Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Premier's latest announcement on gas precinct site

December – NDT announces James Price Point as its recommended site for an LNG

processing precinct gas hub site to be known shortly

Posted 8 hours 38 minutes ago
Updated 8 hours 32 minutes ago
Kimberley hub site to be named shortly
Colin Barnett to name Kimberley hub site within a fortnight
The Premier Colin Barnett says the Government has narrowed down to two sites, the location for an industrial gas hub in the Kimberley.
Mr Barnett has told a business luncheon in Perth, the two sites are North Head, about 125 kilometres north of Broome, and James Price Point, about 60 kilometres north of Broome.
Previously, Mr Barnett has named North Head as his preferred site.
A final decision will be made within a fortnight.
Mr Barnett told the gathering the Government would use the Publics Work Act to acquire the land.
"So we will acquire it as Government owned land and then we will lease it out to proponents," he said.
"Whether that be Woodside, Inpex or anyone else in the future.
"That may sound a bit radical.
"I assure you it's not.
"That is the way most industrial land in Western Australia has been acquired and operated."

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