Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mine deal allegations against Warren Mundine and Aboriginal corporation

Mine deal allegations against Warren Mundine and Aboriginal corporation

Documents show Indigenous Investment Management Pty Ltd, part owned by Mr Mundine at the time, was hired in 2010-11 by listed miner Reward Minerals to convince the Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation to drop its opposition to a mine at Lake Disappointment, a sacred site for the Martu people of the Pilbara.

Confidential advice to the Western Desert corporation board from its own lawyers described the mining proposal negotiations as having "no validity" and stated directors and executives were at risk of breaching their legal obligations to act honestly and not in self-interest.

Fairfax Media can also reveal the deal was compromised because a senior executive from the Western Desert corporation held a secret stake in IIM during stages of the negotiation process and after a mining agreement was reached.
Mr Mundine said he had no business dealings with the Western Desert corporation. But corporate documents make clear his former company was involved in one of its mining deals and that he has been involved in businesses with a senior executive from the corporation and its former chief executive.

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  1. Clinton Wolfs Company ICRG and Buru in the Kimberley.

    "2.1.3. Personnel
    Up to eight contractor personnel will be required for the Activity. The contractor for the Activity will be
    Broome Contracting and ICRG (Indigenous Construction Resource Group). A Company
    representative will oversee the Activity including completion of weekly operational checklists in
    accordance with the Company Operations Management Procedure (OP-PR-025)."