Monday, December 1, 2008

A Glimpse into the Deep

Two Moons Whale and Marine Research Base have kindly given permission for us to show this wonderful footage of Humpback Whales taken right in the Middle Lagoon/North Head region.As you can see the footage shows how close these ancient allies swim along the coastline.

Eyesoncountry would also like to clarify that the Newsflash from Friday was eyesoncountry's observations only and is not scientifcally based.
Do some humpbacks stay in the northern waters whilst their counterparts migrate???? It only goes to show that further studies are vital in understanding these very special marine friends and imperative to their protection and that the fast-tracking of any Gas Hub on the Kimberley Coast would be in direct oppostion to Australia's stance on protecting and nurturing the recovering Humpback Whale population.

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