

    "One of the tragedies of this whole episode is the many delays that were encountered in finding a site on the Kimberley coast for a gas precinct. My guess is that if the James Price Point site had been ready five years earlier, Browse would have been built on it and probably Inpex as well. It may even have been possible for Prelude to use the facility. The economic spinoffs to WA’s north, and in particular to the West Kimberley, would have been huge. However, delays meant Inpex went to Darwin, and Browse and Prelude went to floating liquefied natural gas. This was a huge opportunity lost. Our committee has considered this question at length and has come to the strong and unanimous conclusion that the state government should continue to develop the James Price Point precinct as a priority. Initially, our committee sees the site developing as a supply base for Browse’s FLNG vessels, and a base for emergency services. We then see it becoming a site for service and repair facilities for FLNG components, and also a site for future gas processing from other fields in the Browse Basin, which was mentioned as quite likely to be another gas company, and for the processing of unconventional gas from the Canning Basin."

  2. WELL at least Barnett got the desired result.

    Poor old Coleman he must be wondering what the hell he did to wind up dealing with this mob of idiots.